Agora Financial Review is a complicated investment endeavor for even the most experienced investors to decipher. Acting as an online publisher of unbiased and independent financial advice, the publications disclosed through Agora Financial aren’t the only aspects of this site coming under scrutiny. As you will gather throughout this honest review, the business practices being conducted through Agora Financial are questionable at best. Learn what other review sites are concealing from you and amass the facts bestowed upon you throughout this impartial composition.

Who is Behind Agora Financial?

No clear cut entity jumps out and claims responsibility or the title of creator behind Agora Financial. While many review sites are claiming the Jim Rickard is the main operator behind this site, we aren’t provided with any definitive evidence that this is the case. A search among the Agora Financial editor page will reveal that Jim Rickard is an alleged Geo-economic Strategist, Lawyer, author and economist who is among 1 of the other dozen plus financial experts employed through their site.

Extensive research into each of the analysts will reveal that these employed entities are real and not fictitious. According to the About Us page, Agora Financial is a subsidiary of The Agora Inc, while the sites origins can be traced to over a decade ago. In addition, the site makes reference to most of their financial editors receiving recognition among a variety of news portals which makes us wonder how Agora Financial has accrued such widespread negative feedback while employing verified entities into their publication service.

Agora Financial Offer is an online publisher of financial newsletters and publications aimed towards enlightening investors with financial advice. Providing insight into the where, when, and how to build financial capital are the building blocks upon which the Agora Financial operations are based upon. According to their promotional video, their site harbors over 1 million active subscribers and their main objective is to help their subscribers invest their hard-earned capital wisely.

Agora Financial Publications

Agora Financial reflects no shortages of publications found on their site and are added in an unspecified timeframe. Whenever a new publication is composed, it is added to the Agora Financial Publication page where subscribers will receive a newsletter alerting them to the addition. Listed below are the current publications featured at Agora Financial:

Short-Term Trading Publications

  • 42-Day Retirement Plan
  • Alpha Shark Scanner PRO
  • Kinetic Profits
  • Rude Awakening PRO
  • Weekly Wealth Alert
  • Contract Income Alert

Monthly Income Generators Publications

  • Contract Income Alert
  • Dollar Trade Club
  • Family Wealth Circle
  • Income on Demand
  • Lifetime Income Report

High-Growth Opportunities Publications

  • 5 Minute Forecast
  • AGORA Financial’s Microcap Millionaires
  • Extreme Alpha
  • Jim Rickards’ Private Dealflow
  • The Crypto Alert
  • The Takeover Alert
  • True Alpha
  • Zach’s Weekly Squawk Box

Geopolitics & Currencies Publications

  • Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert
  • Jim Rickards’ Project Prophesy
  • Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator with Bryon King
  • Jim Rickards’ Intelligence Triggers
  • Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence
  • Massengill’s Defense Technology Alert
  • Rich Life Letter

World-Changing Technology Publications

  • AGORA Financial’s FDA Trader
  • Breakthrough Technology Alert
  • Nomi Prins’ Dark Money Millionaires
  • Penny Pot Profits
  • Technology Profits Confidential
  • The Seven-Figure Formula

Reserve Publications

  • Advisory Reserve
  • Alan Knuckman’s Power Trading Network
  • Digital Financial Reserve
  • Insider Network
  • Jim Rickards’ Unrestricted Clearance
  • Platinum Reserve

Trend Trading Publications

  • Profit Spy

Agora Financial Support

Three forms of contact information are disclosed at Agora Financial. Their mailing address provided is 808 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD, 21202. Other methods of obtaining communication with the operators behind this site can be conducted through their email or 1-800-708-1020.

Agora Financial Complaints

Agora Financial appears to be owned and operated by Agora Financial LLC. A search through the Better Business Bureau will reveal the truth behind this operation and go on to reveal that out of 146 customer reviews that 89% of them report negative experience. Provided below are among some of the most recent and disturbing reports we discovered about Agora Financial.

