Review – Is it a SCAM?

In a world that’s focused on appearances, dressing to impress is a given. We all try to dress sharply and follow up on trends, but enjoy trying out new styles as well. That this comes with a price, speaks for itself, and that we all try to find ways to save money on our purchases is only logical. If you’re a fashionable but economical person, chances are you’ve crossed paths with sites like, offering trendy clothes at very low prices, worldwide shipping and perpetual discounts, seemingly offering trustworthy customer support. Only, once ordered, it turns out that they don’t live up to any of the expectations. We did a little research on Berrylook, and this is what we discovered.

A quick view at customer testimonials reveals that there’s a few ways in which Berrylook is indeed consistent. Shipping time, for starters, takes a lot longer than indicated, with quite a few shoppers waiting for over a month to receive their orders. Secondly, items received often don’t quite match the pictures and descriptions that come with the articles, or are simply delivered in the wrong colour. One customer repeatedly got sent the wrong dress. When items are delivered as expected, they often lack in quality. Multiple Berrylook customers received clothes they ‘wouldn’t even wear to a Halloween party’, adding that the clothes looked nothing like what the picture suggested. Many didn’t receive everything they ordered and had paid for or were shipped the wrong items. Another frequently reported complaint was receiving clothes in sizes customers saw fit only for children, even when they had kept the differences in sizing in mind (Berrylook is based in Hong Kong) and had ordered clothes larger than normally necessary.

All of this wouldn’t be unforgivable if it wasn’t for the customer service that follows up these ‘mistakes’, with many a shopper giving up before ever receiving a refund – if that was going to happen in the first place. Ignored emails, rude replies to emails informing customers that they’ll have to pay the return shipments themselves as these are quite costly, and an overall very obscure return policy make this one of those stores you just can’t get any post-purchase assistance from.

There is reason to believe that Berrylook does try to make themselves look better by occasionally posting a very positive comment to the comment section on websites like trustpilot. A few dramatically optimistic five star reviews can be found throughout the section, standing out hugely among the sea of one star ratings.

So what is going on here? We tore ourselves away from the list of horror-stories that was the customer review section and went on to investigate.

A reverse search of the pictures used on the website reveal that almost anything that can be found on Berrylook, can also be found on Aliexpress and a ton of other websites that are probably doing the same thing Berrylook does. They most likely order from Aliexpress and ship directly to their customers, who in turn receive poorly made clothing that often doesn’t even match the pictures that accompanied their intended purchases.

So how do they get away with this? Why do people keep falling for this kind of deceit? It’s all in the pricing. Sites like Berrylook most of the time work with timed discounts, making customers feel pressured to order quickly – otherwise, the item they’re after might be sold out before they ever get to buy it, or the discount ends and they have to pay the full price (often up to twice as much as the discount price shows). On top of the price deductions you find all over the page (and at all times, mind you) they offer additional discounts on first orders as well as for regular customers. Extra Berrylook discount-codes can be found on the internet. This is making shoppers think they’re saving even more money while in fact they’re overpaying for something they could find much cheaper on Aliexpress. In reality, the abundance of seemingly random discounts is just the bait.

On top of that, quite some effort is put into maintaining a positive image, and those efforts include more than the fake customer testimonials mentioned above. The sites offering coupon-codes for Berrylook use blog platforms, both commercial and non-commercial, like “Medium” and “ShareASale” to share reviews praising Berrylook for its trustworthiness and efficiency, even owning up to what they make out to be nothing more than little deficiencies humans are prone to. The blogs go on to praise Berrylook for its low prices and wide range of clothes available.

So is Berrylook a scam? Yes, it (most definitely) sort of is. You don’t pay to receive nothing, that’s true. You might even receive the same number of items you asked for (whether or not they are the items you actually ordered), but they’re not likely to be of any use. Unless you have a very small friend or family member that enjoys wearing table cloth-like clothing. The plastic kind.

Still want to buy something they sell? Do yourself a favour and order it straight from Aliexpress – just search the image Berrylook uses to commend the item you want in google, and pay the price it’s actually worth (or probably still a bit more than that).

