Dr. Sock Soothers Review

Dr. Sock Soothers, hosted at socksoothers.com, has been a trending retail item that involves the compression sock sleeve arena.

Designed by a podiatrist whom has extensive knowledge in managing foot pain, Dr. Sock Soothers professional anti-fatigue compression sock sleeves aim to alleviate achy feet, swelling and heel spurs while improving blood circulation.

To find out more regarding Dr. Sock Soothers we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

About Dr. Sock Soothers

Dr. Sock Soothers are compression designed sock sleeves that are geared to provide a few health benefits in reference to foot pain management.

According to their site, Dr. Sock Soothers sock sleeves are structured with 7 targeted zones and 3 levels of compression.

Dr. Sock Soothers can be worn with or without regular socks and are said to leave consumers feeling fatigue free all day long.

In addition to alleviating achy feet, heel spurs and improving blood circulation, Dr. Sock Soothers sock sleeves are said to dramatically reduce heal time for those currently suffering with plantar fasciitis.

How Dr. Sock Soothers Are Supposed To Work

Similar to other companies, Dr. Sock Soothers sock sleeves really don’t vary much from other competitors.

Typically when we encounter compression garments, they are constructed with a spandex-type material that is firm but allows mobility.Gently squeezing the area to which these compression garments are applied are said to boost blood circulation while many users have reported reduced swelling, better pain management and overall better comfort.

Unlike with prescription options that are available through a physician (which provide much more specific measurements), Dr. Sock Soothers only offer generalized compression that can vary from consumer to consumer depending upon how well the sock sleeves fit them.

Dr. Sock Soothers Pricing

Socksoothers.com runs a number of promotions for their anti-fatigue compression sock sleeves so their prices are constantly fluctuating.

As of today, Dr. Sock Soothers compression sock sleeves start around $18 per pair.

Providing one-size-fits-all compression sock sleeves, their socks are unisex and must be ordered in quantities between 2 to 8 pairs.

We were unable to find specific Dr. Sock Soothers retail items on consumer outlets such as Amazon or eBay leaving their site the only location where consumers can acquire their socks.

Contacting Sock Soothers

Socksoothers.com does not provide intel on who the leading podiatrist behind Sock Soothers are but they do provide the corporate entity Sock Soothers.

According to their Privacy Policy, Sock Soothers can be reach through a different contact methods.


(833) 766-4498



Mailing Address

Sock Soothers

3657 Lois Rd., Palo Alto, California 94303-4408.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Dr. Sock Soothers has a physical location of 10450 N Airport Rd, Hayden, ID 83835-9742.

Their BBB File opened just a week ago on October 24th, 2018 and they do not reflect BBB Accreditation or a BBB rating.

Community Feedback

Dr. Sock Soothers reflects a good pool of relevant community feedback that we can rely upon to find out more intel. 

According to HighYa, Dr. Sock Soothers reflects a 2 out of 5 star rating out of nearly 40 reviews.

Here is some of the most recent feedback we found:

“I just received my socks and I could tell as soon as I opened them I knew it was a ripoff. There is nothing compression about them. Save your money. And tell everyone you know there is nothing medical about them.”

“after waiting over 2 months only to be shorted 3 pairs of socks and the “free gift” that I had to pay $9.95 postage for…I was unable to leave a message on the website so am still in limbo without a way to get a refund…I am very upset that I spent this kind of money in good faith and they have not held up their end of the bargain. NO, at this time I would not recommend this company nor their merchandise to my friends.”

Is Dr. Sock Soothers a Scam?

No, we do not believe Dr. Sock Soothers to be a scam.

However, given the number of negative customer experiences that we encountered when investigating Dr. Sock Soothers we do believe that they are much better alternatives available.

Dr. Sock Soothers Review Conclusion

Dr. Sock Soothers offers compression sock sleeve garments that are designed to alleviate symptoms in relation to foot discomfort.

There is no information on their site to indicate that Dr. Sock Soothers offers any compression-type garments that aren’t structured with generalized compression.

Providing a one-size-fits-all, we have encountered a few user reviews indicating that Dr. Sock Soothers sock sleeves don’t fit as promised.

Furthermore, the inability for some consumers to receive a full refund for their orders is troubling news as well.

