Credit Associates Review

Credit Associates is a debt settlement company that has aroused the interests of the community.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Credit Associates was started in March of 2016.

Not many complaints have been filed against Credit Associates since their inception and overall research will reveal that their platform appears rather reputable.

To find out more information regarding Credit Associates along with what others are saying regarding their services we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Credit Associates

Credit Associates operates within the debt settlement industry.

Hosted at, Credit Associates has allegedly settled over 218,000 debts with over $1 billion in debt.

According to their site, they have over 12 years in debt relief business although both their website and corporation wasn’t founded until 2016.

Credit Associates functions as a relatively straight-forward debt settlement company.

Like most debt settlement operations, Credit Associates offers no-obligation debt consultations that can help everyday consumers reduce their outstanding debt.

Who is Behind Credit Associates discloses CreditAssociates, LLC as their overseeing entity.

According to the footer of their domain, Credit Associates, LLC has the physical address of 5050 Quorum Dr., Suite 700, Dallas TX 75254.

Disclosed at the Better Business Bureau would be how Credit Associates, LLC was started on March 10th, 2016.

During the time of writing this review Credit Associates had an A ranking with the BBB and had 2 complaints over the past 3 years, 1 of which has been closed.

To talk to a debt settlement expert, Credit Associates discloses this phone number: 888-247-6860.

Community Feedback

Most of the feedback relating to Credit Associates could be considered as positive. According to ConsumerAffairs, Credit Associates reflects around a 4.2 out of 5 star rating out of 66 ratings in the last year.

Below is some of the most relevant feedback pertaining to Credit Associates:

“I had a really good experience with CreditAssociates. They explained everything and they were able to lower my debt. If I could get them paid off when they say I can, that would be a lot better.”

“My experience has been awesome and I’m happy with everything they’re doing right now.”

“While seeking CreditAssociates’ services since I was falling behind on all my credit cards, I found them to be a little kinda sketchy at first. They seemed pushy and it put a bad taste in my mouth so I was a little hesitant on moving forward.”

Complaints filed against Credit Associates appear to be promptly addressed by Credit Associates across review portals like ConsumerAffairs and the Better Business Bureau.

The verdict of Credit Associates according to some review sites would be that they aren’t the most trustworthy entity, but this is common amongst debt settlement companies.

As more feedback develops regarding Credit Associates we will continue to update this review to add relevancy for future readers.

Popularity was a privately acquired domain that was registered on June 28th, 2001.

According to SimiliarWeb, Credit Associates reflects a global rank of 1,713,724 with a US rank of 447,762 as of December 16th, 2018.

Given Credit Associates rather poor web rankings, we do not believe that their site receives much traffic organically.

Many consumers first report hearing about Credit Associates through televised or aired commercials although we are unable to confirm this due to their web rankings.

Is Credit Associates Safe to Use?

As we have shared with you above, Credit Associates reflects a strong pool of positive reviews at ConsumerAffairs but for a platform that claims to have settled over $1 billion in debt we feel that there should be much more relevant feedback or increased popularity that they should reflect.

While we would like to believe that most of the feedback relating to Credit Associates is true, we aren’t particularly sure what to believe due to them incorporating stock photos as some of their “consumer reviews.”

Credit Associates reflects a rather suspicious rating at TrustPilot as well.

Reflecting a 5 out of 5 star rating out of 1,135 reviews, either Credit Associates is truly that spectacular or they are having false reviews published on their behalf.

Credit Associates Review Conclusion

Credit Associates may be able to assist you with debt relief.

While Credit Associates may appear as a reputable platform, the legitimacy of some of the reviews submitted regarding Credit Associates do raise suspicions.

Claiming to have settled over 218,000 debts, surely Credit Associates would be a mountain of positive reviews to share opposed to having to incorporate stock photos on their review page.

Given the lack of reputability surrounding Credit Associates and what appears to be unethical marketing approaches, we cannot advice consumers to consider Credit Associates.

Perhaps if more relevant and verifiable feedback regarding Credit Associates is provided, we would feel inclined to change our position regarding Credit Associates.

However, for the time being, we do not believe their platform to be honest.

Outcome: Credit Associates should be used at OWN risk!


We invite you to share your feedback, insight and experiences below!


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