Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

Affiliate Marketing Mastery ( is an online affiliate training platform that was registered on March 3rd, 2012 by Stefan James Pylarinos.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Overview

Stefan Pylarinos is known as the creator behind the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program although Project Life Mastery Inc is disclosed as the entity who currently owns and operates their domain.

Covering a total of 7 different modules, which we will further expand upon below, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery comes with a heavy price tag of $1,997 or with a 3 time payment installment of $767.

Those who visit will notice how their website is designed more specifically like a landing page. Providing no textual content on their site besides some insight into their included educational modules, those who visit the site are left to watch a promotional video that is nearly 2 hours in duration.

While we watched the majority of this pitch video, our patience started to wind thin which lead us to skim the rest and conduct exterior research to compose and render this publication. The focus of this unbiased and comprehensive review is to provide intuitive insight into the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program and to help you to decide whether it is truly worth the price.

How does Affiliate Marketing Mastery Work?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery operates as a minimally invasive training guide where a multitude of educational tutorial videos serve and act as your guide to affiliate marketing.

In addition to tutorial videos would be webinars that are geared towards instructing users on how to create and maintain a successful business online along with how to accrue additional earnings.

While in theory all this may sound great, it should be known that if you are someone who prefers more of a step-by-step approach then perhaps this affiliate program isn’t for you. While it’s true that Affiliate Marketing Mastery may cover a broad range of specifics it fails to deliver much hands-on training.

What’s Included

Affiliate Marketing Mastery consists of a 7 module training program that hosts a collection of over 50 tutorial based videos. In addition, with each lesson would be a downloadable PDF transcript along with a summary regarding the main concepts covered throughout the lesson. Disclosed below are the following modules along with some of the key topics covered through Affiliate Marketing Mastery:

Module 1: Preface & Formulating a Strategy

Module 1 was constructed to provide users with an introduction to affiliate marketing, how to develop and implement an effective plan of attack along with help tweak your mindset to constructively build your business.

Module 2: Keyword Density & Market Research

Module 2 goes over the selection process in regards to choosing an effective niche, how to analyze your competitors along with how to optimize keywords.

Module 3: Blog & Social Media Creation

Through this module users will learn how to create and maintain their own site, how to employ social media pages as part of their game plan along with how to incorporate beginner SEO fundamentals.

Module 4: Generating Quality Content

The focus of this module is how to generate content of high quality to attract, maintain and maximize site retention.

Module 5: Acquisition of Visitors & Subscribers

Module 5 is based around the principles of incorporating more advanced SEO tactics along with how to obtain a strong email list and social media following.

Module 6: Generating Income & Monetizing Resources

Perhaps the most imperative module discussed, this module provides insight on how to capitalize and earn revenue from people that you have attracted to your site.

Module 7: Performance Tracking & Optimization

Learning how to track your pages performance and develop strategies to combat lacking campaigns that are falling behind are the subjects addressed in this module. In addition, a 90-day email coaching program is offered along with 3 hour long weekly webinars to further address the many complexities associated with developing strategies to strengthen campaigns.

Community Feedback

Regrettably, not much verifiable user feedback has been found in relation to the legitimacy of Affiliate Marketing Mastery while it has also been taken into consideration that some of the reviews regarding Affiliate Marketing Mastery are biased due to likely being created by some of their active members. Given these circumstances, we do not believe that it is credible to apply community consensus in regards to the legitimacy of this affiliate training program.


According to SimilarWeb, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not a popular site and receives minimum quantities of traffic at best. Reflecting a global rank of 1,799,137 with a US rank of 932,644 it appears this affiliate training program is not all that popular while over 18% of their traffic derives from YouTube sources, most likely endorsement videos published by their affiliates.

Gauging Trustability

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is created by Stefan Pylarinos, who appears to be a popular online marketer who is also known for the creation of K Money Master. Owned and operated by a transparent entity while possessing little negative feedback despite their duration in the affiliate marketing niche leaves us to conclude that this affiliate training guide appears to be trustworthy.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – The Ruling

We believe that it goes without question that Affiliate Marketing Mastery does render content of value and could help those new to the field of affiliate online marketing become successful although we are not certain it is worth the monumental price tag of almost $2,000.

In addition, Affiliate Marketing Mastery appears to have lost reputability over the past couple of years, according to market intelligence reports, which is certainly a characteristic one does not want to have when considering joining an affiliate training program that will be accompanied by additional and unaccounted for expenditures.

For those of you who prefer to learn on your own while having the capital to spare, then Affiliate Marketing Mastery could be a viable and constructive opportunity for you to utilize.

Please provide any insight or experience you may have may sharing a comment below!


  1. Tommy

    This guy Stefan James had a business called chicken pox cure he had a page posing as a doctor even giving consultations as a fake doctor before he sold the website! Sadly he is now trying to get others to follow suit setting up scam sites. Stefan is not to be trusted and I beg you not to buy from him he just wants your money! Hopefully the story about the fake doctor website is enough to send shivers down your spine!

  2. Doug

    I have the course and it is decent. $2,000 is a lot of money but I wouldn’t say it is a scam. There is a lot of information to be covered in the program and it is a long program – pretty time-consuming. He obviously put a lot of time and effort into creating this program. I went through 80% of it and I’m going back to certain parts and relearning some stuff as I start taking action.

    A lot of money – YES… worth that type of money – IDK… Scam – No. Stefan is a good dude and I’ve been checking his stuff out for about 4 years.

    • Tommy

      Then you didn’t know he has a website called chicken pox cure and posed as a fake doctor offering online consultations with a picture of a doctor and a fake doctors name – Stefan is a shocker and this is an example of how he has scammed mothers with children suffering from chicken pox stay away!!

  3. Lani

    I didn’t have a horrible experience but I thought I would write on here about the experience I had. I can’t remember the time frames 100%. I bought the Online Business Mastery course where at first I couldn’t access to website with my login info. After emailing them and waiting – not long, maybe 24 hours or so, I got impatient and messaged Stefan. I get it, he’s busy, but no reply. So here I was, thinking I had been scammed first off haha, however, I then got an email saying my details should be working. With the same details I’d been using before – everything finally worked. Maybe they hadn’t set up my account correctly? Which I think is strange for a business that runs online. Anyway, within the time period allowed, I cancelled, everything was easy. But then, the next monthly instalment of $100+ ended up coming out. Luckily I didn’t need this money or was falling behind, because it took the usual 3 business days (5 days in total) to return back into my account. What got under my skin is that Laura the customer service rep didn’t apologise for the issue, despite it being her who I was speaking with during the cancellation process. Considering the other online customer service teams I have been connected with, this one is pretty average.

  4. sarah thöni

    In addition, Affiliate Marketing Mastery appears to have lost reputability over the past couple of years, ….I have to say that your research is very bad. Because the Affilliate Marketing Program was created only 1 year ago 😀

    • Admin

      Actually, the domain in review – – was registered on March 12, 2007. See:

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