Given the information disclosed in the review above, we do not feel Dr. Sock Soothers to be a scam but we strongly feel that better alternatives are available at more competitive pricing points.

We invite you to share any experiences, insight or opinions you may have by leaving your feedback below!


  1. Barbara Jean Bradley-Jurschak

    I did not read these comments, I made a purchase of two different items, socks in one order and shoe inserts in the other, by some strange occurrence they shipped in the same package, but I will never know this because the shipment went to UPS, who then took it to USPS who claimed I was not an addressee at the address on the package. The address they had was correct, and I have lived and received packages at my home for over 20 years. I waited, checked the tracking through USPS and was told the package was returned to shipper on August 13, it is now August 31. I called to cancel the order, was told by Rhoda,S (Supervisor) that I had to wait 15 business days (which will be 9/2) before they can reship. I told her I wanted to cancel and request a refund, she said they don’t issue refunds. I found that to be an inappropriate practice for a business and told her I would be taking further action to get my $98.20 returned. I was stupid for not investigating the company first.

    • Anonymous

      As you know the same thing happened to me so I just let my credit card company deal with them so after a while I got all my money back plus I still have the socks.

    • Pixie

      I don’t get it …. Talk about gullible! I learned early on in life that if something sounds too good to be true, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! I also learned, more recently, when ordering something online from an unknown company, to look for a phone number, a physical address (as compared to a post office box number) and an https/ in the web address. You can call the number, Google map the address, search on product reviews, etc. to verify information.
      So, to those who’ve lost $100 or so, I can only say it’s a small price to pay for a valuable lesson. Hope you’ve learned it. And, to those who are still trying to get a refund from a sock company that stopped just short of promising cartilage rejuvenation and eternal life …. there’s a bridge in Brooklyn on which we’re currently offering stock options …. Interested?

  2. Tracy

    I purchased 4 pairs of these socks. I didnt do my research unfortunately. They are terrible they are at the post office and I wont collect them because I have to pay another £11 pounds they said nothing about this in the advert. I told them I’ve took a case up with them on paypal. They offered me a refund of 60%. I didnt take it. They said we will refund you 60%and keep the socks but you have to cancel the case with paypal first. I thought no chance, I’m still waiting for paypal to contact me on the case.do buy these are clever con artists with no more morals than a ally cat.

  3. Carol Peel

    I totally agree with all that is said above. I have been totally ripped off, not only have I paid the purchase price but had to pay Customs Fee of £11.72 before I could pick them up from the post office. These were to be part of a Christmas present for my son-in-law who has a heel problem. These socks only just about fit me, size 5, let alone a size 9 mans foot.
    I am 72 years of age and always take extra care when purchasing anything online, which is rarely. after this experience, never again. This should be investigated.

  4. Marie Turnbull

    This is a shocking company that falsely advertises. Sox too ages to arrive and far too small. After I struggled to get them on, wore them for 4 hours and feet swelled up and a dent left in my leg, cutting circulation. 1800 no. Disconnected. How does one receive refund from these crooks!

  5. Julio Peres

    it is a scam don’t buy it

  6. Susan Mansell

    I received mine today and put on straight away and so did my friend as I gave her a pair. Yes they eete difficult to put on but I wasn’t suprised. So far they feel great but I am now concerned after reading the comments.

  7. Beth Morrison

    Beth Morrison
    I have severe spinal stenosis with arch and plantar fasciitis so when I saw th I wonderful advert pop up I decided to purchase them.
    I also like many others didn’t check either now much they were of better still did they work.
    Paid for the buy 2 get third free I waited and waited and I contacted them by e-mail finally I received them.
    If I tell you I don’t think the fire brigade could get them on One Side Fits all any how husband tried and tried and finally managed that was after he nearly fractured his ribs.
    Today much to my disgust same socks are selling on Amazon for£1-66! I almost died what a TIP Off.
    I paid £37 for them I feel such an idiot because I check everything no matter what it is.
    This requires the Trading Standards to make a full and thorough investigation.

    • Judy Lacombe

      It may be too late but I put in a dispute on this item with my credit card company and it was successful. I was not charged at all in the end. I did it the same day I started to order on their website. Because they were pushing me to order more (no other option except to add on more pairs) so I exited by clicking the X on the webpage. Later that evening I got an email “Thank you for your order”. I wrote back and told them I cancelled out and the gal named Gracie in Support Dept. said it was cancelled and my refund would go thru in 24-48 hours. However they shipped them. My CC company approved a dispute I put against them that same evening. You probably can still file a dispute online if you have an online account with your Credit Card company!
      Next Time dispute the charge once it’s pending on your CC online.

