3HourJob.com Scam | Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Exposed

3HourJob is the latest get-rich-quick scheme circulating throughout the consumer marketplace.

Official Site: 3HourJob.com

Asserting that everyday people can generate up to $500 per day, 3HourJob was a hastily created scam with many faults.

Reflecting a similar template to the extensive collection of fake Amazon earning websites that swept ruthlessly online through the consumer marketplace, 3HourJob appears to be of the same kin.

To learn more regarding the 3HourJob scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is 3HourJob? (Updated 08/20/2019)

3HourJob is a scam operating as an illicit online earning opportunity.

Functioning as an ‘online work at home programs,’ 3 Hour Job asserts that consumers can get paid $500 everyday for just working a few hours a day.

While this may hold true for some individuals, these unrealistic income assertions are the beginning of what we deem to be a get-rich-quick scheme.

When you go to visit 3HourJob.com, depending upon where you reside, will dictate which URL re-direction you are sent too.

For instance, when we went to visit the trending 3HourJob scam site, we were redirected to cmnewsmz.pro, which is structured as you can see in the image above, as an online news portal known as ‘News Daily 5.”

From there we are hit with a brief theatric article regarding a mother who was able to turn her life around and eliminate $25k in credit card debt all while working from the comfort of her home after she was laid off.

While we don’t buy this sob story, we know more tender-hearted individuals may.

So how did she do it?

Well when you near the bottom of the article, we are presented with the ‘solution.’

Reference to Website ATM is made, saying that if you don’t already possess $100,000 currently then Website ATM is the best solution to get you there.

Or so they say…

CmSystemsMZ.Pro Scam

When you go ahead and click on Website ATM in the article you are redirected to the same root URL but just on a different site page.

As you can see for yourself, we are presented with a landing page.

Not only are we hit with the “Want to make $500 a Day,” assertion but we are also confronted with 2 pressure-inducing widgets that show a limited amount of “available positions” along with a countdown timer which reflects only 2 minutes.

The pitch video engraved into the site does little to explain what really is for sale.

They just continue to bark upon the same concepts, such as do you want to make money online, do you want financial freedom, etc, etc.

No REAL explanation of what they are actually selling is presented to us.

After the promotional video ends we are prompted to provide our name, email and telephone number in order to move forward to learn more regarding their offer.

From there we are once again redirected to another page on the CmSystemsMZ site, where we are hit with yet another promotional video that pretty much harps upon the same concepts already previously discussed.

Again, no information pertaining to what for sale is divulged while the pitch video goes on to show fabricated screenshots of bank accounts reflecting 10 of millions of dollars.

Not only that but the many pop-ups that you see on the left-hand side of the site are nothing more than fake entities who recently started to make money online from home with their system.

When you backtrace these pop-ups you may notice they are nothing more than stock photos taken online or through online image banks.

Finally after clicking on “Add to Cart” we are redirected to a checkout page where you can buy Website ATM (the system we still know absolutely nothing about) for a one-time payment of $47.

The only information we are provided would be that the system can allegedly make you hundreds of dollars everyday, sometimes even thousands.

To add, there is no ownership or contact information disclosed anywhere at cmsystemsmz.pro.

Domain Insight

3HourJob.com was privately registered on May 2nd, 2019 through the GoDaddy, LLC registrar.

Due to 3HourJob functioning as a multi-faceted redirection portal, 3HourJob did not reflect any web rankings on SimiliarWeb (since obviously no one ever visits 3HourJob.com without being redirected).

Like similar scams in the past, we suspect 3HourJob to invade social media outlets to mislead unsuspecting consumers into their get-rich-quick scheme.

3HourJob Reviews

As detailed in the feedback shared in the comments below along with across the web would suggest, most consumers first receive initial contact with 3HourJob after posting their resumes across job seeking platforms such as Indeed.com.

Oversea callers with thick accents have been noted to be behind the calls.

One consumer reports being offered a data entry job.

More often than not, however, consumers report not receiving any information of value regarding what the job opportunity is.

