LuluLemon Review – What You Should Know for 2019!

LuLuLemon, hosted at, is a reputable online retailer most commonly associated with active women clothing.

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, LuLuLemon has cultivated and grown their online retailer to a global scale with over 400 retail stores open since their inception in 1998.

The aim of today’s unbiased review would be to provide you with an encompassing oversight regarding LuLuLemon and their outlook heading into 2019.

To find out more information we invite you to continue reading.

About LuLuLemon

LuLuLemon is widely known for their yoga-inspired, technical athletic apparel company for women and men.

Available both online and through their retailers, LuLuLemon has expanded their attire line to new heights which appear to be in great demand.

Among the categories of supported men inventory would be tops, bottoms, activewear along with accessories.

These accessories include bags, yoga maths and props, hats, scarves & gloves, socks & underwear, water bottles and shoes.

Supported Woman Apparel


  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Training
  • Swim
  • Office Travel Commute


  • Tanks
  • Dresses & Onesies
  • Short Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves
  • Sweaters
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts
  • Jackets and coats
  • Swimwear


  • Pants
  • Crops
  • Shorts
  • Skirts


  • Sport Bras
  • Everyday Bras
  • Underwear
  • Bodysuits


  • Bags
  • Yoga Mats & Prios
  • Hats & Hair Accessories
  • Scarves, Wraps and Gloves
  • Water Bottles
  • Shoes
  • Socks

LuLuLemon supports a multitude of consumer apparel items as you can tell.

You may also been able to tell that LuLuLemon appears to be widely known for their “over-priced” yoga pants too, that appears to be a well-known assertion regarding LuLuLemon amongst the community.

Payment Options

Lululemon accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and gift cards.

They also accept pre-paid credit cards so long as a billing address is attached to it.

For Canada and the US, Lululemon accepts Visa Debit cards, and for the US only they accept Discover and JCB cars.

It should be noted that payments cannot be split between credit cards.

LuluLemon Shipping

Below are the shipping offers currently offered by LuLuLemon:

Standard Shipping

2 – 7 business days, free of charge

Express Shipping

2 – 3 business days, $20 charge

Priority Shipping

1 business day, $30 charge

LuluLemon is able to deliver to P.O. Boxes and Rural zip codes, although they cannot guarantee expedited or overnight deliveries.

To add, shipment to APO/FPO/DPO addresses are accepted but transit times can take up to 45 business days.

Return Policy

The return and refund policy regarding LuLuLemon is rather straightforward.

Items are returnable and refundable as long as they are unwashed and unworn with the hangtag attached and accompanied by proof of payment.

Return authorizations must also be created within 30 days of receiving your order or 30 days from your in-store purchase date.

Exchanges can only be conducted through their local retailers while singular items from bundle purchases are unable to be returned or refunded out of the bundle.

If you paid for your products using PayPal you can acquire your refund and have the credit applied to a gift card, AMEX, Visa or MasterCard.

Contacting LuLuLemon

LuLuLemon may be reached through telephone, live chat, email or through their physical locations.

Telephone: 1 (877) 263-9300

Telephone: 1 (604) 215-9300

Email: Upon request you will have to use their contact submission form for email chat.

Physical Address: 1380 Burrard Street, Suite 200, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6Z 2H3.

LuLuLemon Athletica is the corporate entity behind, as a last resort you can visit their Better Business Bureau profile in an attempt to connect with LuLuLemon.

Community Feedback

LuLuLemon reflects a mixed pool of both positive and negative consumer feedback.

According to review portals such as SiteJabber and TrustPilot, LuLuLemoen reflects rather poor rankings.

Among the most common complaints would be poor customer service.

Disclosed below are some relevant complaints regarding Lululemon.

“Non-existant customer service! Would never shop here again.”

“Terrible customer service and they hold your money!”

Another consumer review portal known as Influenster reflects a much different rating in regards to Lululemon.

Out of over 2,000 reviews submitted at Influenster, LuLuLemon reflects nearly a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

Here are a couple of the most relevant reviews we found:

“Lots of styles and options for a variety of sports. The quality is overall amazing. I think lulu by far, has the best leggings ever. Seriously, you can’t go wrong. Especially with the wunder under.”

“Man. I wish I DIDN’T LOVE Lululemon! But, I gave in and now I am obsessed! I don’t know HOW I will ever go back to using another leggings to work out in! Ladies, yes, these legging are expensive as all heck, BUT if your a work out fanatic and you go to the gym everyday and every week…invest in a pair!”


LuLuLemon appears to be a popular and widely visited retailer.

According to SimilarWeb, Lululemon reflects a global rank of 5,924 with a US rank of 1,547 as of December 17th, 2018.

On average the site supports more than 4 million visitors per month while their top referral site would be eBates.

Currently ranked 97th as the most popular clothing destination, the market intelligence report shared regarding LuluLemon only reinforces the fact that LuLuLemon appears reputable.

Is LuLuLemon Safe to Shop with?

Given the overall reputability and scale of LuLuLemon, it is obvious that they are a safe and rather popular retailer to shop with.

Available in over 400 locations across the globe, LuLuLemon is a global operation that appears to be in demand and growing with time.

The only factor that we could deduct against LuLuLemon would be the excessive complaints regarding the poor customer service.

As we shared above, there are countless reviews regarding poor customer service although the positive reviews far outweigh the negative experiences shared.

LuLuLemon Ambassador Scam Warning (Updated December 18th, 2018)

Several fake LuLuLemon recruitment scams are taken root through social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter.

It should be made IMMEDIATELY clear that these LuLuLemon Ambassador positions marketed on unofficial LuLuLemon social media accounts are not legitimate.

These fake promotional accounts are created with usernames like “lulu recruitment,” “lulurecruitmentofficial,” and “lulurecruitment2019.”

The “rewards” for joining as a LuLuLemon Ambassador through these fictitious social media accounts are as followed:

  • Free clothing and products
  • Receive monthly gift cards and discounts

The requirements to be considered as eligible for these fake LuLuLemon ambassador positions would be:

  1. Must have 150 followers
  2. Must follow their designated social media account
  3. Must repost the ad on your social media account

Before the “lulurecruitment” page was taken down it was disclosed that over 350,000 followers had been following that account and likely participating (unknowingly).

It should be made known that these fake social media accounts have no affiliation what-so-ever to LuLuLemon.

Earlier this month, LuLuLemon released the following statement: “We’re not associated with this account and have already looped in our brand protection team — they are on it!”

The aim of these fictitious recruitment pages would be to bait unsuspecting consumers into divulging their personal and sensitive information, otherwise functioning as a phishing scam.

This is done by collecting a consumers personal information such as first and last name, telephone and email address, home address (for the “free” product deliveries) and whatever else they can squeeze out of you before you realize it’s not legitimate.

LuLuLemon Review Conclusion

While some of the negative consumer reviews regarding LuLuLemon may arouse doubts within your mind, bear in mind that LuLuLemon is a major retailer that supports hundreds of thousands of consumers on an annual basis.

Due to their clean track record, reputability and overall demand for their consumer apparel, we believe that LuLuLemon is legit.

While their items are commonly associated with heavy price points, consumers report that their products are durable and lasts years so it just comes down to whether you want to make the investment or not.

Outcome: LuLuLemon appears to be Legit!


We invite you to share your experiences, insight or any feedback you may have below!


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