  8. G Roberts

    I wish I had seen this website before I ordered these utterly useless socks – I have very small feet, but cannot get them over my toes. I’ve looked all over for a place to vent my anger, but, like all the people on this forum – no luck. I shall approach the credit card company and hopefully get some recompense. I have referred the company to my local Trading Standards, but I doubt they are able to make a difference since Dr. Sock soothers seem to be very successful in hiding from their customers. I am so angry with myself for falling for this scam. A new mantra for myself will be – “read everything before purchasing anything.” The conmen/women who run this outfit should be brought to book and the business shut down. Such a disgrace.

    • Norman Curragh

      Hear Hear, I also have been scammed by these fraudsters so I have got my credit card people to deal with them, I’ll just have to leave it up to them and see what happens, surely the law should do something about these scammers as they can’t be allowed to continue robbing people who put their trust in them to send socks to ease their pain. They should be hung, drawn, and quartered. All the best and good luck.

      • Judy

        Mr. Curragh,
        I, too, was scammed a few months back. They would not even talk to me. So…I put a dispute against their charges online at my credit card bank’s site. My CC Company resolved it – refunded my money – and I donated the socks to Salvation Army in case some one with small feet could wear them. I had purchased 3 pairs so 2 of the pkgs were not even opened! Had they offered to accept them as a full return, I would have mailed them back to them. They didn’t, so I didn’t!

        Try getting a dispute opened with your CC Company! All the best to you!

        • Norman Curragh

          Hello Judy, I got my cc company and they assured me I got a full refund ( haven’t seen my bank statement yet) so we will see but what I won’t get back is the customs charge I had to pay as I had to go to my local post office to collect the useless socks and had to pay about £12.60 which means I am still out of pocket, these scammers should be delt with by the law,( very harshly) All the best Judy, Cheers Norman.

          • Judy Lacombe

            So glad to hear you received at least the refund from the scamming company. I don’t know how they can remain in business. I may check here and see if I can report them to the Better Business Bureau which rates businesses in their locality. If I can find their City and State, I will put in a complaint and also see if others have complained to the BBB.

            I am sorry you lost money on the deal. However, be of good cheer because you WON against the company itself!! Maybe others will see our comments and not order from them. It is a shame that they do not have a comment section on their own page but I guess maybe they wouldn’t want people to complain there!

            This made my day as I am sitting home alone today (retired) because the kids are out of school for Columbus Day and my daughter took my 11 years old granddaughter to a Corn Maze in Spring Hill, Florida. Do they have such things where you live? The kids love it!!

            Have a great day!

          • Norman Curragh

            Hello Judy, thank you for your reply, I guess I have won against these scammers as you say but the bank told me they (the scammers) have 45 days to dispute the action taken by the bank so we’ll just have to wait and see. I am also retired and have 5 grandchildren ranging from age 5 to 21 and in answer to your question we all live in a seaside town about 20 miles from Belfast and there is not very much for the kids to do in winter anyway All the best and we’ll try not to fall for any more scams,Ha HA HA, Cheers, Norman.

  9. mrs c trainor

    Just took delivery of these so called healing socks & before i comment any further i must tell you they are a complete scam It`s disgusting that they are allowed to rob peoplethis way. I am a size 7 & could not even get them on my hand never mind my feet I paid £32-40 for this rubbish that will cost me money to send back to America so my only option is the bin Surely something coud be done about these robbers. Never again will i be conned like this i`ll make sure that i read reviews before ordering anything again DISGUSTING

    • Norman Curragh

      Hello, could you send me the email address of your NC Attorney general or even an address of any government legal people who could take on these scammers, as I am from Northern Ireland I wouldn’t have a clue how to get in touch with with such people, if you could get me there names and addresses it would be very much appreciated, by the way my name is Norman and my email address is ncurragh@yahoo.co.uk,All the best for now Cheers.