If you have been contacted by someone stating they are from 3HourJob we advise you to NOT to commit with them, not to provide their operators any sensitive information while sharing your experiences for others to benefit from below.

Is 3HourJob.com a Scam? 

Yes, 3HourJob.com is an anonymous get-rich-quick scam operation.

3HourJob Review Conclusion

3HourJob is an anonymously operated scam venture infecting the online marketplace with empty promises of rich-reward through minimum effort on your behalf.

For only $47 you can allegedly gain access to the Website ATM – a system that can allegedly generate you $500+ per day by only working 1 to 3 hours per day.

No information regarding what the Website ATM is is disclosed.

3HourJob.com reflects a similar template and style with the Amazon Cash websites we have previously exposed (over 20 of them, just search Amazon Cash in our search toggle) so we wouldn’t be surprised if the 3HourJob scam is cut from the same cloth.

If you have been scammed please share your experiences with us and visit below to learn how to get your money back!

Verdict: 3HourJob is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: 3HourJob.com & Cmsystemsmz.Pro

Feel free to share your insight and experiences below!


  1. Rebecca

    I recieved a voicemail for a data entry job for this 3hourjob.com zi always check this kind of stuff out. Thanks for great info!

  2. Jessica

    Omg my friend and I were sitting here reading all this and u wont believe who called “Max Brown” that is just so crazy my friend is a good person trying to get a job and get back on her feet deff can’t afford to be scamed its so wrong to get someones hopes up when they are really in a time of need I hope someone stops this so called max brown he deserves to be prosecuted for taking ppls money they deserve justice!!

  3. Blewswimmer

    904-524-9865 Jacksonville, Fl is where “Max” called me from today. Thank you for being generous enough to share with us all!

  4. Mike

    I received a voicemail this morning from someone claiming to be Max Brown, saying he was giving me a call back regarding my application for an online data entry position. SCAM ALERT, I am very successfully self employed, operating a business for 11 years now so why would I apply for a data entry position????? Remember this GOLDEN RULE; If it seems too good to be true, IT IS! Stay away.

  5. A.R.

    I a vm yesterday. Got the same patter: returning a call about a data entry job, that I did not inquire about. From a Max @ 229-224-6149

  6. Ash

    I just received a call (voicemail) from this scam operation about a data entry position. Glad I googled it! I figured it was a scam, I wonder how much money these folks are bringing in? 😬😑 Thanks for this info!

  7. CL101

    I had people on my college campus with a sign up for it. I thought it was going to be a real type of job offer because I need an on-campus job, but when I saw the site, I was pretty sure it was a scam. Glad I checked.

  8. Charles

    I got the same call. I want to thank all of you all that really goes far and beyond to find out if it’s real or fake or just a scam. When your a single parent just trying to make ends meet thsts when the scammers really want to hit. So again thank you for taking the time to write about this. Some of us couldnt make it if it was for you guys. Plz keep up the good work.

  9. Tina Baldwin

    I got a call today from 440-715-3486 from a guy name Ron left a message to go to the website 3hourjob.com I’m glad I did my scam search online. Thanks for having this information about this scam.

    • Tamiko

      I have received the same phone calls as well. There are several numbers which are the following: 240-299-5346 and 229-299-1219 from Maryland. It is a middle age man probably in late 30’s 0r early 40’s. He talks about 3hourjob.com. So, I went to the website and was redirected to this website. Also, there is no information about the data entry job period. In fact, I took it upon my self to write down all the websites that promises you get rich with $500 per day. I found that some use paid actors and same lay like website ATM and Autonmy Profit system. In fact, I notice the price changes from $37 to $47. Yes I do my research because I don’t have that kinda of money to throw away.

    • To livo

      Maybe we should turn it around on Max , when he calls back we tell him that we have a great awesome job opportunity for him making money from any where he is making $1000 daily and direct him to our website saying you can start earning with one small one time payment of $27 and re-direct him to a website called gofuckurself.com because obviously he doesn’t have a life. See how he likes it!!!