I have never gotten such DESTRUCTIVE advice in my life. If you only lost the subscription fee, that would be bad enough, but you stand to lose much more by following their advice! Steer clear of this service if you want to remain solvent.

this is a worst company. they are making money making fool to subscribers. i paid ******* for lifetime subscription and invest about ********* on their recommendation and lost about XXXXX.00 in just about 6 months. they recommend to buy again and again some stocks and when they came down more then 50% down they told to sell. most of their recommendations are fake.

I received a charge on my credit card for $2,000. When I called them, I was told that I had subscribed to a bond service which I had not. I told them I had no interest in bonds, they refused to take the charge off my credit card. They offered to replay my voice on their recorder, but I have not heard it. I’m reporting them to the BBB.

I have been a customer of Agora Financial LLC for several years. Recently I bought two of their HIGH PRICED offerings. I tried to get a refund withing the first 30 Days but was refused a refund of any type? We are talking about $2,000.00 for one & $3,600.00 the other? I feel they engage in deceptive business practices, and they lack any moral compass!

No way to stop subscription. Phone number is just a message phone. No response to numerous emails. No way to cancel subscriptions. I am repeatedly being charged $50 and $79 and have no way to stop the charges on my credit card…

Agora Financial Red Flags

The 146 complaints filed through the BBB should serve as evidence enough that the misdoings and unethical business practices being pursued by Agora Financial classify this operation as untrustworthy. It’s true that most online publishing sites are likely to suffer scrutiny at some point or another but considering the vast quantities of complaints recently filed against Agora Financial is a massive red flag itself.

Popularity is a popular publishing destination that reflects a SimiliarWeb global rank of 32,124 as of January 2nd, 2018. On average, Agora Financial receives a total of over 3 million monthly visitors while over 84% of the sites traffic originates from investors who reside within the United States. Furthermore, over 17% of the sites traffic is referral based while an additional 18% is derived from e-mail based sources.

Agora Financial Review Conclusion

For the time being we are classifying Agora Financial as a scam. This is largely in part due to the excessive amount of complaints that have recently been filed against Agora Financial LLC. If Agora Financial is willing to go out of their way to provide superior customer service and render refunds to those who have suffered detrimental losses from following their financial advice, we will be more than happy to make alterations to this review.

As of now though, we cannot permit our subscribers to employ what appears to be such reckless financial advice. While on paper Agora Financial appears to be legit, their business practices need reevaluating while their customer support staff needs improvement. Our advice would be to avoid Agora Financial and report any wrongdoings by leaving a comment below.

Review Verdict: Agora Financial cannot be TRUSTED!

Blacklisted Site:

Update (Sep 24, 2019)

Check out the following comment posted on TrustPilot:

In October 2017, less than 2 years ago, I paid Agora $3,000 for a lifetime subscription to Rickard’s Gold Speculator, a weekly publication related to investing in small gold miners. I was pleased with it.

Recently, this newsletter was discontinued and Agora Financial unilaterally substituted another publication, Jim Rickard’s Project Prophecy, often which appear to be pitches for yet other products sold by Agora and usually has little to do with gold or miners when an occasional recommendation is made.

Then, just “coincidentally”, Agora’s subsidiary Stansberry Research recently initiated what appears to be a quite identical gold mining stock service, Gold Stock Analyst with John Doody.

On August 27, 2019, I spoke to “John”, a senior account specialist at Agora about this. I inquired into whether there was a substitute publication available specifically for gold mining stocks but he indicated there wasn’t. When I inquired about getting switched into the Gold Stock Analyst service, he indicated that wasn’t possible. When I inquired about a full or even partial refund of the $3,000, John said it wasn’t refundable.

So, in less than 2 years, Agora discontinues a “lifetime” gold mining publication, has no substitute, won’t provide a full or partial refund of a lifetime subscription to it, then initiates an almost identical gold stock advisory service service through it’s sister publication Stansberry.

This type of behavior by a financial service is, in my opinion, highly unethical if not illegal.

Have you been scammed by Agora Financial or any related entity? Report any unethical business practices or your experience by providing your feedback below!