  10. Norman Curragh

    I also am in a dispute with socksoothers, I also got a card left by the postman telling me that I had to pick them up at the post office where I had to pay £12.64 so with the cost of the socks the total amount paid is £60.44, I emailed them and they offered me 65% plug half of the custom charge so I accepted and then they told me I would get £28.17 which I refused,oh yes nearly forgot I take a size
    10 shoe and no way were they going to fit, my wife is size 7 no way, only fit for a very small toddler.The dispute is on going so could anyone advise how to take these scammers on, Norman, Northern Ireland.PS is their something like an official office of fair trading in the state where these gangsters operate from if so please get me the address.Thank you.

    • Kathy Frustration

      Company is a joke and is truly a SCAM. I never completed my order and got out as soon as I started to read it was a scam. They charged my credit card, sent me the socks anyway. On a plain white piece of paper was a typed notice to send them back but I had to pay the shipment. The customer service representative (I assume was working from home) had chicken noises or bird noises in the background and would not let me speak to a supervisor or give me a name of a supervisor. The socks did not fit over my toes (one size fits all) and the claims on the socks could never be true “Prevent Planter Facititis” This is nothing a sock can do

      • Anonymous

        As you know the same thing happened to me so I just let my credit card company deal with them so after a while I got all my mon

  11. Robert McMahon

    Got my order of 3 pair. ONE SIZE FITS ALL is advertised. Not true. Size 11 wide foot here and no way could I even get them on. My opinion is this is misrepresentation. Asked for full refund immediately. Keeping socks (2 packages unopened) for evidence.

  12. D. West

    If only I had done my research first. I order my sock and free gift. I received everything approximately 4-5 days after placing the order. I tried the socks on and was concerned that they did not fit. Because it was late in the evening, I decided to try again in the morning. Well, the results were the same. The sock does not fit. Unfortunately, I should have know better since I generally do not purchase anything that reads “one size fits all”. So, today I will be returning the items to Dr. Socks Soothers. Will provide an update when I receive a refund.

    • Peggy Svoboda

      I returned my order in May and never heard anything about a refund… ripoff, don’t order these!! Good luck getting money back!

  13. Ed


    • Sue Pass

      Wish I had read these comments befor I ordered.
      I’m still waiting for mine to arrive,have emailed the company but no answer.
      I live in Australia so hard to do anything about them.

    • Norman Curragh

      You are one hundred percent correct there has to be a law against what these rip off merchants are doing to people, they would never get away with it in Northern Ireland, Good Luck, Norman.

  14. Janice Eldred

    Too small . No way one size fits all.


  15. Natalie Rosenthal

    I got an email address with my shipment of too small socks support@helpwithmyorder.com, or phone 18444709681 7am-5pm Mountain standard time. Return to helpwithmyorder, 10450 N Airport Rd, Hayden ID 83835. Shipping costs are nonrefundable. Iordered them from socksoothers.com, but there website has no information on returns or customer service other than a 30 day money back guarantee, minus shipping and handling, with no information on what those charges are.

  16. Kristi

    I should have read all these reviews before ordering. The socks are definitely not “one size fits all” – my husband could not get the sock on his size 11 foot!!!
    Still no refund for the socks I sent back. I will keep trying.

  17. ted

    A rip off. I have size 10 [US ] feet and they do not fit with any stretch of my arm muscles!

    They DO NOT fir all sizes – how can they?

  18. sue

    just so everyone knows compression socks are extremely hard to get on. they are suppose to be that way.

    • Judy

      I have been wearing Compression hose for about 6 or 7 years. My doctor gave me a script for the amount of compression I needed. I am used to putting them on by turning inside out.
      My legs have healed greatly from the compression hose prescribed. I bought them from a medical store and the measured my calf and ankle for circumference and they also measured the length of my calf.

      Recently I got Plantar Fasciitis in my heals . The heel area of medical compression hose is not compressed but fits like a regular stocking wool with no tightness (compression.) I looked online for an answer and found these “Dr. Sock Soothers.” I had issues ordering them. They were offered as buy 2 get one free for $39.95 but when I chose that option, it asked how many additional pairs I want to buy. I didn’t want to buy any additional pairs but the page would not let me proceed without putting in an additional number. I exited out of the page and thought that was the end of that. I ordered a different brand – with specific sizing – on Amazon.

      Low and behold I get an email thanking me for my order from Dr. Sock Soothers. I replied immediately and received an immediate answer from Grace in The support group saying she would refund my money and cancel the order. I thanked her very much for her help!

