Cash Code Secret Review – Scam Exposed!

Cash Code Secret is a misleading scam venture based upon a simple concept.

This simple concept being that everyday people can generate thousands of dollars in revenue by simply flipping pictures online to buyers.

Relying upon paid actors, unrealistic income assertions and misleading marketing tactics, Cash Code Secret is the textbook example of a get-rich-quick scheme.

To learn more we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review. Review

Click N’ Flip is the concept behind Cash Code Secret, and this isn’t the first time this concept has made an appearance within the making money online from home niche.

Launched nearly a calendar month after the URL creation of, is another click n’ flip clone of the Cash Code Secret.

Reflecting nearly identical site templates, we suspect there to be a couple more clone sites identical to both Cash Code Secret and N-Drousto.

Who is Behind Cash Code Secret?

Cash Code Secret does not disclose any ownership information on their site.

A peek into their Privacy Policy was equally as disappointing, no reference to any ownership information what-so-ever.

The same could be said when checking out their clone site,

According to WHOIS reports, both domains were registered with a privacy package so we have no leads in regards to whom is creating these scam sites.

How Cash Code Secret Works

Let us make this quite clear, there is not an effective and successful business model built upon the principle of clicking and flipping pictures.

While the concept sounds great in reality, that is the whole point behind the concept.

You see, scam marketers prey upon the inexperienced and novice by launching endless “online money earning” campaigns built upon the principle of quickly amassing income through minimum user effort.

Regrettably, Cash Code Secret is no different.

You are lured in through ill-founded income assertions about the fortunes you can amass through only a couple hours per day on your end by using their system.

You’ll visit the site where you’ll encounter a rather dull promotional video about the profits you can generate from using their system.

Long story short, you register underneath their pitch video where you’ll be directed to their payment page.

What was once allegedly $597 is now only $97 “for a limited time.”

However, here’s the kicker.

You don’t actually know what you’re buying, there is no information pertaining to the system in which you are about to purchase.

After purchasing the unknown system you’ll notice that the system has nothing to do with Cash Code Secret but instead is affiliated with My Ecom Club.

While the $97 is only the price to achieve access to the My Ecom Club, you’ll later find out that in order to actually use the system their recommending that it will cost upwards to ten of thousands of dollars when its all said and done.

The first up-sell starts at $1,997 alone and is built upon the principles of creating a profitable drop shipping business, nothing about clicking or flipping pictures!

Domain Insight was a privately acquired domain that was registered on July 24th, 2018.

On August 23rd, 2018, was privately registered through the same domain registrar as Cash Code Secret.

According to SimiliarWeb, Cash Code Secret has suffered nearly a 80% decrease in incoming visitor traffic from their proceeding month.

However, according to market intelligence reports, Cash Code Secret was already receiving more than 52% of their site traffic from referral based sources.

Which upon further analysis went on to reveal that most of the referral traffic derived from traffic exchange sites, which are oftentimes used by shady marketers in the attempt to make their site appear more reputable than it truly is.

Exposing the Scam


Cash Code Secret, and their clone entity N-Droustro, both operate with complete anonymity.

Failing to provide any ownership or contact information, there is no available means to establishing communication with the owners behind these sites.

So if you have had the unfortunate experience of being mislead by this scam operation, we find it unlikely you’ll be able to trace down and recoup your loss funds.

Fake Testimonials

In addition to not having any information pertaining to the system consumers are able to purchase on their order form page, Cash Code Secret takes their deception one step further by incorporate fictitious testimonials.

Relying upon stolen internet and purchase stocked images, Cash Code Secret’s alleged testimonials are all fake and just goes to show that these scammers will stop at nothing to deceive you out of your hard-earned money.

Is Cash Code Secret a Scam?

Cash Code Secret is an obvious get-rich-quick scam.

Cash Code Secret Verdict

Cash Code Secret and N-Droustro are both scams.

Functioning as anonymous and liability-free entities, these scam operations employ an unethical and deceptive business model to mislead innocent consumers into registering into their trap.

Why put your faith, time and hard-earned money into a system that is crippled from the foundation up?

When it comes to making money online, avoid the get-rich-quick schemes and don’t be afraid to put the work in with your own two hands!

We invite you to share any insight, opinions or feedback you may have in a comment below!

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  1. Don

    I received a call from 478-337-0448 And the website that they were promoting was And explaining that I could make $3500 per sale and that they would do all the work… Now I’m not so stupid to you think that I wouldn’t have to put money down for this… Another concern about the scam sites is that I actually trapped a phone number on my cell phone which can be reported to the FTC and you can probably find out on your own who the phone provider is and I do believe that these phone companies that provide phone numbers to scams Should be held accountable to their complete lack of due diligence but unfortunately that’s how the phone companies do business anyone can get a phone number.

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