  1. Agora Financial Complaints

    I was planning to invest money by using Agora Financial’s services, but a quick googling made me think twice… It seems that most of reviews about this company are negative just as you said in the article:

    I have read a few articles about this company, but yours seems one of the most objective ones. Thank you, guys.

  2. RDR

    Agree with the comment above. Lost thousands of dollars with there recommendations. No reply to any mails. Actually asked for a refund (Lifetime subscription), because I received an e-mail with the title “Should I send you a full refund?”, answer…..silence!!
    Stay away from these scammers!

  3. Richard Aguis

    K was entranced as a brand new player last year by all the stories I read from Mr. Altucher. We a total beginner I fell hear over heels for all the possibilities that seemed available in the alliance lifetime package for 5000 dollars. Way out of my price range but unfortunately I fell hook, line and sinker for so many opportunities from someone I initially found so believable and I thought , so honest and very smart investor , with so many choices how could I go wrong. My bad, in no time I saw the error off my ways and if I had the usual 30 days I would have been saved but of course I pick the subscription with no refunds, though I tried every reason I could think of to get anything back. Today to top it off my lifetime free membership has a yearly maintenAnce fee which I just received of 149 a year. Good money alwAys chased had sooN couldn’t give up my 5999 and walk away this another 149. He did convince me On crisper and genetics and maybe I’ll get lucky accretion little, but it so it will be just plain lucky Now I am curious about what happens to this alliance of he leaves in a couple off years. I do get a great many ideas reading some of the material and may learn something besides this expensive lesson. My name is Richard Agui s and please hear my plea, dont buy it or anything even vaguely associated with Agora. I hope I stop at least 1 person from making this terrible mistake. I could have bought 1 bitcoin for less last year, I think that might have been a little better wouldn’t you sY?

  4. Cynthia J. Strelau

    I have been ‘out of the market’ for several years. recently started researching and investing again and made the mistake of subscribing to several Agora/SevenFigurePublishing advisories. I immediately had a problem with a very expensive publication – they failed to send any information and I was emotionally upset about it and disappointed, I called and cancelled it – continued to receive nothing and still the exorbitant fee remains on my account – I was told that it was a lifetime subscription and there was nothing I could do. I begin my real fight this week – working with my credit card company, Agora and then my attorney. what a shameful business.

  5. Gregory Brewer

    Agora Financial touts that it is trying to provide the potential for the little guy (meaning the ones without major assets) with the systems they are selling. They do not however provide that capability. They sell ides on how fortunes can be made but those ideas (systems) must be purchased with a high price tag. Most can not afford the prices and are not allowed to see if the systems really work with a current test run in which they can participate. This therefore suggests a scam artist at work and certainly no help for those with meager incomes who were hoping to increase their incomes for a better retirement. Testimonials suggest excellent results from following investment advice provided, however these results are preselected and certainly do not tell the whole story. That is usual marketing strategy but not truthful marketing. Why do the publications and systems cost so much since theroretically Agora is making money using them also? Should ther be a subscription fee to the publications? Yes but only after the subscriber gets to test them out without any major outlay or loss. Agora Financial can afford that and limit the usage by the potential customer; but the customers will then know exactly what they are getting and whether it what he/she wants.

  6. Mark

    As previously said: Caveat Emptor!
    I feel stupid for signing up for a service that has abjectly failed to deliver time after time. The subscription fee alone for lifetime membership is a fortune! The portfolio of trade performance is dire…a sea of multiple high double digit losses…inter dispersed with the occasional green trade. I have been fortunate not to have lost as much money as some of the people that I have read about. Some have lost high 5 figure sums. The google reviews are worth a read. I seriously doubt the validity of the many positive reviews; no specifics in the comments, just how great Agora is (note Agora, as opposed to a specific news letter) No comments with actual figures or amounts of money made).
    With regards to negative reviews one can see the specifics as clear as day….”I lost X amount”….”avoid”…
    constant spamming of yet another newsletter seemingly with a hot new way to make money. The number of newsletters they publish is mind boggling…..always check the minute print at the bottom….you will see Agora.
    What is baffling is how they still continue to promote these vastly inflated promises of returns. I can only imagine that people feel foolish for falling for all the promises of 1000% yes 1K % returns and are too embarrassed to complain! I know I do!
    I hope that someone becomes brave enough to challenge them re false advertising…or better yet, some form of class action

    • Tom

      Mark, have you considered being a contrarian to their advise? Their recos may have good info on a coming change. If they have a consistent record of picking the wrong direction then take the opposite position.