Want to rid the world off of this sort of scamming? Order with actual brands that are concerned with what they deliver and pay a bit more – you’re more likely to get decent customer service, and saves you some closet space.

Have you been scammed? File a complaint with us today!


  1. Walid Al-Tiay

    Don’t try to buy from this company
    Don’t try to buy from this company, i bought two dresses for my wife, the two items received with large stains and bad smells, nothing looks like photos, they are a second factory items that can’t be sale anywhere. Definitely will apply for the dispute process with PayPal and happy to send back the items to sender, so be careful and don’t deal with this company.

  2. Krystyna

    Berrylook are ordinary thieves and scammers. Never order anything. And they write on Facebook with respect for the customer is their priority. Brazen pigs.

    • Geraldine

      Do not order from this company.Sizes are wrong.Do not fit the size that is marked.They ship from China.Quality of clothing is real junk.It takes a month to Recieve items.A real pain to return items and get a refund.I just gave the clothing away for free.Will never deal with this company again.Please do not order from them. Fabrics are really cheap.

  3. Yvette W

    I got caught as well, purchased 2 orders of over 300 and close to $200 because the clothes looked so great. i got the large order and nothing fits, although i used the size chart and sized up 2x in some instances. the sizes are for little children. it is a big scam. i have all these clothes and another set on the way and cant communicate with the Berrylook company. i will call PayPal and see if there is anything that can be done. The material is so thin and inferior, you can hold a balled up sweater in the palm of your hand. its nothing like what you see online.

    • Margaret Shirley-Myers

      Good luck with PayPal. You talk to a computer. Also, Berrylook merchandise is very poor quality and nothing fits plus no communication from them at all. I never received my shoes in my shipment. Stay away! I gave my shipment to a 10 year old girl because a 2X did not fit a grown woman body of 170 lbs.

    • Geraldine

      You are so right.Very poor quality clothing junk.Nothing fits.Do not order from them.

    • chelsea donatella

      The same thing happened to me with berrylook. You have file a dispute with your credit card company. Papal is in it with them to scam you!

      CAVEAT (Buyer beware)!
      CAVEAT (Buyer beware)!
      CAVEAT (Buyer beware)!
      You will be scammed! They are in it together!
      Poor customer service. False advertising. Paypal is enabling companies to scam consumers who use them as a payment method. I just spoke to a rep who identified himself as a manager Jay Reyes in the Philippines. He refused to investigate the company stating that because I am disputing the charges with my bank paypal will not investigate. He also stated that since I filed a dispute with my credit card company paypal’s buyer protection is not valid.
      This company allows their employees to identify themselves as managers and supervisors when they clearly are not (as evident by their poor customer relation skills.
      I am being scammed by paypal and Berrylook who is listed on the paypal receipt as Orderplus International Limited and or Xi’an Orderplus Network Technology Co., Ltd. . A class action lawsuit should be initiated to prevent this from continuing. This is consumer fraud.
      TURE RATING= 0 stars

  4. P. Austen

    Two months after I ordered one blouse, it came in a wet mailing bag. I opened to find the blouse wadded into a small ball in a ziplock bag full of water. One month after I ordered the blouse, I had made a complaint because they hadn’t even mailed it yet. I guess this was their answer to my complaint.

  5. Jane

    It’s CUSTOMER, not COSTUMER. Very unprofessional to post reviews so poorly written and with multiple spelling errors.

    • Admin

      Thanks for the correction. Would you like to write for us?

    • Hanh

      I have feeling same as you. So surprised when receiving their dress, how they can send terrible dress to their customers. Never buy anything from this web

  6. Vivian

    This is a SCAM! Don’t buy anything from Berrylook!!!
    The products are nothing close to the pictures they show you, and they will not respond your complains properly – you have to pay your own shipping if you want to return.
    They don’t take any responsibility for their mistakes – sent smaller size and try to convince me to give as a gift. The quality of the item can hardly be a gift, unfortunately.

