Smart-Bank LTD Review

If you live in the United States, you have probably heard about Smart Bank a few times, more so if you are into matters finance. In that case, you may have read the title and thought “oh great, another bank down” and most likely rolled your eyes hard. Nonetheless, “bank” that we are about to unravel in this review is not the actual Smart Bank but a poor version of the same that is known as

About Smart-Bank Ltd

On the surface, Smart-Bank Ltd poses as a successful commercial bank along the lines of SmartBank. Apart from the obvious exaggerations on the part of Smart-Bank, the main difference between the two is the hyphen on the scam’s name. The legit bank is denoted as SmartBank and their official website is while the ponzi scheme is found at

Smart-Bank Ltd, despite having ‘bank’ on its name, is a Ponzi scheme or HYIP which requires one to deposit a minimum of $20 in cash or crypto in exchange for extremely high periodic returns. It is not clear to us how exactly the so called bank invests customer deposits to result in the huge profits as alleged. We also don’t know who owns the company (or bank) or the type and nature of its activities but that’s not really important.

The Smart-Bank site is quite new, having been established in September 2017 and already has an alleged membership of slightly over 3,000. Going by the aggressive marketing campaign, the site is currently running and the millions of naive people who live for free money, that number could rise over the near future. And that’s the reason why this review is important – to get the Scam Bank out of business and save a lot of people’s money and time.

Investment options on

As mentioned earlier, the website, just like any other HYIP, remits regular payments to investors depending on their principal amounts. Basically, Smart-Bank gives you four investment plans to choose from depending on your financial capability. The plans are designed for different maturity periods as follows:

  • 1 day plan – Daily returns of between 103% and 200% on investments from $20 or equivalent in cryptocurrency.
  • 3 day plan – Returns of between 110% and 200%. Minimum deposit is $20.
  • 5 day plan – Returns range from 117% to 275% with a minimum deposit of $20 and above.
  • 12 day plan – Required minimum deposit is $1,999 with ‘guaranteed’ returns of 999% on maturity.
  • 15 day plan – ROI of up to 1999% with a minimum deposit of $1,999.
  • 20 day plan – Offers high returns up to 2999% with a minimum deposit requirement of $499.

The above plans are basically the site’s major offering, the other being short term loans at ‘low interest’, just like a real bank. Unfortunately, we could not access information on the alleged loans as our numerous inquiries went unanswered by customer support.

Multiple currency platform is for the most part a cash-oriented website and accepts deposits from cash transfers such as AdvCash, Perfect Money and Payeer. Bitcoin transactions are also allowed and facilitated by the platform at no extra cost. Notably, and curiously for that matter, Smart-Bank Ltd don’t accept deposits via reputable and popular services such as Neteller and PayPal and neither do they accept wire transfers.

As you may know, these services, particularly PayPal and most banks, keep electronic and paper records of all transactions to facilitate easy tracking in future. Come to think of it, if did not have something to hide, they would be having at least an official bank account for international investors but as it seems, they have everything to hide.

Smart-Bank is a scam! Here’s why

Without the need for too much details, we can confidently say that Smart-Bank Ltd is a scam. Below are four factors that led us to that conclusion:

  1. No registration – In an industry that is known for having more scams than legit companies, valid licenses from regulatory agencies serve not only as assurances to investors, but also a differentiator of real and fake sites. As far as is concerned, there is no license or recommendation from any regulatory body or renown market body. We are not even sure where exactly the company’s offices are located. As the time-tested rule goes, no license = scam.
  2. Copycat name – The team over here had some nice laughs trying to imagine the thought process of the site’s founders that led them to creating a cheap knock off of a well known bank. Really, we can never trust a company that poses as a bank but carries out activities that differ greatly from acceptable banking practices.
  3. No track record – To be honest, despite several days of looking at the site and its history, we couldn’t find any proven record of its functions. For instance, we don’t have actual data on the total payments made by the site neither do we have a proven testimony from an investor who truthfully benefited from the site. As they say, only fools wait to learn from their experiences. We wouldn’t be so quick to join an unproven platform, much less recommend it to our readers.
  4. No clear income-generating activities – Like any other HYIP out there, Smart-Bank Ltd didn’t quite elaborate what kind of activities or investments they engage in to generate the abnormal profits they promise people. And they didn’t need to – we all know that they use deposits from new investors to pay older investors and so on. At first, it looks profitable, especially for the early investors but after a while the pyramid crumbles due to decrease in new investments which leads to massive losses for everyone.

Smart Bank LTD Review Conclusion

Out of the hundreds of thousands of HYIP’s available, only less than 10% are legit. As such, it is recommended that you carry out thorough research and read a lot of reviews to keep track of the scams and figure out the legit programs. In this case, we have established that is a big scam and a hazard to your financial standing. In case of any questions about the site and others, or suggestions, or criticism, be sure to get in touch with us.


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