      • Mark

        Hi Tom,
        Thanks for the reply and apologies for my slow reply. I am not sure I would see being contrarian of any benefit..the whole thing would be no better than flipping a coin. I think Jim Rickards will regret his involvement (possibly now the new owner of Agora, the ex owner being Bill Bonner). Jim Rickards has an established record as being an international best selling author re macro economics and finance. In his books he comes across as very credible and the books are an interesting read. In a nutshell his books explain how there is a currency war going on between nations and that these have happened before. He explains the massive debt that all nations have and how this has come about due to the abandoning the ‘gold standard’ which was done by President Nixon in 1971…prior to that the dollar was backed by gold. He believes that there will be a global reset (happened many times before so not a new concept) and that there will be a return to the gold standard in some form or other. His argument is compelling. The disconnect comes in terms of the services he offers through Agora. Here it all goes pear shaped. Some of the high pressure marketing videos he has made are embarrassing….’quick! Subscribe now to make a potential 1,000% gain before it’s too late (some imminent impending date to subscribe by or miss out). I believe that time will not be kind to Jim Rickard’s reputation or brand. I have bought every book he has published. He has a new one coming out in August. Needless to say, I won’t be buying it

  7. J Paul Hansen

    Wow how I wished I had done my homework before I forked out over $5k for all this great information. Not only did l lose the money out of 20 option plays from Jim Rickards 18 lost me money. The two that did profit we single digit increase while I just had the last two lose 100% of their value. All they want is your money so stay away!!!!

  8. George

    Amazingly after I read these testimonials out of curiosity I started checking all my emails. Come to find out almost 70% of my emails are different sorts of offerings that Agora has its name involved in at the very bottom. Now the work is getting rid of all their spam mail.

  9. Robert

    I received life time subscription about 2years ago , mainly for Jims mining stocks ever stock he recomended is down 23% –87% . I do not understand how someone can be so wroug on every stock
    19 stocks and not one was a gain. I plan on hanging on for the long hall .

  10. Laura

    I am receiving emails stating Trump is giving hard working American taxpayers 40 grand per year by sending them monthly “bonus checks” for thousands of dollars -amounts vary but Jeff Hoffberg gets $884 per month, David McCleary gets $5733 per month, and Mitchell Sanders gets a rare $7166 per month, upon looking into the website, it is from this Agora Financial, seven figure publishing. I can “unsubscribe” by sending my request to a UPS store in Arlington MA.
    Scam scam scam scam!
    Absolutely shameful how they prey on the weakest of our population, the trump fans. Lol

  11. penelopy

    Just cancel your card as stolen. Because your saying they are stealing from you. You’ll get a card replaced with a different number. Then your off the hook. You may have to hire someone to call all your creditors and get set up with legal bill pay. Then from then on use a visa MasterCard that only has a bit of money on it. Just remember it’s a jungle out there and there’s ways to get around those horrible horrible animals karma is always always gonna come back and bite him in the butt just remember that and remember that that man in charge says vengeance is mine and let it work that way because it will anonymous

  12. Simon

    Me too. I bought a subscription for 3K they said I will get at least 1000% return in a year. Then a year later I made literally nothing. I made more money with 2 trades that I set up myself without advice than in the whole year of the subscription. That’s why I “only” lost the amount for the subscription. And now I get a year for free! yeey -.- I now try to learn more about trading on my own. I learned the lesson the hard way. If you read this please don’t give them money! Spend your money for education or vacation!!!!