    • Sonia

      The products where very low quality materials made. Description did not match reality. Instead natural cotton made they send polistyren/ plastic made clothes which you cant wear in any season. The finish of the clothes is very low quality also. I think children are doing them. I returned some products with bad quality and they did not pick up back delivery for few months from April 2019 till August 2019. The company have got serious problem with recognising bad code of work practice. Prices are not relevant to quality. Generally they are cheating clients and no respect for clients. I do not recomend this company to buy any products.

      • Ava Olsen

        They should be sued. I only received the part of my order and they are not wearable. It is preposterous to let them get away from cheating and thieving…

  7. LeeAnn vanhoose

    Honestly all I have read here are over privileged westerner’s who probably pay 6 dollars for a cup of coffee, but the thought of getting something for free put their GREED into overdrive and fall victim to a scam that the saying “if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is” . Then of course not wanting to accept responsibility and blaming Google and Facebook for their own stupidity. You probably did more research looking for a non-bruised apple then giving this company your 50 dollars over a few cents for the apple to the Walmarts of this worl

    • Michele

      Can someone please tell me, why on earth is BERRYLOOK STILL DOING BUSINESS?!?! Can’t we do SOMETHING about shutting them down?!?! I’ve been a victim of there on line BS & SCAM & I’ve seen multiple multiple comments about them!! PLEASE if there’s a way to do it, can someone let me know & I’ll be more than happy to start it going!! Michele

      • Judy

        The best way is to solicit PayPal to stop servicing them.
        Had PayPal not been an option, I wouldn’t be sitting here with 70.00 worth of useless dresses that will be donated to Goodwill…if they’ll have them.

        • maya ranselaar

          I used them and PayPal also dose PayPal reimburse you?? how do I do that?

      • Hanh

        I have feeling same as you. So surprised when receiving their dress, how they can send terrible dress to their customers. Never buy anything from this web

      • Sonia

        I think this same . That company should be shut down as there is no any respect for foreign customers. They think that chineese people are more clever than other nationalities. they are simply practicing stealing money from honest people. the company is not worth to talk with and shoul not exist any more on a market.

    • Toni

      No, what we’re looking for is to get what we’re paying for, what’s advertised instead of ordering what you think is a women’s medium but once you receive it, it fits a toddler. No thanks…shop somewhere else

    • Kflash

      WOW…….. Judge much? And what’s wrong with Walmart? You’re the one who sounds over-privileged.

    • CM

      Your comment contributes nothing to this conversation. Assuming people who commented are “over privileged westerners” & pay $6 for a cup of coffee is just your unbalanced opinion, an assumption. I haven’t ordered from this company or any like it because I visit review sites and read up on it before hand & rely on reviews like from people here. I don’t order from any company who does not show to be credible. Without knowing anyone personally here, the only 3 things I can assume about those who have been ripped off is that they might not have read reviews first and trusted that a credible company like PayPal would not continue to do business with so called companies who continue to scam their customers & that no one really cares what LeeAnn has to say. You judge them for greed and not the thieves and scammers greed. That tells people a lot more about you. I’m sure after this experience most everyone will now do their homework & I certainly appreciate those who took the time to warn others not to purchase from this company. I also hope you continue to fight for your money back, post to multiple sites & demand PayPal to rescind any relationships with con artists like this. I wish you the best of luck with that as well!

    • Katie Beecher

      You are an idiot. Who are you to judge any of these people? No one making these complaints against a company who is scamming people is trying to not take responsibility. It is the company’s fault.

    • C. Donatella

      Nothing is wrong with being privileged! Does privilege give thieves the right to scam someone? Do you work at berrylook? Did you buy anything for others during Christmas? Do you know what it means to shop for a bargain? Do you volunteer your time and services at free clinics on top of a 50 to 60 hour work week? I spend my Saturdays giving back to my community no matter how many hours I spend during the week at the hospital or clinic (surgery)! At times I travel almost two hours to help people in need, for free. So because I work hard and make a living should I be scammed because I think I am getting a bargain? Do you endorse false advertisement?
      BTW (since you ASSume and care what is being spent for coffee) I spend $5.62 for my frappe daily and usually buy everyone in my office their favorite morning drink on a daily basis ( will continue to do so no matter what they charge me as long as I get what I pay for!) At times I buy my frappe three times in one day ( can you imagine that?!?) I also shop at Walmart as well as Neiman Marcus, Dillards, Macy’s or where ever with the expectation of spending my money and receiving the goods I pay for! Don’t you?