      Unfortunately, 2 days or so later I get an email from another person saying the Order had shipped!
      I wrote back forwarding Grace’s email but every email they wrote in return after that ignored my email about the charges that were to be cancelled. I finally raised a concern with the credit card company to resolved it.

      They then offered to refund the cost of 2 of the 3 pairs once they had arrived and I said I was writing “Return to Sender” on the package. This final price was about $14,00 with shipping etc. so I said okay. BIG MISTAKE! they did refund the remaining amount but these AOC is are so small that my ankles hurt! I don’t have large feet (size 8 women’s shoe.). I had to take them off immediately!

      I don’t know how they expect these to fit guys with big feet!
      Don’t buy these unless you have VERY tiny feet! And I looked at the package after removing them from my feet and they say ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

      I am replying to you Sue, so you know these are NOT compression hose nor do they consider size in the formula! I am going to put this same info on their website as a review as well!

      • mel

        i noticed a teenytiny print underneath stating ‘ not interested ‘ in whatever extra or additional item BUT if ur not careful& u don’t pinch open the page to enlarge it, you’ll endup inadvertently selecting that additional item. ALSO you cannot change your mind& backspace out to the beginning. You’re essentially stuck!! Sneaky& poor online etiquette for a company!! Because of their sneakiness manifested in poor navigation I give them one star. By the way not received item yet. Just basing this on their online behavior.

    • JANET

      There’s hard – there’s also impossible- there’s all kinds of scammers- especially when people are looking for pain relief- top of the list big pharma- then you get the tear jerking well knowned big names that peddle every kind of snake oil remedy possible! Thank all of you for your most helpful reviews- comments- I was on cusp of ordering them myself!

  19. Mariann Higginbotham

    I am embarrassed to have fallen for this scam. Please save yourself the trouble, and do not order.

  20. Mohan Nair

    I think the web site that hosts the product should also be made liable.

    • Norman Curragh

      I couldn’t agree more,these scammers are getting away with murder and nobody is doing anything about it, no matter what you do they always make money and the buyer’s are always out of pocket the should be stopped and all the money they have made should be returned to all the people who were scammed by these gangsters. I am at this time in dispute with socksoothers, but I got so stressed I have handed it over to my bank’s disputes team so we’ll see what they can do. All the best to anyone in dispute with socksoothers.

  21. Stephanie R. Canada

    I tried to post a question on their website where the reviews are but it wouldn’t let me — the reviews are fake.

  22. Jo

    I almost got ripped off, very important to chek 4 reviews b4 buying

  23. Anthea Tate

    I will contact our NC Attorney General. It will not help me but someone else maybe spared the scam. I will not buy any more products on line.

    • Judy

      You can trust Amazon. I have never been ripped off by them…as long as the order is sold OR fulfilled by Amazon!

  24. Susan Harris

    I bought 3 pair of socks (buy 2 get 1 free). I got the socks fairly quickly. I was amazed at how tight they were! There was no packing slip with directions how to return for refund. I called the 800 number I happened to find on my bank credit card bill. Message was “wait time will be 12 min”. Thanks to my landline, I held on for 20 min – finally message said, sorry no one available at this time please call back. HA HA I, too, wish I had read the comments earlier! First time for everything. At least I did get socks. I hope my credit card info isn’t used for anything else!!

    • Judy

      It may be too late but I put in a dispute on this item with my credit card company and it was successful. I was not charged at all in the end. I did it the same day I started to order on their website. Because they were pushing me to order more (no other option except to add on more pairs) so I exited by clicking the X on the webpage. Later that evening I got an email “Thank you for your order”. I wrote back and told them I cancelled out and the gal named Gracie in Support Dept. said it was cancelled and my refund would go thru in 24-48 hours. However they shipped them. My CC company approved a dispute I put against them that same evening.

      Next Time dispute the charge once it’s pending on your CC online.

  25. Wendy Bradford

    I ordered these socks 1st January. I was not at home when postman came and left a note o say there was a parcel to be picked at post office and £8.40 to pay import duty. They took payment for socks co in sterling so I was not aware the company was in America.GB would have sent the parcel back to an American holding depot. They say they have not had them back and refuse to refund the £39.35 they have taken off my credit card.

