Bad Credit Loans Review

Bad Credit Loans ( is an online lending service that provides borrowers with poor credit the ability to connect with lenders. Established in 1998, Bad Credit Loans has been providing lending services for over 20 years and has enabled countless borrowers the ability to obtain various loans quickly and hassle free. The aim of today’s review is to provide thorough insight into the operations conducted at Bad Credit Loans to allow you to make a more educated decision to determine whether this service is suitable for your needs.

What Exactly is Bad Credit Loans?

“We Can Help When Others Can’t,” is the company slogan and mission behind Bad Credit Loans. While Bad Credit Loans doesn’t provide direct lending, they enable potential applicants the ability to connect with a network of lenders for short-term loans up to $5,000. Geared towards those who possess bad credit, the application process goes by rather quickly and is carried out entirely online.

After a borrower has successfully completed the loan process they will receive an answer within a few short minutes regarding whether their loan request has been approved or denied. Loan terms tend to vary between a repayment period between 3 to 36 months and payments can be executed effortlessly through the Bad Credit Loan platform.

Who is Responsible for Bad Credit Loans? is operated by Chief LLC, which is a limited liability company based out of Nevada, according to their site. While a Better Business Bureau (BBB) search of “Chief LLC” fails to churn up any credible results, there is a profile for Bad Credit Loans at BBB. According to the Bad Credit Loans Contact Us page, their disclosed location is 2661 N. Pearl St. #431, Tacoma, WA 98407 and they can be reached at or 1-800-245-5626.

How does Bad Credit Loans Work?

Bad Credit Loans functions as a lending service that connects borrowers with lenders, granted  that their loan process was approved. In order to qualify for a loan application through Bad Credit Loans, applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements discussed below while carefully deciding whether or not they can fulfill the repayment requirements set forth.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Make more than $1,000 per month
  • Show proof of citizenships or legal status
  • Show proof of employment for past 3 months
  • Provide phone and email address
  • Possess a checking account

Loan Process

In order to request for a loan through, borrowers will have to provide the standard information disclosed in the eligibility requirements. Once you submit your loan application, Bad Credit Loan provides your application to several lenders that will either approve or deny your loan request. If approved, your loan request will be reviewed more thoroughly where lenders are able to request your credit score through credit bureaus, which may affect your credit score.

After your credit information has been approved, you can receive one or more loan offers depending upon which lenders approved your request. From there on, you will be able to review the terms of your loan such as fees, interest rates, and other pertinent information that should be carefully considered before accepting the loan.

Repayment Protocol

If a borrower agrees to the set terms of the loan provided by a lender, that borrower must then sign the loan agreement online with an electronic signature. Once signed and submitted, the loan funds are sent to the checking account provided during the loan application process via direct deposit, which typically take between 24 to 72 hours to arrive. Depending on the terms of the approved loan, repayment periods typically range between 3 to 36 months and come with high APRs (Annual Percentage Rates) between 5.99% to 35.99%. advises borrowers to contact their lender directly if they have any questions regarding their loan. It should be noted that heavy fees for late payments are enforced and for borrowers who miss a payment, their loan may go to collections, which could affect your credit.

Community Feedback

Consumer feedback regarding Bad Credit Loans is quite controversial when browsing their Better Business Bureau profile. Complaints regarding mild theft of funds to illicit loan applications without borrower consent are among the chief complaints regarding Bad Credit Loans. Older feedback featured at TrustPilot goes on to reveal positive user experience from those who were thankful to acquire the quick loan they needed through Bad Credit Loans.

Can I Trust Bad Credit Loans? kind of resides within the middle of the trust sphere. The operation isn’t necessarily untrustworthy, but it doesn’t appear to be the best loan purveyor either. However, considering the extensive track record of Bad Credit Loans and how their operation has been in existence for just over 20 years, we believe that as of 2018 that Bad Credit Loans is still a reliable and trustworthy loan service.

Popularity is a pretty popular lending destination that possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 57,270 and a US rank of 10,474 as of January 12th, 2018. Over 94% of the sites traffic originates from visitors who reside within the United States, while over 50% of the sites traffic derives from referral and e-mail based sources.

Bad Credit Loans Review Conclusion

Bad Credit Loans is one of the original innovators for rendering online loan services. Incepted back in 1998, has served as a viable service provider for potential borrowers and has helped many individuals in need of acquiring a loan able to obtain a loan quickly. Supporting nearly 1.5 million visitors per month while continuing to grow in popularity, we predict Bad Credit Loans to continue their quick and user-friendly loan service for many years to come.

If you have any feedback regarding Bad Credit Loans, we encourage you to share it in a comment below this review!


  1. Lynn Berkery

    When I applied, they got my basic info, including a credit score which I had recently obtained, and then passed me on to one lending company after another. Each time I had to re-enter the same data, then was presented with a link to an “offer”, which then just threw me into another site to start all over again. So much for getting a list of lenders which we can then select the best offer based on our needs. When I finally was presented with an electronic ‘agreement’, it came in 4 pages, and I was supposed to read and sign one before seeing the next. Unfortunately, the first only stated when the first payment would start, not giving any details of the loan such as how much it was for, what the rate was and payment frequency. So I stopped and sent a message to the contact number of the lender that I would never sign under those circumstances. To be fair, they did email back with a phone number but I haven’t called. I really think it’s true that sites like BCL harvest users application data, because there have been a lot more lending companies calling, texting and emailing that already have the basic info minus the credit score.