      It is an honor and also a privilege for me to give back to my community by helping the underserved who suffer great disparities, even after a long workweek; therefore, I do not have the time most days to actually go to a mall. These companies prey on people who do not have enough time on their hands, as you seem to. Are you one of those people?

      Don’t support those crooks and bash people who have been taken advantage of.

  8. Laurana

    PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM BERRYLOOK that are DEFINITELY a SCAM!!! Been waiting for my order for weeks and still have not receive it!!! This company is making a fool out of customers around the world

    • Margaret Shirley-Myers

      I just did! What can I do about it.

      • Margaret Shirley-Myers

        Thank you for responding so quickly! I did try contacting Berrylook. But I never was sent a code to cancel my order. I did use payday account but they system is down until Monday. I am hoping I am notified by the vendor.


        • Geri

          I’ve been to hell and back with Teacalgary, if ever there was a scam company this one fits the bill. Because I authorized the order it was out of their hands, yet, I CANCELLED within the time alloted and the return policy guarantees monies back…hello! I was offered a $5.00 coupon and to give the shoes to family or friends “they like our product very much” . The upshot of my story, I had my bank stop the money and I’m a much wiser shopper! Never again!!

      • Michele

        Adding to this…I called my bank and filed a claim then went on and posted what happened to me and I received a comment from Berrylook apologizing. Then I received my funds back! Thank God! Then never will I order from anyone on-line again especially if it’s a no name company that I’ve never heard of. You just CAN’T TRUST on line shopping anymore as this is sad and unfortunate as this is our world that we live in today!!!! 🙁

        • Ava

          How did you make them refund you? I emailed them twice since yesterday(Sep 3, 19) and heard nothing back…

    • Yvette Williams

      Laurana, your order when or if it arrives will not make you feel any better. call now and cancel it or you will receive clothes that fit in a small plastic bag the lowest quality and can only fit small children. i’m in the process of trying to return the whole package and there is no credible address to return to. It is a scam.

    • chelsea donatella

      We need to start a class action lawsuit…
      We need to start a class action lawsuit against paypal. They are the enabler of scammers! if we can not get to the oversea scammers we can get to paypal. They enable illegal activities and bait and swap merchants; lets get together and sue them for our money then have them shut down. Do not use second payor source sites. Its better to use your credit card and deal with your credit card company.

      Paypal employees do not treat people with respect. The people they have working there have Zer0 customer service skills. They obviously do not need any type of intelligence to work there. That is why the service is so poor and people are being scammed. They hire people who lack integrity to help scam others. They are thieves!

  9. Karen Odum

    I ordered some items in May, they took the money out of my account immediately. Then said due to processing it would take longer to get them. I’m waiting to see if I receive them, read the reviews (after) so I doubt that I will. Will see what happens but I agree that Google should not allow sites like this to advertise on here. They have to know about them.

    • Geri

      I’ve been to hell and back with Teacalgary, if ever there was a scam company this one fits the bill. Because I authorized the order it was out of their hands, yet, I CANCELLED within the time alloted and the return policy guarantees monies back…hello! I was offered a $5.00 coupon and to give the shoes to family or friends “they like our product very much” . The upshot of my story, I had my bank stop the money and I’m a much wiser shopper! Never again!!

  10. LaTanya edwards

    Horrible! The shows I purchased a garbage can’t even wear! Will never… I repeat never order from them again!!!!!

  11. Lidy C

    I bought few items at this company but the making and the quality of the fabric is so bad.
    They look like rugs. Honestly you can buy better quality and pay less money at Wal Mart.
    I try to contact but the messages can not be delivered. Berrylook is a total rip off. Stay away and do not buy anything form this company. I have being a victim of scam.

  12. Sardar K

    BerrylooK is a Scam! There is no option to cancel your order plus they are stealing your personal information.
    10 minutes after my order I received the confirmation email about my order and I noticed that something must be wrong so I called my credit card company and file a claim.

