Zippy Loan Review

Zippy Loan ( is a financial service that connects prospective borrowers with potential lenders. At Zippy Loan, individuals are able to request for personal loans varying between a capital amount of $100 to $15,000. As with most loan service providers, efficiency and real-time decisions are employed through Zippy Loan. While some review sites are openly endorsing this financial service as a one-stop-shop for prospective borrowers, extensive research has revealed some troubling facts about the professionalism of this site that should be considered before committing.

What Exactly is Zippy Loan? is a financial platform that specializes in connecting those in need of obtaining personal loans with potential lenders. ZippyLoan is not a financial institution, creditor or lender…simply a service provider that connects borrowers to lenders. As with most loan operations that fulfill this criteria, Zippy Loan enables the prospective lender to complete the loan application process on their site where within minutes they will know if they have been approved or denied for a personal loan.

According to the Better Business Bureau, is not an accredited operation. It appears that no corporate entity is backing up Zippy Loan and their address on file is 2220 Meridian Blvd PMB 014909, Minden, NV 89423-8601. According to the BBB report, 35 complaints have been made against Zippy Loan while 80% of the customer review feedback is negative.

How does Zippy Loan Operate?

In order to apply for a loan through Zippy Loan, applicants must provide their full name, verify their address along with provide income and employment information. Depending upon the sum of capital needed for a personal loan, repayment periods up to 60 months are offered, while the overall online application process takes on average 5 minutes to complete.

Although on the site it says even applicants who have poor credit can still apply, consumer feedback found online suggests that prospective borrowers should only apply if they have a credit score of 650 or higher. If approved for a loan, Zippy Loan will connect you with a lender where you will review, negotiate and e-sign your loan agreement if you decide to move forward. According to the site, if approved you can receive your cash advance loan in as little as 24 hours.

Discrepancies and Red Flags

Zippy Loan appears to be an anonymous service provider among borrowers and lenders. While lending branches may be familiar with who is behind this operation, applicants aren’t provided with any information regarding this sites operators, owners or if they are backed by a corporate entity. As you will learn below, the number of complaints filed against Zippy Loan certainly raise some red flags in regards to the legitimacy of this service provider.

Zippy Loan Complaints

I won’t recommend anyone to consider zippy loan, they are just liars selling information to other people.

..I have received between 15 and 30 emails A DAY from these people.

To learn more about the negative feedback reported from those who have experience with Zippy Loan, visit the Better Business Bureau.

Can I Trust Zippy Loan?

While it appears that Zippy Loan isn’t a full-pledged scam, their anonymity and filed complaints aren’t factors we can overlook. For these two reasons we do not believe Zippy Loan to be a trustworthy operation for those looking to secure a personal loan online.


As of December 2017 the site,, possessed a global rank of 152,215, according to SimilarWeb. Over 95% of the visitors that come across the site reside within the United States.

Zippy Loan Review Conclusion

If you value your personal and financial information then perhaps Zippy Loan isn’t the best loan service provider for you. Many reports regarding excessive spam emails have been correlated after applicants have attempted to obtain a loan through Zippy Loan. Zippy Loan is not backed by a corporation, acts as an anonymous service provider and has drawn far more negative than positive feedback. Our advice would be to avoid Zippy Loan and use other more trusted and legitimate service providers to secure quick, online loans.

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  1. Les

    These liars and thiefs are as bad as Lending Tree for mortgages. They sell your information to anyone and everyone they can. They never stop. Lending Tree says they find the best five options for you on mortgages, but they sell your information to as many companies as they can. Zippy Loan works the same way. Con artists at best.

  2. Diane Carroll

    Please stop sending spam mail from your company to my email adress, I get least 10 or 20 per day. I’m never getting a loan from a company that spams people too much.

  3. Dave Maynard

    Zippy Load is clearly a scam, and should be avoided at all costs. Worse yet, they have contracted with spam e-mailers to send out frequent advertisements. Blocking the spam is useless — the spammers simply use a different address to send out more. Even identifying the spam as phishing does not stop it. The only solution is to set the security protocols on one’s e-mail account so high that anything from this group is automatically remanded to junk mail, where it can be quickly deleted.

  4. neil

    Zippyloans has hired and their affiliate’s to send spam for them. says they use an opt-in list. They do not use or enforce the opt-in list. They do not honor remove requests. Spam sent for zippyloans is spam sent by zippyloans. Do not do business with spammers.

    This is rich I just looked where the “Need an extra $5,000?” link goes it goes to Mb102, mb103, and mb104 are fronts for
    The link to “freshstart initiative links to Mb102, mb103, and mb104 are fronts for Not sure I can trust this site for an honest review when their ads all go back to front/spam sites.

  5. Suzanne

    I sent all my personal info over and was told I wasn’t qualitifed. No reason to explain why. No phone number to reach customer service. This is fake site just selling your info to other sales companies. Do your research!

  6. Pissed off

    Modern usury.
    Stop sending me this crap.
    I’m getting a tad fed up with it.

  7. Tejas


    Can i trust this publication, called Profit Spy – Greg Guenthner is offering thru Agora Financial.

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