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  1. Ramakant Duggal

    I have purchased and tried following products :

    Agimat FX Pro 2018
    Agimat EA (Retail Version)
    Agimat EA (Institutional version)

    First about the most expensively priced institutional version of the Agimat. Dennis promises returns of 10-30% per month from this EA, with a DD of 10-15%. I purchased a 5-account license of this product at a very substantial cost. It was generating a profit of about 5-6% for the first 2.5 months. From the 3rd month, the DD deppened and went up to about 55%, continued to get worse. Eventually I had to salvage the funds left in the account at around 60% DD. This product is rated as “Institutional” grade and is expected to hedge trades based on correlation so as to limit the DD below 15%. Ok, so I can understand if it goes to 20% or even 25% DD. Bur 56% is really looking like some cheap EA product that you can buy for below $100 from some scam vendor.

    My repeated emails to Dennis got no real suggestions on how to rescue my accounts from the deep DD< or why the hedging strategy of the EA was failing so badly. He tried to blame it on the broker nor allowing hedging, but I confirmed with the broker (Australia) that they have no restrictions on hedging or on AI based software robots. I provided him with the mt4 logs, no response.

    My request for refund was turned down – pointing me to T&C's of the purchase. So I decided to do my duty towards other traders in the community to warn all to stay miles away from any Agimat trading tools, do not waste your hard earned money on Agimat products. I have tried almost all of them.

    Dennis is a clever marketer, he sells expensively priced products with lots of hype using buzz words like AI, Neural Networks. The reality is not so pretty or sophisticated. The Agimat FX Pro-2018 system is built from indicators that repaint all the time. This fact is hotly debated by Dennis with clever and complicated explanations like "the market moved, the indicator does not repaint".
    The Forex-pin system is similarly unreliable.

    In a way I am thankful to Dennis for opening my eyes to the stark reality that if there ever is a non-repainting leading indicator based trading system, it would be a virtual ATM. Learning true price-action on the naked chart with SR levels, patterns, and top-down analysis is the only reliable method to make a living from the forex market. I have finally stopped looking for a "system" that works. Than you Dennis.

    To all potential buyers of Agimat and other similar product with huge marketing hype, my advice is – bite the bullet, do the hard yard and spend the chart analysis hours learning price action, Find some good books on the subject and study. Surely the financial future of you and your family cannot depend on con artists like Dennis and his marketing hype.

    I have complete email trail with Dennis and can reproduce and post it here if necessary. I hope YOU will publish this review as is, in the interests of traders community, to provide a fair warning to my fellow traders out there and save them from wasting their time, money and emotions on such con artistry.

  2. wes mansur

    I have add all the indicators but what is the White arrows? Are they ema cross with setting of 10?

  3. wes mansur

    I have all of the indicators but what the white arrow? Is it a EMA with a setting of 10?

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