  13. JoDee Lucier

    SCAM….Berrybrook has no customer service! I’ve been trying to return the trashy merchandise but there is no return address.
    I’m going to have my bank charge them back!

    • Michele

      I have experienced the same as the comments on here about BerryLook!! Sadly, the photos of their merchandise is beautiful and it lures you in! I noticed early on something wasn’t right when read reviews about them and low and behold I stumbled on their customer service email so I emailed them saying to cancel out my order and if they didn’t do it within 3 days, I was calling my bank and putting in a claim. I ended up calling the bank the next day anyway and started a claim. The result: they did refund back my money within the 3 days! DON’T ORDER FROM THEM…PERIOD!!

      • Kay

        I just experience the same thing. They are a RIP off. I will not buy from them again. There disgusting

    • Stephanie

      My package was delivered from CA. I googled the address. It was a used car lot.

  14. Patricia mcGee

    Ordered one dress -it was ok ordered two more looked like it would fit a cow with pig s feet. Have been trying to return to get credit. Credit card has given credit but company says they will not give back because merchdise has not been returned. Need help mater of money

  15. Geri M

    DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON Berrylook. This is absolutely a scam. Everything I’ve read here is part of my experience and describes exactly what has happened to me. It took about 4 weeks to get my order, I was never able to make contact with anyone. I created my “user account” but never had an option to enter a password. Then when I went back to get into it I couldn’t. It kept error messaging out and there is no way to contact them on their website about the problem. They literally have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I didn’t even open my packages I refused them and I don’t know if I will get anything back. I only wish I would have looked up these reviews before I became another victim. I will be more careful if I ever buy anything online again. We expect all companies to be run as good as Amazon, but all online companies are not the same. Another company to avoid is I think it may be the same company. I learned my lesson, never again.

  16. bee chia

    Bad bad fraudulent seller. Received my orders after 20 days. Poor Quality and workmanship. Nothing like the pictures. After writing a review and click submit, auto prompt that says do you want to cancel my comments and auto deleted my negative feedback. Scam pretending to ask you to write a review without intent to publish them.

  17. Carole E

    How can Berrylook keep on internet shopping? I too placed an order and have not received it. Unable to talk to anyone to request a refund. I work so hard for my money and this is so fraudelent as they do not care how much that funds are high and we are being ripped off. Reporting them to BBB

    • Michele

      I wrote a review on Trustpilot and I got a response back from Berrylook. In my review I said I was going to file a claim with my bank stating that I never received my merchandise. Berrylook apologized and said to be patient and wait. I called my bank and put a claim in. I received a refund back from Berrylook within a week. Try calling your bank and file a claim.

  18. Martha

    Never buy from them!!!!!! Poor quality, terrible customer service and the delivery takes for ever!!! was the worse think I have bought on line. The blouse looks beautiful on line but we you have it in your hands you regrets what you have paid.

    NEVER BUY FROM THIS PEOPLE and be careful because they sell those under different brands, even in amazon DON’T buy!!!

  19. Cassandra

    Don’t,buy from Berrylook. Items took months to arrive, when they did they were garbage. Not even that. Unwearable. Cheap knock-offs of the photos they show.
    They use delay tactics on returns too so you go past 30 days and then cant return the items. They want SKU’s of what ur returning, then photos of what you are returning, then ignore your email.
    I ended up having to raise a FRAUD case with my bank to get money back.

  20. Wendy Schack

    I was scammed and I TOOK ACTION!!! I called my credit card company and it credited me. I found the charge on my statement and the corresponding vendor and phone number. The credit card immediately credited me and opened up an investigation. Because I was a long time customer the credit card company took my side.

    • Chris

      Had you already received the items you ordered when you contacted the credit card company?

  21. Mohamed Abusalah

    Buyers beware, Berrylook is a SCAM, I ordered 5 items for my daughter none of the items matched what was on the website.
    The pictures on the website are totally different from what actually shipped to me. they shipped very poor quality, the size very small. I placed my order Jan 25th they arrived in 3 separate shipments the last piece arrived today (March 15, 2019).