  14. Philip R Rowe
    Check out this Awesome video! Its hysterical, Con men extraordinaire.

  15. Cyndie D.

    Such a scam that preys on Senior Citizens! Just look at the entire Alpha Shark newlsletter for July 2018- all about investing in a hook-up sex service. Really??? Unbelieveable!!! Look at the quality of the writing- not at all what would be expected of an actual Economist. It is just a sales company trying to promote sales for the next “big secret”. So sad that they have taken advantage of so many trusting Seniors. Just check the reviews on the BBB.

  16. Edmund Only

    I subscribed to Agora Financial. I will not renew my subscription. Here’s why.

    The company’s approach to marketing is highly sophisticated, persuasive, and powerful. They have mastered the art of creating a tsunami of fear in people that impels them to invest large sums of money emotionally.

    Notice, I’m not accusing them of lying. I do think the people behind it are predators. The people who lose money with Agora investments are not victims. They invest by choice. Many of them don’t know the real reasons they are choosing to invest in Agora’s fear based recommendations.

    For the record, I love marketing. I follow Joe Polish, Mike Koenigs, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Eben Pagan, and other world class marketers, and I sometimes, happily invest in what they offer. They use all the tactics of influence that get people to say yes. They do it in a way that feels ethical.

    I don’t get that feeling from Agora. For one thing, the newsletter subscription is supposed to be educational. Ha! Every issue I have ever received is a brilliantly crafted sales letter that will definitely hypnotize a naive or novice investor.

    Imagine walking into a store to buy something, and the the salesman tells you that you must pay him for his sales pitch. Would you do it? Probably not. Well, if you have bought an Agora subscription, you have have paid some of the slickest sales sharks on the planet to get you excited about giving them your money.

    It’s not right or wrong. It’s just a game. You can play or not. The choice is yours.

  17. James k pray

    I was charged 99 dollars ..did not authorize…tryinv to get back this fraud bunch of Asshole fraud bitches

  18. Renee

    I am new to the project, 42 day retirement. So far everything has gone as represented. I will know a lot more in six months. Being a writer I would be happy to report my experiences with Agora Financial over the next six months, at one month intervals.

    • M Schroeder

      Hi Renee,

      I read your initial review and wondered if you had any updates?

  19. David Thier

    Just to check out the Bitcoin/Crypto side of their offering I subscribed to the newsletters and e-mail. I received an entry package That was merely a sales pitch to invest $1,000’s of dollars into scams that “You need to jump in immediately!!!”. Which of course I did not. Gave away $49 and learned a few more things about Crypto’s that I did not know…so I guess I got something out of it. Advice for those who want to Check them out? DO NOT give your CC or Debit, go get a prepaid gift card Visa or MasterCard for the amount of membership. They will take it and it cannot be recharged after your 6m-1y membership is up, and believe me they will try. Hoping you forget the time limit. They will as well try to record your voice on the phone if you call and manipulate it by getting you to say the words “Yes”, “Sure” and “Sounds good”. Caveat Emptor everyone.

  20. Gregory Gee

    Agora is not a “scam” They publish many diffetent niche newsletters, all of which clearly define their terms on the order page. If they don’t offer a refund, it says it before you submit. Some are better than others, some markets are better than others. Use your brain, read the terms, and quit calling a newsletter publishing company a scam.

    • M Schroeder


      I think the “scam” is that the videos lead you to believe that he’s going to tell you which crypto currencies to buy…at least that’s what I heard/understood. But each “so called Newsletter” was merely a come on to buy a more and more expensive “service”. The folks who bought into the $2k to $3k program wrote reviews and all but one said they lost money💰 and when they did they were told to in effect “double down” or invest even more in another…The one that didn’t say she’d lost money had only been in the program for a very short period of time and hadn’t even placed any trades…

      Hope you had better luck!

      Not sure how far you went but I’ve read about 50 reviews and couldn’t find 5 that we’re positive.

  21. Anibal

    I took a subscription and I did not get what the promised too… I see, they go different ways to get your money.. I do not recommend

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