  2. BT

    So I live pretty much on cash and do not take out credit cards or loans. Unfortunately, due to a circumstance beyond my control, I needed a loan. I got 2 lenders that offered me a loan. One for $2,500 at 6.99% interest and a second lender for $1,000 at 1,099%. Yes, I said thousand percent. This lender would let me borrow $1,000 for $10,000 worth of interest over 36 months. So be very cautious. If you see approved, read the approval amount and terms. Do not click okay!

  3. Rey

    Thank you for your review.
    I ALMOST applied until reading your review.
    I’m moving on.
    I appreciate your time to expose such shady inc’s.

  4. Car finance Auckland

    Thanks for the useful and informative article online lending service that provides borrowers with poor credit the ability. Nice list of lenders for getting a Bad Credit Loans.

  5. Mary Ellen Bryan

    I think the primary lesson to be learned here is, “You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” The reality is, if we have poor credit, there really is no help from strangers. Giving one’s personal info to these people is not going to result in a loan; it’s going to result in cruel and greedy exploitation. They are selling pie in the sky. It’s fun to fantasize, but it isn’t real.
    Pick your smallest debt amount and stuff every extra dollar possible into repayment. Stop buying booze, cigarettes, fast food, slow down on entertainment. Do that for six months, and then step back and regard the amazing changes you have made.
    Good luck to all of us.

    • Honestly

      What about people that already don’t do those things?! If I could flag your comment as pointless and unneeded I would. Don’t through stones in a glass house there dearie. That’s my recommendation for you.

  6. Joshua Poslusny

    I applied with them today. After the application they routed the application to another site, , in order to obtain an exact ‘credit score’ for potential lenders to shore up my chances of approval. The cost of this would be a ‘refundable’ $1.00 US Dollar. I completed the secondary portion and retrieved my report. I was expecting notification from on whether I was approved or denied, however upon returning to the site only prompting me to resubmit my loan ‘if I was denied’. I never received notification, either by phone or email of the status. The reality began to sink in that I was duped.

    First thing, I contacted the company that captured my credit card information, demanded that the automatic renewal of their services be canceled, and my $1.00 be credited back to my account. They adamantly denied that they would pay back the $1.00, despite my email from them clearly laying out their own terms with the word ‘refundable’. I ended the call with having my number placed on the DNC list.

    I then proceeded to contact using their contact information on their site. This is where things got strange. You see, when I first began to suspect a scam, I copied and pasted their business address into googlemaps. First address: 945 McKinney St #619 Houston TX 77002. I searched google to see if there were any other scams related to this address, and came across an interesting page on containing the same physical address, only a different business name; After reading some alarming reviews and one glaring comment outing the positive reviews for the business as potential fake accounts, I proceeded to call at their Houston offices.

    As the phone rang, I navigated back to their web page and logged into my account. I spoke with someone and explained to him that I hadn’t received a call or email regarding the status of my loan request, while also revealing to him I’d received several emails from sketchy sites (aka company physical addresses in laundromats on googlemaps). He then apologized for the lack of contact and after verifying some of my basic information accessed my account to inform me I had been denied my original loan request amount, but was still eligible for a lower loan amount and to resubmit the request tomorrow. I explained to him I didn’t want it and I no longer wished to receive offers from other companies, playing dumb, stating I wasn’t sure which lenders my email and other personal information had been shared with, and that I no longer wished to be contacted. He offered to have my email address removed from further contact with any other potential lender. I accepted. It was during this whole time I rechecked the physical address on their website ( that I noticed a glaring discrepancy, the physical address had changed! It now read; 958 McKinney St (unknown) Houston TX 77002! I left the suite number out and didn’t copy it into google out of shock. How could they update and adjust their physical address inside a span of an hour?

    Then it was crystal clear. I had been the victim of first class scam on a tiered level. The first tier of the scam is to commit credit card information in the hopes that one will forget the ‘free trial’ period and then be subjected to recurring monthly fees. I lost a dollar out of the transaction, but I have email proof stating their business policy. The second tier of the scam was the purposeful selling of sensitive data. In the hours following today, I have already received a text prompting me to ‘repair my credit’. If you need screenshots of evidence I have it. What strikes me as the most profound aspect of this entire thing, is the article written by Saundra Latham on the site, praising

    While I have no doubt that people who meet the right credit criteria are able to find the right lenders through, what I find reprehensible is their ‘make money at any cost’ approach to pilfer their potential clients data to sell to the highest bidder, while cooperating with another business ( to entice the short-term memory of potential clients with services they were led into in order to complete their loan request. Perhaps this approach is specifically reserved for potential clientele who will not be approved of their initial loan request in order to make some capital on every application, or it happens with all clientele. It is in this that Saundra Latham clearly demonstrated very poor journalism when attempting to investigate this particular business, especially considering the fact the companies’ physical address can change in any given hour.

    Please feel free to contact me at my email for any further information.

    • Dee Simms

      Thanks for doing the research to inform consumers before they get into big trouble with this. Thanks again.

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