  22. Amanda tafoya

    The worst company ever scam artists are ripoffs I ordered five blouses February 17 this your request to take my money and have not received one single thing you keep telling me a little be there he’ll be there but you know what I want my money to be back here they are thieves and people need to stop ordering from them they have no customer service we can get a hold of a person to talk to you it’s by email and then they hardly ever email you back with some lame excuse don’t shop here stay away from it ,BERRY LOOK ARE THIEVES!!!!

  23. Jenny Thomas

    Extremely poor quality material. They ship from some cheap place in China It’s nothing like the picture. I had to return both dresses i purchased. You also have to pay for the initial shipping and return shipping. Usually most website you pay for initial shipping that’s one time but with this website you have to pay twice, even for your return. Extremely dissatisfied & disappointed. Great customer service is not very helpful either. First and last purchase from berrylook. It’s not worth your money. If you look at their website you only see positive comments. No negative comments may be that should tell you something.

    • Yvette Williams

      Can you tell me where to ship my order back to? I ordered more than $300 worth of what I thought were great looking clothes, turned out to be cheap poorly made knockoffs of what was shown in the pictures. no way to contact them, the email didn’t work, tried over and over. I need to return them.

  24. Annemarie Clark

    Berry look same company Rosegirl they don’t care about any orders they just take your money and send goods that are only fit for using as dishcloths or floor cloths they keep changing their name when they cannot cope with the complaints or they have to refund money so if you use
    PayPal you will get money back but why bother if it sounds too good to be true bargain it generally isn’t do ur self a favour and get brand names

    Then you won’t be disappointed.

  25. eg

    I ordered merchandise 3 weeks ago it is now feb 26 2019-, not long after that they tried taking money out of my credit card account IT IS A SCAM i have not seen any merchandise and lost out on monies plus some

  26. Lia Foster

    I ordered some sandals from berrylook. They were coming apart at the seams so I contacted company. They told me to send them a picture. I asked what number via text. They never sent # but responded that I should just keep them and that they would offer me a third of the price as a refund or a third of the price in credit for another purchase. I argued with them back and forth that their website said they would refund the purchase. They ignored that and told me to send them back and they would look at them. I did send them back and they claimed to never have received them. Because I did not keep the tracking number they never contacted me back. They’ve been silent for the last 3 months. Do not buy They are dishonest foreign merchandisers who set up warehouses in big port cities in the United States, such as L. A.

  27. Debra S.

    I finally received my order. The quality is very poor!! After I placed my order I realized they are located in China… BIG MISTAKE. I want return the items with no luck. I totally agree… SCAM. I wish I would have google them first. 🙁

  28. LouAnne

    The clothing quality, pricing, delivery time and customer service at Berrylook are all AWFUL. I tried to get a refund for over 5 months with no avail. USPS return charges are over $50 to ship 5 items back to China. Save your money and your time, I wish I had!!
    Now I will proceed with PayPal and the BBB.

  29. Elaine Williams

    As always I check reviews FIRST before I order anything on line. And as usual Berrylook has beautiful looking pictures and really great style at rock bottom prices. Well of course they do – they are a scam. Thanks to all who reported. This is one more on line store I won’t be ordering from – ever! Precautionary checking will save you money and disappointment every time.

  30. Miz Katz

    It would help if Google and other websites that accept advertising from predatory companies like this (the subject company is one of many fraudulent Chinese apparel companies) would investigate the company before accepting the ad. I feel that by accepting the advertising without looking into the company’s quality, honesty and reliability, the websites are willfully and greedily aiding and abetting fraud.

  31. Rebecca S

    I was scammed for several orders by DHGATE GATE, same as BerryLook. Never received items and after continuous emails and calls to customer service, nothing, will never order from there again.

  32. Marilena

    I received junk
    I ordered two coats and one top based on the images on their site.
    The coats I received have nothing to do with what is on the site – cheap material, strange sizing and cut, it looks second hand. Nothing I can wear.
    I have received junk. Coats are not event good enough to wash the floors with.
    Do not waste your time and money; you think you pay cheap, but it’s actually expensive as it’s a total waste.

