Genius Sleep Aid Review – Should You Buy?

The people behind Genius Sleep Aid, a potentially dangerous supplement with a very dangerous feedback profile, may not be geniuses when it comes to setting up a proper supplement formula, but they come rather close in regards to gaming the system.

The first red flag in this respect was planted upon the launch of the supplement: within just a handful of weeks, its review section at Amazon was filled up with suspicious-looking positive feedback and that has not changed much to this day. Rather, what HAS changed is the fact that negative feedback was added to the same page, and this negative feedback has put a radically different spin on the entire marketing effort.

Usually, we cover customer/user feedback towards the latter part our scam reviews, but with this one, we’ll make an exception. In this instance, user feedback carries perhaps more relevance than ever, as many of those contributing this negative feedback have provided extremely useful information through their reviews.

From these reviews, we were able to stitch together the MO of the operation pushing this “product.” The fact the review-posting is incentivized explains pretty much everything about the current overall online image of this supplement.

Apparently, those who order it, receive a form in the box with the actual product, which encourages them to post a positive review for it. Free products are offered as a reward. This does indeed explain the suspiciously high number of positive reviews posted, as well as a number of other things which are out of place in this picture.

If you read trough the positive reviews, you’ll realize that something seems off about them…for some reason, they do not feel natural.

ReviewMeta will shed plenty of light on that for you, pinpointing exactly why the whole thing feels awkward and “paid-for.”

According to the Amazon review watchdog, the reviewers responsible for this flood of positive feedback are suspicious because: a disproportionately high number of them are take-back reviewers (users who had posted reviews and then deleted them), and repeat certain phrases. Some of these repeated phrases are “sleep through the night,” “the genius sleep aid” and “wake up feeling refreshed.”

Reviewers who share an overlapping review history have rated the product an average 5 stars. Those with a more unique review profile have only thought it deserving of 4.1 stars.

78% of the reviews posted for Genius Sleep Aid, come from reviewers with an “overrepresented” – and therefore suspicious – participation.

Furthermore, an overwhelmingly large percentage of reviewers have posted reviews for other products of this brand (probably as a result of the incentivized review “program” mentioned above).

In addition to the above-named red flags, the product features suspicious rating trends as well as a suspiciously high number of deleted reviews.

With all that in mind, it is wholly unsurprising that ReviewMeta’s algorithm has found one of the negative reviews to be the “most trusted review” of the profile, and one of the 5-star ones as the “least trusted review.”

The watchdog also tweaked the review score of the product, cutting a whole star from it. It needs to be pointed out that Amazon review rating scores are skewed from the get-go, as the lowest possible rating is a one-star one.

That said, it is certainly worth taking a closer look at the actual negative reviews, which now abound, and which look much more natural than the positive ones, even at first glance.

While many of these reviews simply state that the product does not work, some of them go into details on some of its side effects – which can apparently be quite scary.

While some people say that contrary to its stated effects, the sleep aid actually prevents them from getting any sleep, others have complained of much more serious problems.

Upset stomachs and vomiting have apparently been caused by the pills too, even when users lowered the dosage from two to one caplets.

Still others have complained of intermittent sleep, pain while urinating at night, and being anxious and awake instead of relaxed and drowsy on its account. The side effects all seemed to vanish as soon as the use of the product was discontinued.

Some of the users who ended up suffering, have stated that they had been duped by all the positive reviews on the product page. There are complainers who haven’t refrained from calling all the positive reviews “fake.”

The product apparently comes in a huge bottle, which is only about 1/3rd of the way full. Product delivery is sometimes plagued by problems as well: one customer apparently received pantyhose instead of Genius Sleep Aid.

The bottom line in this regard is that not experiencing any effect with this product is apparently the least of your worries if you do decide to purchase it. Far worse can – and apparently: will – happen.

Genius Sleep Aid Ingredient Profile

Two of the main ingredients of Genius Sleep Aid are apparently aimed at the elimination of caffeine from one’s organism, or the reduction of the effects of caffeine.

After all, that’s what rutaecarpine is best known for, and L-theanine’s sleep-related impact is also somewhat caffeine-oriented.

Other than that, we have L-glycine and inositol in the composition too, in 1g and 100mg doses, which are known to be sleep-promoters too. At 100mg inositol is almost certainly under-dosed though, as the studies done out there used doses of 12-18 g per day.

At 0.5mg melatonin is most probably under-dosed as well.


Genius Sleep aid can be purchased from a variety of online sources, for around $0.5 per caplet.

Genius Sleep Aid Review Conclusion

Given the absolutely appalling side effects discussed above, and its overall inefficiency (coupled with an unimpressive ingredient-profile) it is safe to say that Genius Sleep Aid is a dud and an utter waste of money.

Its dubious marketing practices (involving fake reviews) don’t do much to help its case either.

Rather than taking this potentially health-hazardous supplement, you’re much better off going for a safer alternative.

Please leave your feedback about this review and the Genius Sleep Aid by commenting below.

In any case, we would recommend consulting with a sleep expert for anyone who is suffering from sleep problems.


  1. Karl H

    Please do not take this sleep aid, I took this genius sleep aid as directed as it says on the container, a week and a half after taking this I started getting diarrhea and it continued for three days and after the third day I started bleeding inside my colon and I didn’t even think it could be from this product and after stressing over the side effects I decided to stop taking the genius sleep aid and I had one more night of diarrhea with blood.. the next morning I went to urgent care they said I some how came across contaminated product which gave me a virus and because I stopped the pills my diarrhea has basically has gone away all I have now is bloating and intestinal gas

  2. Kathy

    I tried this product and it doesn’t work

  3. Jasna B.

    Sorry, but I can’t get it. Why would somebody leave 5 stars review if it not working? Why I need one bottle free if it not working for me. I would rather send it back and get my money back. Sorry, but your article just doesn’t make sense to me.

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