3HourJob.com Scam | Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Exposed

3HourJob is the latest get-rich-quick scheme circulating throughout the consumer marketplace.

Official Site: 3HourJob.com

Asserting that everyday people can generate up to $500 per day, 3HourJob was a hastily created scam with many faults.

Reflecting a similar template to the extensive collection of fake Amazon earning websites that swept ruthlessly online through the consumer marketplace, 3HourJob appears to be of the same kin.

To learn more regarding the 3HourJob scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is 3HourJob? (Updated 08/20/2019)

3HourJob is a scam operating as an illicit online earning opportunity.

Functioning as an ‘online work at home programs,’ 3 Hour Job asserts that consumers can get paid $500 everyday for just working a few hours a day.

While this may hold true for some individuals, these unrealistic income assertions are the beginning of what we deem to be a get-rich-quick scheme.

When you go to visit 3HourJob.com, depending upon where you reside, will dictate which URL re-direction you are sent too.

For instance, when we went to visit the trending 3HourJob scam site, we were redirected to cmnewsmz.pro, which is structured as you can see in the image above, as an online news portal known as ‘News Daily 5.”

From there we are hit with a brief theatric article regarding a mother who was able to turn her life around and eliminate $25k in credit card debt all while working from the comfort of her home after she was laid off.

While we don’t buy this sob story, we know more tender-hearted individuals may.

So how did she do it?

Well when you near the bottom of the article, we are presented with the ‘solution.’

Reference to Website ATM is made, saying that if you don’t already possess $100,000 currently then Website ATM is the best solution to get you there.

Or so they say…

CmSystemsMZ.Pro Scam

When you go ahead and click on Website ATM in the article you are redirected to the same root URL but just on a different site page.

As you can see for yourself, we are presented with a landing page.

Not only are we hit with the “Want to make $500 a Day,” assertion but we are also confronted with 2 pressure-inducing widgets that show a limited amount of “available positions” along with a countdown timer which reflects only 2 minutes.

The pitch video engraved into the site does little to explain what really is for sale.

They just continue to bark upon the same concepts, such as do you want to make money online, do you want financial freedom, etc, etc.

No REAL explanation of what they are actually selling is presented to us.

After the promotional video ends we are prompted to provide our name, email and telephone number in order to move forward to learn more regarding their offer.

From there we are once again redirected to another page on the CmSystemsMZ site, where we are hit with yet another promotional video that pretty much harps upon the same concepts already previously discussed.

Again, no information pertaining to what for sale is divulged while the pitch video goes on to show fabricated screenshots of bank accounts reflecting 10 of millions of dollars.

Not only that but the many pop-ups that you see on the left-hand side of the site are nothing more than fake entities who recently started to make money online from home with their system.

When you backtrace these pop-ups you may notice they are nothing more than stock photos taken online or through online image banks.

Finally after clicking on “Add to Cart” we are redirected to a checkout page where you can buy Website ATM (the system we still know absolutely nothing about) for a one-time payment of $47.

The only information we are provided would be that the system can allegedly make you hundreds of dollars everyday, sometimes even thousands.

To add, there is no ownership or contact information disclosed anywhere at cmsystemsmz.pro.

Domain Insight

3HourJob.com was privately registered on May 2nd, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Due to 3HourJob functioning as a multi-faceted redirection portal, 3HourJob did not reflect any web rankings on SimiliarWeb (since obviously no one ever visits 3HourJob.com without being redirected).

Like similar scams in the past, we suspect 3HourJob to invade social media outlets to mislead unsuspecting consumers into their get-rich-quick scheme.

3HourJob Reviews

As detailed in the feedback shared in the comments below along with across the web would suggest, most consumers first receive initial contact with 3HourJob after posting their resumes across job seeking platforms such as Indeed.com.

Oversea callers with thick accents have been noted to be behind the calls.

One consumer reports being offered a data entry job.

More often than not, however, consumers report not receiving any information of value regarding what the job opportunity is.

If you have been contacted by someone stating they are from 3HourJob we advise you to NOT to commit with them, not to provide their operators any sensitive information while sharing your experiences for others to benefit from below.

Is 3HourJob.com a Scam? 

Yes, 3HourJob.com is an anonymous get-rich-quick scam operation.

3HourJob Review Conclusion

3HourJob is an anonymously operated scam venture infecting the online marketplace with empty promises of rich-reward through minimum effort on your behalf.

For only $47 you can allegedly gain access to the Website ATM – a system that can allegedly generate you $500+ per day by only working 1 to 3 hours per day.

No information regarding what the Website ATM is is disclosed.

3HourJob.com reflects a similar template and style with the Amazon Cash websites we have previously exposed (over 20 of them, just search Amazon Cash in our search toggle) so we wouldn’t be surprised if the 3HourJob scam is cut from the same cloth.

If you have been scammed please share your experiences with us and visit below to learn how to get your money back!

Verdict: 3HourJob is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: 3HourJob.com & Cmsystemsmz.Pro

Feel free to share your insight and experiences below!


  1. Rebecca

    I recieved a voicemail for a data entry job for this 3hourjob.com zi always check this kind of stuff out. Thanks for great info!

  2. Jessica

    Omg my friend and I were sitting here reading all this and u wont believe who called “Max Brown” that is just so crazy my friend is a good person trying to get a job and get back on her feet deff can’t afford to be scamed its so wrong to get someones hopes up when they are really in a time of need I hope someone stops this so called max brown he deserves to be prosecuted for taking ppls money they deserve justice!!

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