  33. Yvonne Flowers

    Berry look is a scam they took my money and I never received the jacket i purchased from them you cant get in touch with them ive tried to no avail my bank wants proof that i cant provide because the site is a scam

    • Wendy Schack

      Check your credit card statement for phone number and name of company corresponding to charge amount and date. Mine was “Cheap goods from China” or something to that effect!

  34. Deborah Miller

    Berrylook is a toy store your clothes and coats are small they have women’s in their clothes but there not what they seen until you get it. I tried to email them but couldn’t get in I brought a coat and it was for a kid and when you call your bank they are listed as a kid store never again will I order anything from them again now when ever I go on line they always pop up! Anyways they will get what’s coming to them.

  35. Marilyn H Davis

    I haven’t received my order……I am sick and tired of these scavengers taking advantage of people…. it’s been 3 months……I realize I my never see my order or my money…….

    • Kristi Lenz

      I didnt receive items ordered on June 29,2018. After I exchanged emails with Berrylook, I was promised that I will receive refund. This morning January 13 at 1AM I received email informing me that the REFUND has expired, and I was offered coupon for $42. I am not going to fall on another promise.

  36. Mona Lamberson


  37. Lynn Tracey

    Placed an order with berrylook on the 30th of November 2018 as of today’s date 6th of January 2019 I have not received my order or a full refund so yes I would say it’s a scam & the first & last time I pay to receive nothing,

  38. Joanna B

    I made an order in November of 2018 and was assured I would receive for an event Thanksgiving weekend. The items never arrived. In December, I inquired about the order and requested a refund. I was again assured, I would receive a refund in December , 2018. Today is January 4, 2019. I have not received a refund nor the items. I have begin the formal dispute of the purchase via paypal and am posting to every online venue to about the absolutely poor customer service and the outright “STEALING” of customer’s funds. They don’t deserve one star, they deserve to be closed down- out of business.

  39. Daniela Medina

    I agree. This company is a scam. I placed a big order and it was DREADFUL QUALITY. There is NO RETURNS ADDRESS on their officuial website and I have been emailing the team backwards and forwards aznd they will not send me an doubt biding time so the 30 day returns window expires. I eventually found an address online stating Jakarta Indonesia as the returns address. Can anyone verify? I will have to pay expensive shipping- people-is it worth paying for tracking (more cost)?? Im sure I will have a battle on my hands getting a refund, a full one! How can we report them?? There must be some kind of ombudsman or overseer company so they receive complaints from another authority?? Im so angry. I wish id known about paypal, then i wouldnt pay for the returns…

    • Teresa

      Could you clarify what you mean in reference to knowing about Paypal so you wouldn’t have to pay for returns?

      Thank you!

  40. Schrelle Lyons


  41. Cherry

    Totally agreed it’s a spam. since I can pay via PayPal that my credit card information would not be released. And the price and styles of clothes are so attractive.
    I finally ordered as a trial and even paid express delivery charges for delivery within 2-3 business days. Eventually goods were shipped out 2 weeks after my order, and yes 2-3 business days to destination country but not my home. I waited more than 6 weeks and didn’t see my order. so regret not doing research on reviews before placing order on

  42. Madeline V.O.

    My first instinct was “do not purchase from them”. Wish I had looked at the reviews prior to placing an order.

    Took an entire month to receive a partial order and when I finally did, the quality of the sweaters particularly one of them was so demeaning. The other was a Large and looked like a Small.

    I always look at the finishing touch and cleanliness of every garment, doesn’t matter where I purchased it or the price. I will never again purchase from BerryLook. It was hard earned money wasted, which in the end, came out more expenses then expected. These were for Christmas gifts of which I ended up buying other gifts, spending more money then budgeted.

    Lesson learned !

    I will not enter my order number because I do not wish for a reply. I have read several replies and these are automated, meaning they are all the same.
    Not interested and won’t change anything on your end nor mine.