  10. Humanity has left the Building

    Max Brown, left several messages on my cell. I have left my resume and applied for several positions via indeed and ziprecruiter. I thank you for making this site to warn us of scammers. There’s too much bullshit going on in the world already. Too many greedy assholes, wanting to scam people wanting to make money legitimately from home.

    • David Giza

      I got a call from Max Brown at (475) 216-0628 saying that there is a data entry job available and telling me to watch a 2 minute video supposedly explaining the job at 3HourJob.com

  11. Mario

    I got the “data entry from home” position call from Max also. Number shows Bland, VA; (276) 209-9471. He left a voicemail on 22 Sep 19 at 9:49 pm. I work in the UAE meaning I was not around to answer personally and “play around” with him….Thanks for this site!!!

  12. Anonymous

    How do you know it was a middle aged white man

    • Humanity has left the Building

      His voice just has that sound.

    • A

      I just received a voicemail from Max, saying that he is “returning my call”, I have not applied for any new job since 2006, so it is a scam. He called from ‭+1 (209) 308-7012‬ and told me to go to 3hourjob.com for all the details explaining data entry position. Frustrating to know that someone is trying to take advantage of real people, looking for real jobs.

      • A.R.

        I a vm yesterday. Got the same patter: returning a call about a data entry job, that I did not inquire about. From a Max @ 229-224-6149

  13. Diane

    I’ve been looking for another job, an also have a resume on Indeed. One of my friends work at home for her empl0yer, but prior to her stay at home job she also posted her resume on indeed. She recently got this call from 3hourjob.com. but did not answer because it was not a number not listed in her contacts. 3hourjobs.com left her a voicemail. She forwarded the information to me. The Strangest thing happened when I called the number for the Data Entry position. A voicemail answered with a women saying “hello” when I said “hello” the line disconnected. So i called again thinking maybe I had dialed the wrong number, and the same thing happened. I called my friend and told her so she verified I called the right number. She in turn called the number from her phone and the man that left a voicemail on her phone answered and told her that she needed to go to 3hourjob.com and watch a short video and then he would call her back with the job information. So she called me back and gave me the information, and said maybe the call is only connected to her phone, but go on the website and watch the video. So as i’m putting the information in for the website it has reviews for 3hourjob.comand that’s how I ended up on this website. Thank you. This is very informative for all that has received this call. And should not be used as a forum for putting others down. If you’ve ended up here, you were interested enough to apply for this job, you did not get here by accident or by not entertaining the thought, of working for home. Not one of us are idiots, and I’m sure we all know that everything that sounds good, is not good, especially via internet. But with today’s economy, loss of jobs, lack of jobs, lack of financial stability. We try to stay hopeful. I noticed when I posted on Indeed that my phone number was given to third party entities and i start getting a lot of wired phone calls from every area code for everything under the sun. I recently upgraded my cell and changed my number, however I have another phone that I use only for the purpose of applying for empl0yment. So may I suggest to everyone, if you can’t get an additional phone, please go on google and get a free phone number, you will have the 1 phone with two phone number and post that number on your resume with indeed. It works great, I’ve done that as well. Good Luck to Everyone who is seeking Employment.

  14. Brian

    Yea, some guy name Max keeps calling and leaving a message to visit 3hourjobs.com.
    No information about this “Data Entry” and no information about this “company.”
    I don’t trust any “job” that I have to pay up front for.

  15. Sonya

    Yes, I received the same lame phone call. In FACT, I don’t even KNOW how they got my number! I didn’t go there, I looked at SCAM jobs and BOOM I found this site explaining everything. I hope the THUGS get some BAD Karma.
    Single Mom of 2

  16. Thomas Canty

    Ok has anyone ACTUALLY tried the service and realized it was a scam, or is it all just speculation? I was hoping to hear from someone that paid the $47 and found out what actually is being sold. So far, just sounds like people calling it a scam without ACTUALLY trying it. I know there has to be someone out there that’s done it.

    • J

      1-Well, when I get an UNSOLICITED call from someone about an ALLEGED job I applied for (but did not) and leaves no (verifiable) call-back number, only a website, I am IMMEDIATELY suspicious.

