Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate (wealthyaffiliate.com) is a popular affiliate network that was created on August 31st, 2005 by two entities known as Kyle and Carson.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate functions as a web-based affiliate training platform that provides members with all the tools deemed necessary to create, manage and expand a thriving online business. Due to their extensive duration in the affiliate marketing niche, Wealth Affiliate has secured their place as one of the largest online affiliate training programs without having to promote unrealistic income claims as a way to obtain more members.

What separates Wealthy Affiliate apart from other competing affiliate programs would be their transparency, reputability along with their strong community presence. In addition, Wealthy Affiliate provides a more encompassing service with a more affordable payment option.

While many affiliate programs that promote the obtainment of quick riches through only a few hours of work per day will charge upwards to $1,000 to $3,000 for their programs, Wealthy Affiliate offers both a free and premium based membership.

What’s Included

The membership that one commits with will determine the perks and capabilities available to them through Wealthy Affiliate. Disclosed below are the two memberships actively offered through Wealthy Affiliate along with some of their characteristics:


  • Price: $0/month
  • Live Help First 7 Days
  • Up to 2 Websites Supported
  • 1-on-1 Coaching for First 7 Days
  • 30 Keyword Research Tool Searches
  • Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp Training


  • Price: $49/month
  • Unlimited live help
  • Up to 50 Websites Supported
  • Private owner access and analytics
  • 2x more lucrative affiliate program
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching and keyword searches
  • All educational and market research tools at your disposal

Who’s Behind Wealthy Affiliate?

According to the Wealthy Affiliate website, their platform was created by two founders known as Kyle and Carson. No surnames are provided while other members disclosed on their About Us page appear to be authentic and not some variation of stock photos. Wealthy Affiliate is allegedly overseen by Wealthy Affiliate Programs LLC, which is a New York based corporation that was created on December 16th, 2014.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Wealthy Affiliate reflects a physical address of 138 E. 38th St. Apt 1A, New York, NY 10016-2652 along with a C rating. While no reference to Wealthy Affiliate Programs LLC is referred to in the Wealthy Affiliate’s Terms of Use, research indicates to us that this limited liability corporation possesses some liability for the operations taking place at wealthyaffiliate.com.

How does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

The membership that a member enrolls with will determine the employed functionality of the Wealthy Affiliate program. Bear in mind that Wealthy Affiliate functions not only as an educational training guide but also as a market researching and web-hosting opportunity. Providing an expansive collection of training tutorial videos along with offering access to their community forum, 1-on-1 coaching along with live chat ensures that new members feel less overwhelmed with the start-up process.

What Others Are Saying

Most of the feedback found in relation to the Wealthy Affiliate program appears to embody the form of positive reviews, which could undoubtedly have been created by one of their hundreds of thousands of marketers. While the community consensus regarding Wealthy Affiliate appears mostly positive, if you take the time to conduct some more thorough research you will find the opposite at RipOff Report.

As RipOffReport will suggest, over a dozen complaints have been filed against Wealthy Affiliate, which even though we are unable to completely verify the legitimacy of all complaints, we believe that should be analyzed and comprehended appropriately prior to committing with their service.


Wealthy Affiliate reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 58,520 with a US rank of 22,945 as of March 2018. According to the report, over 45% of the sites traffic originates from users who reside within the United States and the United Kingdom while as of last month the site supported over 1.2 million visitors.

Domain History

Wealthyaffiliate.com was a privately registered domain that reflects a registration date of August 31st, 2005. Set to expire on August 31st, 2018, Wealthy Affiliate was co-founded by Kyle and Carson while their Terms of Use references Niche Marketing Inc, Wealthy Affiliate Starter and Wealthy Affiliate Premium as their overseeing entities.

Should Wealthy Affiliate be Used?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a great deal of market research tools along with hosting capabilities which is more than what the majority of other competing affiliate programs currently provide. Given the magnitude and reputability of Wealthy Affiliate, we do believe they are a legitimate operation although their operation should only be pursued at your own risk and if you are willing to dedicate some serious time to cultivating and managing your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Ruling

Wealthy Affiliate does not promote unrealistic promises of riches in the attempts to lure and mislead you into depositing with their training program. While the majority of negative feedback relating to Wealthy Affiliate would be due to the lack of perks that their free starter membership provides, one must realize that for their price they aren’t entirely offering an unfair arrangement with hosting capabilities included.

All-in-all we do believe Wealthy Affiliate to be a legitimate affiliate training program.


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