    • Big Bird

      I ordered two pairs of boots before I read these reviews unfortunately. Size 11 I figured would fit my 10 foot. These are size 8 at Best I’m stuck with these shoes because there is no contact information for returns. Big scam

  43. Beryl Burbidge

    Tthis company seems to have got away with scamming many of us. Their review page is obviously written by themselves in very poor English. The dress I ordered was far too small and they asked me to accept a £9 voucher refund as it was so expensive for them them to incur further postage etc. the goods presumably are returned to Hong Kong. My dress was not expensive, but I have told them the offer of a voucher is not acceptable and have received nothing. A site like this does harm to all online companies.

  44. Dana Watkins

    Berrylook is a totally unscrupulous company that is all too willing to defraud its customers. Don’t fall for the pretty pictures!! Under the best possible circumstances, you will NOT get what you expect. The clothes are sized for little girls, and the quality is abominable. Furthermore, they charge even for items they never ship, and there is no way to get your money back. JUST SAY NO!

  45. Randi Wescott

    I too have tried to check on my order. They got their money my theres no place on the web that can find I ordered anything. This disappoints me, it was for the holidays.

    • Stephanie

      This company came to me on my Facebook. I was scammed. Long arrival of 2 items that were fitted for a child. Not an adult. Google and Facebook should be accountable for allowing a corrupt bunch of Asians to continue scamming Americans. And there is no way to talk with Berrylook. I’m out $50 After reading all the negative comments on the company not Going to waste time trying to get anything back.

      • Wendy Schack

        Don’t give up! Read my posts! I got my money back!!!

        • Elena

          Dear Wendy i want to take action too like you whats can i do . Can you tell pls step by step action🙏. Thanks agead Elena

          • Stephanie

            Wendy. Tell us what you did to get your money back. I couldn’t find your post. I called my credit card company. Got a number in Hong Kong that is always Busy. The return address on my package is a used car lot in Chino Ca. On Pipeline Avenue

  46. Gracie veney

    I ordered two coats from them one is to small nothing like I ordered haven’t received the other one tried to get in touch with them and it is impossible they give you the run around I even paid extra to ship faster this company is arip off

  47. Lily

    I purchased a couple of items from Berrylook. Firstly it took too long to arrive, after chasing them for weeks and when I finally received the items, THEY DO NOT RESEMBLE AT ALL the pictures on their website, The garments are very poor quality, smell horrible chemicals and really small sizes, even though I used the size chart and I ordered a size bigger.
    All written customer reviews on the website are fake. Do not get fooled by them.
    I have tried contacting them via email several times now trying to get a full refund but I have not heard anything from them yet.
    Luckily for me, I made payment through PayPal, and hopefully, they will investigate and refund my money back.

    DO NOT WASTE your time nor your money on this company. Also, share with your family and friends so they don’t get scammed.

    They should be banned from operating at all costs! This is a pure scam!

    Check out the link (below) for the thousands of customers who have the same issue with Berrylook

  48. Terese Bonomi Russell

    Berry Look is not a legitimate business and I can’t understand why some entity hasn’t shut them down. One star is not bad enough, we should be able to select negative stars. I ordered two dresses, yes I took the bait about a week before Thanksgiving, paid $12 in shipping to have it delivered in 5-7 days. I immediately received a text from my bank that it detected a fraudulent transaction so I immediately responded and said to stop payment. I then found all these reviews, how could I have fallen for this scam! It’s December 17, a month later and although I did receive a shipment notification about 12 days ago, still no delivery. I’d also like to note that after the purchase I did not receive any email confirmation so had no recourse to contact them. Here’s another weird thing, I called my bank the next day and they said that there was a charge from China under another name that was what flagged their system as fraudulent and what I responded to, so my bank cut that charge off. HOWEVER, once that charge was held up, another charge, same exact amount came in under “berry look” and of course that one flew under the radar. So it’s as if they try to be deceitful by using another name then if that doesn’t work, they will charge under the site’s name. SO sleazy. Beware everyone this is not legitimate. I still have nothing to show for my money. I’m posting this everywhere I can to warn users.

  49. Jennifer K

    Berrylook is a scam! Took over 6 weeks to get my blouse. I ordered a size up and it’s still way too small. Now I can’t get a hold of this company. Left messages but I have not received a responses people beware! Don’t make the same mistake I did!

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