      2-When I look up an alleged business phone number and there is no business associated with it, I am IMMEDIATELY suspicious.

      3-Yen I am as old as I am and have heard fast talking “smooth” people telling or writing that they have the best mousetrap and I’vejyst got to send $47 to find out how to build one, too, I’m IMMEDIATELY suspicious.

      But, I would vote that YOU send in YOUR hard-earned $ and let us know how it worked out for ya! … The ironic thing is that IF you weren’t suspicious, I doubt you’d be on this site, either!

    • Anonymous

      Indeed I agree I would like hear if someone actually had real experience. With experience comes truth. We can speculate all day. If anyone has actually went thru the process, it will be nice to hear if it’s actually a scam or not.

  17. David

    I just received my call from 3hourjob.com. He left a message saying I applied for a job. Ha I am retired don’t need a job, I do my own job when and where I want.

  18. tammy taylor

    I also received a call on 8-15-19 from 847-499-1240 stating I applied for a work at home job and I haven’t applied for anything. the guy stated to go on 3hourjobs. com to look at a video and they will contact me for an interview.. yeah okay. not going to get me I have a whole full time job.

  19. Somone who Could have been scammed but saw this

    ”Oh, max (last name unintelligible) giving you a call back regarding your application for the online data entry job from home. please visit 3hourjob.com. I’ve posted a short 2 minute video explaining the position and what you need to do. Thank you.”
    Did not leave a number or any other way to contact them.
    I applied for a job on indeed.com, many jobs, and at first I didn’t recognize this one so I wasn’t sure, I went to the website but it was listed as unsafe. I googled it instead and this popped up. Always check your companies before you agree to anything. Not to mention, don’t accept a job that you weren’t brought in for an interview, if they don’t have an office to interview you in, its probably not legit. And if they really where as big of and good as company that they say then they should have many applicants, therefore they would definitely need interviews.

  20. Amanda Lewis

    Another thing too; they have a timer saying they only have 15 slots 2 left and you have 5 minutes to sign up. I thought this is how they are manipulating some to act fast especially if their already financially strained and looking to make more money. This is is really sad that these people start these scamming sites and get your information and money without ever having to give you anything for it.

  21. Amanda Lewis

    I received a voicemail from what sounded like an older Caucasian male. In the voicemail he says I applied for a job to “work from home as a data analyst” and that he’s left me instructions to get the job on the site 3hourjob.com When I got to the site it immediately redirected me to another site called cmssystemsbs.info which takes you to the website ATM. I’m thinking the whole time while seeing this… If people can make $500 a day just by investing $47 the entire world would be jumping on the bandwagon. I went back to google to search for reviews on them and your site came up. Thank you so much for having integrity and caring about us who are looking for legitimate work and opportunities. Besides I’m a nurse so I know I didn’t apply for a data analyst position (red flag 1 among many).

  22. Sam Franklin

    I just received the same call, saying I applied for entry job, which I didn’t! But I do have a resume online. This information is so helpful, thanks for posting it. It is amazing how many scammers out there trying to scam innocent people that are trying to find a job!!!

  23. Monte Jones

    got the same call from 406-289-9876

    • Queenie Brown


  24. Xavier Truth

    I also just received a voicemail from a middle aged white man, stating that I applied for a data entry position. which I didn’t and to go to the 3hourjob website. I’m so glad I read this article. Thank you.
    “There’s a sucker, born everyday.” ~ Xavier Truth

  25. Kj

    I just received the same call myself and I did apply for a job here locally that I just went to interview for today and got the job at a call center. I never applied for a data entry job though just the job that I received today. It’s alot of scamming going on period. Thank you for this site which I always look into once I’ve received a weird call just to see how pathetic the scammers believe ppl really are. There’s no need for anyone to call anyone names on here. Everyone clearly that has left a comment are ppl who are trying to make money and not be fucked in the process

  26. Jeffrey Scott Stone

    Thank you for sharing scam info.
    I remain positive that people involved will lose in the end.
    Be kind to yourself by being kind to someone else. We all need help sometimes.

