Fake Amazon Cash Rip-Off Scams Exposed

A network of scam sites have taken root over the holiday season regarding perhaps the most reputable and powerful online retailer known as Amazon.

As you will learn throughout the duration of our unbiased review, these fake Amazon sites are being referred to as Amazon Cash Sites.

For those of you who are avid readers of ours you may have noticed this isn’t the first time we encountered and exposed Amazon Cash Sites.

To find out more information regarding these Amazon cash sites, why you should avoid them and what to do if scammed we invite you to read our honest review.

How These Fake Amazon Scams Work

Coming across more Amazon cash sites does not come as a surprise to us.

Considering that we’ve been exposing fictitious and fraudulent online retailers on a weekly basis it was almost as if we were expecting this to be honest.

When we reviewed InternetProfit.org, we exposed their operation as a fake Amazon site that cleverly funneled their viewers into deceptive online earning opportunities.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to read our InternetProfit Review, we will go ahead and sum it up and disclose it below.

In a nutshell, Internet Profit was serving as one of the many campaign funnels for the domain newstime.bid.

Upon further analysis of this site it became instantly apparent that we were dealing with a scam operation, and one that was viral and is still viral today.

These Amazon Cash Websites are structured as landing pages that are set up like a newspaper column that includes information relevant to the topic and are often set up in an educational format.

In the case of InternetProfits.org, the alleged opportunity presented would be a “Work-at-home opportunity with Amazon.”

In order to make the site appear more relevant, these scam sites trace your IP address to designate you to a landing page that is relevant to your residing location.

So for instance, if you have an IP address based out of Seattle, Washington then the title of the scam will likely include your location to make it not only appear more legitimate but more importantly relevant to your search query.

So how does the scam work?

These Amazon cash websites work by redirecting consumers from their site to campaign landing pages that reflect online earning opportunities.

These online earning opportunities claim to make consumers hundreds of thousands of dollars everyday like clock-work with minimum effort.

As you will notice once you’ve been redirected to that landing page that no reference to Amazon can be found what-so-ever.

Instead, you are forced to watch a promotional video including a poorly constructed pitch, fake user testimonials along with virtually no transparency regarding the earnings opportunities promoted.

Due to the vastness of the Amazon Cash Website scams, these online earning opportunities oftentimes fluctuate and change sporadically.

It should be made aware that if you navigate through the sites Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, that no reference to an overseeing entity is disclosed.

What You Should Do if Scammed

If you have been scammed by any of these fake Amazon cash websites, we recommend that you contact your financial institution immediately and request a chargeback.

If that fails then you should contact your local authorities to escalate the matter further.

Last but not least, you should share your experience below for other consumers to take under do consideration.

By sharing your experience, you are providing other consumers an ability to learn more about the scam, how to avoid the scam along with some tips that may have helped them recover their stolen funds that may be applicable for others to exercise.

Fake Amazon Scam Sites (Updated last on 02/19/2019)

Below is a list of the Amazon Cash Websites that we have compiled to date:

Root URL: Mymswsupnews.pw

  • InternetProfit.org
  • CareerApply.org
  • StockRetail.org
  • NewsTimes.now.pw
  • WebStoreJobs.org
  • AmazonWealth.co
  • WorkWithAmazon.org
  • RetailRecruit.org

Root URL: rppsofitsonnews.pw

  • AmazonRecruiter.org
  • AmazonHiring.org
  • AmazonMoney.co
  • AmazonCareers.co
  • AmazonFromHome.org
  • AmazonProfits.org
  • AmazonRiches.org
  • AmazonWork.org
  • AmazonRich.org
  • RetailIncome.org
  • AmazonDataJobs.org (review)

As more consumer experiences are shared we will continue to update this section to provide up-to-date relevancy for future readers.

Community Consensus

The community consensus regarding Amazon Cash Websites would be that they are phony, no good scams.

Unfortunately, many of these newly created Amazon Cash Websites appear to stem from only a few select domains, but these domains were created with hundreds of landing pages each with a funnel specific for the consumer conducting the search query.

Amazon Scams Review Conclusion

Beware of the Amazon Cash Websites claiming that Amazon is hiring or offering at-home earning opportunities.

It is obvious that the creators behind these scams are trying to take advantage of the reputability of Amazon and gullible consumers.

As we have shared above though, none of these Amazon Cash Websites offer anything relating to Amazon or worthwhile.

Given the escalation of these Amazon Cash Websites over the past few months, we are urging consumers to avoid this malicious and fictitious earning opportunities.

If you have any experience regarding any of these fake Amazon scam sites or have additional sites to submit we invite you to share your feedback below!


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