  26. David Mare

    The sox simply will not fit and the supposed elasticity does not exist. After paying $40 for 3 pairs I asked for a refund and was told that most customers prefer a partial credit (45%) rather than paying for returning and repackaging. I foolishly agreed but have not received any refund whatever. A complete ripoff.

  27. Judy Montanez

    I wish I read these reviews before purchasing. I agree with everyone, Dr. Socks Soothers is a rip off! too small too tight won’t stretch to put on, TOO SMALL FOR ANY FEET. I am writing to the Attorney General via email – this is fraud. ag.ny.gov/consumer-frauds/Filing-a-Consumer-Complaint
    everyone should do the same



    • Michael Pidgeon

      I had the same experience. They simply won’t go on my feet. I feel cheated.

  29. Frances

    I am refusing to take delivery of my socks as there is a UK Customs Charge of £12.59 to pay, which, on top of the already high price of the socks and the shipping, makes them unaffordable for me. I shall await my refund with bated breath.


    DO NOT BUY THESE! My wife wheres a size 6 1/2 and could barely get them on. As with others, I wish I had seen this before hand so as to steer clear of this bogus company’s product.

  31. Michael S Latini

    I ordered the buy two get one free offer of $39.95 plus shipping for a total of $46.40. I did not receive the socks and could not get any satisfaction from the company as to any remedy to my situation. I just got the runaround between the company and the USPS. The company would not send me anything saying that the order was sent out priority mail and the USPS would not file a claim without such notification. I have made multiple phone calls to the company and many trips to the post office. When I called the number to get support I was put on hold for over 18 minutes at least 4 times.

    • Lisa Fr

      Do you have a phone number to call? All numbers I am finding are out of service and am investigating where a refund is. Product was delivered back to the ID address on March 6, 2019. They asked for 5 – 10 days for processing, still no refund and I would like to call them.

    • Judy

      I recommend you dispute it with your credit card company. They sent an email offering to refund 65%. See email they sent me below – but I had to be very firm with them! If they can do this, you know their product isn’t worth the money!

      Angelie (DrSock)
      May 9, 7:32 PM PDT


      Thanks for your email. I hope you are well.

      We do apologize for this. How about we offer you 65% refund and you can keep the order?

      Kind regards,

      DrSock Support

  32. Orsola M Charette

    Do not buy these unless you wear a ladies size 7; I am a 5 1/2 and get little compression & they are too small for man size 11 and not very stretchable.
    For a return they wanted me to send shipping money to them ! When I Questioned that, I was offered an alternative to keep the socks ?? /Why would I…and they will send me 65%! of my money…and don’t hold my breath–right?

  33. Vanessa P.

    COMPLETE RIPOFF!! I could not get my foot into the socks. Buyer beware. I am sorry I did not read this blog before purchasing.

  34. James Tilley

    An absolute rip off . I cannot even get my hand into the sock. I’ll try to get a refund, but that seems unlikely unless my credit card refuses to pay when I ask them.


    Good luck getting your money back! Can`t get ahold of anyone…

  36. M Patel

    I ordered three pairs but it’s too small to go thru my feet . One size doesn’t fit to everyone. I hope they give my money back refunds.

  37. Nonee

    The green and black socks with the strap are NOT their product, even though it is used in their ad. I think that says it all, don’t you?


    I am calling BBB on Mon. and and any other place I can think of. I am an old lady on ss and this is a big scam. Made for chinese children and very cheap. No way American woman could get on unless size 5 shoe!!! Shame on them!!

  39. Maureen Painter

    Just received my Dr Socks Soother socks 4 pairs also as above, none fit, having trouble contacting the Dr Socks so called address and their money back statement. Not happy , advise people do not buy these they are so small!!!


    I just got my 3 pair and trying to get one on, it unraveled and they are so small I could not get my foot in it! It is a total rip off and I called the cust. svc. number and they said 2 minute wait and after awhile, they said no one could answer call and to call back later!!

  41. Dennis P, Byrne

    Worst deal I ever made company and product rip off

  42. Dennis P, Byrne

    Rip off website? customer support

  43. Dennis P, Byrne

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Ref to Dr.Socks Soothers FTC notified email address no good 4 pairs none fit despite two adults and needle nose pliers false advertising”one size fits all” hope Lois Rd address legit

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