  27. samantha miller

    I also just received a voicemail from a middle aged white man, stating that I applied for a data entry position. which I didn’t and to go to the 3hourjob website. I’m so glad I read this article. Thank you.

  28. Ginger

    What gives you the right to call names. I posted my resume on indeed. And a true at home job would be amazing to some people. Especially people that have kids, or have sick family members to take care of.

  29. Ginger

    Thank you for posting I got this call today, I had put my resume up on indeed. And was getting ready to check the site out, as I do some various online work (my pay isn’t no where near what is listed but enough to keep my head from going under as I look for work). Thank you again so much so I didn’t waste my time.

  30. B

    Sadly, they can. If you applied on Indeed or ziprecruiter then you will more than likely get this calls. They generally even change the area code to where you are applying. They can dig up stuff from years ago as well. There will never be an ‘at home job’ just offered to you for a company you know nothing about. The only time you work from home is when you have been employed by a company and they offer that to you or maybe you are sick and do work from the house.

  31. Albert

    yaes I got the call today thank you for sharing this article 805637243

  32. Denise

    Just got a call today from the following phone number : 1-848-204-1917 – Woodbridge, NJ . Same here never applied for a data entry job. I’m in IT so why in the world would I want to apply for a data entry job. Just outrageous!!! Man oh Man this has really gotten out of control.

  33. patty

    ok so i just got a call and never applied for it, And im a nurse with a full time job and never put my name or application on line, The number is 1-680-200-8816 and they actually have a recording,So how in the world did they get my cell number?

    • Enrique

      At one point your information like phone number and email got sold to them somewhere in the internet.

    • James montgomery

      I got a call and this idiot really believes I’m gonna to do that. What’s this world Comming to? Nobody can legitimately make money anymore. They gotta scam people. That’s fuckin sad. Its pathetic. I’ll tell you one thing. They’ll get there’s. You hear me you fuckin bastards??? God is not gonna allow you to continue to allow this kind of shit to happen. When you people die you will be punished for your crimes against humanity. Fuckin wherzles. I wish I can be there when god says off with his fuckin head. You guys will get yours you pieces of shit baustards. All yall can eat a dick.

      • Xavier Truth

        They must have gotten deep into your pockets, James. You’re going IN! Hahaha! I do agree with you, though. Lol 😂

  34. Derrick Howard

    I just got the voice mail today. I don’t remember registering for this scam. Glad I read about it being a scam before trying to apply for it

  35. CC

    most people who are getting calls about “thanks for posting your resume with us,” have in fact actually applied for the company running this scam at sites like indeed.com

    I also got the three hour job scam, and it only happened AFTER I applied for an ALLEGED WORK FROM HOME JOB posted on INDEED.COM!

    these people are NOT “just getting” your information, you are actually submitting it freely while looking for a bullshit solution for work because you’re a lazy schlub.

    hahaha! I am so glad your disability checks aren’t enough to make a living, anymore. welcome to hell, you broke ass motherfuckers!

    • Diamond

      I never applied for a at home job and got a call so shut the fuck up. The fuck you’re going on this site anyways? You must be broke too.

    • Lynn

      How dare you slam disability recipients!! There are many of us that are NOT lazy, yet unable to work!!! Yes, it’s VERY difficult to survive on disability payments alone. It is “hell” as you say, but you have absolutely no right to be such an ass!!

      • Joel Moulton

        actually, he does, first amendment and all.

    • Rayquan O'Lafferty

      Never registered, they probably just robo-dial. Not uncommon for scammers to make it seem like their mark was an interested party.

      Sup, Cameron?

    • Mel

      You are aware that you said in your post that you also applied for an at home job, right? At least you are honest with yourself, I guess. 😂🤣 Sorry that disability check isn’t enough to pay your bills.

