15K System Scam Review – (Fast11K.com Scam Linked!)

15K System System (15KSystem.com) is a get-rich-quick investment scheme.

Affiliated with Fast11K and Fast7K scams, there is no denying that the 15K System existence amounts to nothing more than scam.

Built upon a fabrication of lies and incorporating paid actors, 15K System Scam is another get-rich-quick scheme that cannot be trusted.

We invite you to learn the facts regarding the 15K System Scam and Fast11K scam by reading our honest review.

What is Fast15K System Scam?

Fast15K System is a newly debut scam iteration of Fast7K.com.

Operating as a re-direct scam, both Fast15KSystem.com and Fast11K.com are scams which take the site visitor to identical funneled landing pages, the only variance found would be in the URL.

When landing upon the redirected site, site visitors are prompted with the question of, “Want the Exact System that Makes Me Over $2,375 Per Day?”

From there there is a button on the site that will once again redirect you to the URL: systemaccesslogin.com/coach-bio.

This is the same squeeze page as the one employed in the Fast7K Scam we exposed.

Matt and Orlando are the same founders who allegedly generate 7 figures annually.

As we revealed in our Fast7K review, however, Matt and Orlando are not actually the founders behind the systems and are nothing more than stock photos derived from online image banks.

They claim that they can show you how to generate $3,000 – $10,000 per week but that is ALL that they do, they claim this, they claim that BUT they show you absolutely no proof of their alleged success.

For alleged founders making 7 figures and their ‘members’ generating thousands of dollars per week you’d think that if the Fast 15K System, Fast11K and Fast7K systems were legitimate that some form of verifiable documentation would be rendered but that is certainly not the case.

In addition, if Fast15K system was legitimate then why are there other scam iterations of this same system?

Evidently the Fast15K System Scam is a HOAX!

How does Fast11K Scam Work?

There really is no defining explanation regarding how Fast11K functions.

Both Fast15K and Fast11K are said to generate users thousands of dollars daily, but how?

Allegedly the operators behind the system do ALL THE WORK for you.

They close all sales which enables their system to become the “Ultimate Hands Free Income Machine!”

Their so-called marketing system generates all the leads you need while a success coach will handle each new prospect.

For every successful referral you can earn between $1,500 to $10,500 and this only happens after a person has also joined the Fast15K System.

As a whole, they try to pawn off their operation as a giant MLM recruitment/marketing venture but the reality is that they are nothing more than online scammers!

Domain Insight

15KSystem.com was a privately registered site created less than two months ago on October 17th, 2019.

During the time of writing this review, 15K System was not reputable but they appeared to be trending within the make money online from home niche.

The operators behind 15K System, Fast 11K and Fast 7K are likely employing misleading advertisements through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so be warned!

Red Flags & Question Marks

Fake Testimonials

Every single one of the testimonial videos contain paid actors from a freelancing website known as Fiverr.com.

These paid actors will conduct a testimonial for as little as $5, FAKE testimonials.

You can find many of the paid actors profiles by skimming through the Spokesperson & Testimonial tabs found at Fiverr.

Additionally, the alleged creators behind Fast15K System are nothing more than stock photos.

Exaggerated Income Assertions

The income claims promoted by Fast 15K and Fast7K are absolutely preposterous!

Claiming that users can generate $2,300 per day as soon as the next day is ridiculous.

Couple the income assertions with that blatant lack of proof and it is rather evident that Fast 15K is a scam.

Operates Anonymously

Fast 15K fails to provide any REAL identifying or contact information.

If their system was legitimate they’d likely leverage their credibility to acquire more users but since they are not they operate with blatant anonymity.

Is Fast 15K System a Scam?

Yes, Fast15K System, Fast11K and Fast7K are all scams!

Fast 15K System Scam Review

Fast 15K System is a get-rich-quick MLM scam.

The creators behind the scam system don’t actually exist.

The income assertions are nothing more empty promises while the testimonials are composed of mediocre paid actors from freelancing websites.

Failing to dish out any proof of income acquired to date, it is obvious that Fast15K and Fast7K are ridiculous scams.

Outcome: Fast15K System & Fast 11K are SCAMS!

Blacklisted Entities: Fast7K, RetireandBeFree, Secrets of the Wealth, Fast15K & Fast11k.com


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