Renaissance Invest Review (also: is a peculiar HYIP investment opportunity that portrays their operation as one that is viable and transparent. As many of you know, the main advantage regarding HYIP investments would be the possibility of quickly accruing a vast sum of income in the desperate attempts of securing financial freedom. Oftentimes though, the Achilles heel that threatens the longevity of most seemingly legitimate HYIP programs would be the unstable business models employed, which means the programs themselves become their greatest threat of existence.

In the case of Renaissance Invest, we will not only navigate through the untrodden depths to determine if this is the case, but we will also furnish you with all the facts that should be weighed before committing with this HYIP.

What Exactly is Renaissance Invest?

Renaissance Invest is a broad investment platform that enables investors the opportunity to have their investments “professionally” managed by their group of financial experts. Allegedly investing in innovation projects since 2012, this platform asserts that their operational model is based upon pooling investor funds to invest into different fiends such as medicine, robotics and tourism, where ROI and dividends will be generated for investors.

According to the site, the main mission of Renaissance Invest would be to enable everybody to become an investor and help reach set goals. Providing incentive based investment packages, this HYIP claims that deposited (invested) funds are put towards company capital flow to allow for more maximum returns. While most legitimate investment platforms operate under the supervision of a regulatory body, it should be made aware that is not regulated.

Who is Responsible for Renaissance Invest? doesn’t provide any information regarding current operators but they do provide information regarding their supposed corporate entity. Filed under company number 10814576, Renaissance Invest Ltd has been an active corporation since June 12th, 2017. According to the CompaniesHouse report, Renaissance Invest Ltd has a registered office address of 10 Greycoat Place, London, United Kingdom, SW1P 1SB and the active director is Mark Forster.

Uncharacteristically apart from most investment operations that try to add legitimacy to their operation by adding corporate information, Renaissance Invest appears to have provided genuine corporate information. Mark Forster appears to be a legitimate entity according to his Facebook and their disclosed corporate address is a real physical location, unlike many other corporate entities that try to pull off some fake corporate address.

Although Renaissance Invest did provided legitimate corporate information, it fails to add credibility of significant value due to how their platform is unregulated and uninsured. Listed below are other branch locations reportedly operating in different demographics:

Renaissance Invest Austria Branch

Vienna Plaza, Business Center,

Schottenring, 11, Vienna,

1010 Austria Main Office (Management & Accounting)


Renaissance Invest Hong Kong Branch

Rm 2914, 29/F Ho King ctr 2-16 Fa

Yuen St. Mongkok Kln

Hong Kong

Investment Department


Renaissance Invest UK Branch

10 Graycoat Place, SW1P 1SB

United Kingdom, London

Legal Department


Renaissance Invest USA Branch

33 Dunham Mall #103, MA 01201

USA, Pittsfield

Financial Counseling


Renaissance Invest Thailand Branch

Rama IX Rd, Khwaeng Huai Khwang,

Khet Huai Khwang, Krung Thep Maha

Nakhon 10310, Thailand, Bangkok

Financial Counseling


Renaissance Invest Poland Branch

Zwirki i Wigury 18, 02-092

Poland, Warszawa

Analytics Department


Promises and Features

The investment features go hand-in-hand with the promises made through Renaissance Invest. Since investors who deposit into the platform have no control over their funds, they become allocated according to Renaissance Invest’s team of experts. What we found highly suspicious regarding this operation would be the extremely high returns they promote along with how investors funds are locked in throughout the duration of their plan, which vary between 90 to 180 business days. Listed below are the investment packages currently offered:

Beginner Package

Duration: 90 days

Daily ROI: 0.80%

Minimum Deposit: $10

Cumulative Return: ~172%

Stable Package

Duration: 90 days

Daily ROI: 1.00%

Minimum Deposit: $100

Cumulative Return: ~190%

Progressive Package

Duration: 90 days

Daily ROI: 1.20%

Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Cumulative Return: ~208% to ~215%

Starter Plus Package

Duration: 180 days

Daily ROI: 1.60%

Minimum Deposit: $10

Cumulative Return: ~775% (according to their Profit Projection calculator)

Regular Plus Package

Duration: 180 days

Daily ROI: 1.80%

Minimum Deposit:  $100

Cumulative Return: ~999% (according to their Profit Projection calculator)

Advanced Plus Package

Duration: 180 days

Daily ROI: 2.00%

Minimum Deposit:  $1,000

Cumulative Return: ~ 1,287% (according to their Profit Projection calculator)

Accepted Payment Methods

BankWire, Perfect Money, OKPay, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Payeer, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Ripple.

Question Marks and Discrepancies

The returns featured at Renaissance Invest would be among the chief discrepancy featured on the site. Other discrepancies include how this platform is not regulated by a regulatory entity and fails to be held responsible for any financial losses that may occur (according to their Terms and Conditions). A third discrepancy would be how on the site they claim to have been in operation since 2012, yet a WHOIS domain search will reveal that their domain was created on October 19th, 2016.

Compare those dates with the incorporation date of Renaissance Invest Ltd, which was June 12th, 2017 and we are confronted with the probable truth that the creators behind this site are lying to us. In addition, no disclosure regarding which companies that Renaissance Invest is investing your capital with are shared with investors and there is no evidence to suggest that their team of financial experts are licensed and legally allowed to manage your funds.

Lastly, no transparent investment portfolio is featured anywhere on the site which should be a minimum requirement sought out by all investors to ensure that the platform is indeed investing wisely. Which leads us deduce that the only verifiable source of income entering would be from investors who deposit into the platform. Which, coincidentally, is probably being used to fuel the withdrawal requests of other investors already established with the platform. This, in turn, would be a classic example of a Ponzi scheme.

Popularity had a SimilarWeb global rank of 475,652 with a rank of 193 in Laos People’s Democratic Republic. According to the market intelligence report, most visitors originate from Laos People’s Democratic Republic (21.26%), Vietnam (16.74%), Russia (7.72%), the United States (7.02%) and Thailand (5.37%). Further insight will reveal that this site has endured a great drop in visitor popularity, contributing to a near 50% drop in the last month alone as of January 2018. Review Conclusion

Renaissance Invest is an unverified and untrustworthy investment scam that should be avoided. Incorporating a minor pyramid scheme business model with their affiliate program while failing to provide any relevant evidence in accordance to their operations greatly discredits the legitimacy of While this investment platform may appear to be upfront about their identity, we never advice investors to deposit with unsubstantiated and unregulated platforms.

Verdict: Renaissance Invest is a Ponzi Scheme!

Blacklisted Site: &

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