    • James montgomery

      Lol. You think your funny huh? I actually collect an SSI check legitimately. Im a 5150 motherfuker. Your glad that we don’t make enough to survive? I’m surviving. I’m still alive. No I believe your in hell working that dead end nine to 5 job. It’s our fault you choose to be a slave? Why dont you go choke on sum DICK! I’ll tell you one thing you will make more money and you’ll only have to work one hour then. That poor sip that dick your suckin he’s paying your bills. You will have to do what they call SHOW APPRECIATION. I bet you don’t know what any of that is. You rich piece of shit loser. I hope you choke on your vomit and die of alcohol poisoning the next time you drink yourself into a super. Welcome to hell. Bitch.

    • Ginger

      What gives you the right to call names. I posted my resume on indeed. And a true at home job would be amazing to some people. Especially people that have kids, or have sick family members to take care of.

    • Leesha

      Seriously! Who the Hell raised you to be such a fuckin asshole? I sure as fuck didn’t ask to be on disability, to be so sick and in and out of the hospital for years now, nearly dying multiple times. I am a single mom because I was gang raped by men who are cut from the cloth of Saten and became pregnant. It wasn’t my innocent childs fault how she was conceived and she was still my flesh and blood, so Hell Yes I kept her.I then had to grow up quick and be a good mom. I worked from the time she was 5 weeks old and worked 60_80 hours a week to provide for her. I suddenly started getting very sick and eventually ended up in the hospital on my death bed for 21 days and found out i had a very serious disease that i had no control whether I got it or not. So my child has had to suffer since she was 5 years old having her mom in and out of the hospital and never knowing if mommy was gonna live from day to day. My point is assholes like you who assume people on disability choose to be on it and are lazy bumbs, I’ve got news for you i do more being as sick as i am than a lot of able bodied people i know and push my body to the breaking point to take care of my child and family, etc. I would love to work again cause i loved working and it is miserable being stuck and unable to go anywhere or do anything some days cause I’m in severe pain and very sick. You don’t know a person’s story or what they are going through, so if i were you i would quit judging others and saying the offensive, cruel things about others. You need to worry about yourself only. You acting like this makes you no better than the scammers screwing people like me over.
      I have told this story only to hopefully make others see that judging others when you know nothing about them is not okay.
      Karma’s A Bitch!

    • Leesha

      CC, you must have gotten the call too otherwise why would you be on here…
      Oh, so you were looking too, so you must be a broke ass motherfucker too? A lazy shlub? REALLY!?!?

      • Catherine

        Y’all, don’t feed the trolls. CC or whatever his name is, is an idiot. He said what he said because he wanted to piss you off because he probably hates his own life, and misery likes company. Just ignore him.

    • Mae

      FYI, I have a full time job making good money but I’m looking into part time work to make some extra $$s. I thought Indeed.com was suppose to be a respectable job seeking website and you would think that they would protect folks from this kind of nonsense! Makes me suspicious of Indeed.com. After posting my info on the website now I have received two offers, both get rich be your own boss kind of thing. I think I will be taking my information off of the website. Everyone reading this, do not sign up w/Indeed.com unless you want to get a bunch of phone calls.

  36. Kenny Drake

    I got the same voicemail 10 minutes ago.
    I know that I did not apply for a home data entry job with anyone!

    • Sean

      same here, the voice sounded like a middle aged white male washed up hippie surfer, glad my eyes just happened to see this link first when I searched 3 hour job on google , I hope whoever is up tp this gets raped in jail

  37. Renada M Biggs

    I just received a phone call stating that I’ve applied for a job. I don’t think they should be able to access your resume on job boards for illicit reasons.

  38. Chuck Klinger

    I received the same voicemail saying thank you for your online application and to go to 3hourjob.com. I am going to block the phone number and delete the voicemail.

    • Catherine

      Won’t do any good. If they want to contact you again, they will just spoof a new number and call you again. I have blocked countless numbers calling me about these “get rich quick” schemes, yet I still continue to get the same calls.

  39. Kristen

    I also got a phone call stating I applied for a job.

  40. Phyllis

    Now they are utilizing your phone number stating that you have applied for a data entry job and to check out their website. Which my husband never applied for a job with this or any other company.

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