Review – More Scammers Targeting People Struggling with Bad Credit is a peculiar-looking website, which has been around for a surprisingly long time and which doubtlessly peddles something suspicious, even at first glance.

Finding proper information about the scam they’re running – because that is indeed what we’re looking at here – is also surprisingly difficult.

We did our homework though, and we got to the bottom of what these people are really up to.

To make a short story shorter still:

The people are out to hook people with bad credit scores, offering them “loans for bad credit,” “long and short term financing” and “nationwide services.”

Once the victims agree to a loan, the scammers attempt to fleece them of as much cash as they possibly can.

They do that by:

  • Requiring “applicants” to purchase Amazon cards for “insurance purposes”
  • Prepaid phone cards will do as well
  • If they can, and if they still have the victim “by the throat” so to speak, they will ask for further money transfers for “tax purposes” etc.

Needless to say, the fleecing only stops when the victim realizes what’s going and stops paying them.

According to some, there may be an identity-theft dimension to the scam as well, though that would perhaps not make much sense, considering the credit status of those targeted.

What can we glean from the website?

The site looks like it’s been tossed together in a hurry, and though it is secure, it checks just about every other “feature” of a personal loan scam.

The pictures of the “clients” providing the positive testimonials look a lot like stock pictures.

For starters, the site is in essence built on the premise that it needs no payment history from the client.

Every legitimate personal loan company makes it clear that it will pull your credit report. does not.

The second alarm bell is rung by the fact that the About Us page of the operation does not offer any kind of information regarding its registration status. A legitimate personal loan operation needs to be registered within your state.

Where is registered (if anywhere at all) is a mystery.

The whois record of the web domain is not particularly generous with relevant information either.

As “registrant name” all it provides is AR CCT.

The address of the registrant is apparently 12061 E Iliff Ave. Aurora, Colorado, 80014, US.

The registrant phone number is +1 7207141320.

The operation does not have a physical address. It used to have a California address displayed, but one of their victims drove by that place and there was indeed no based there.

At a closer look, this lender is not really a lender. Taking feedback from their “clients” into consideration, it is safe to say that these people do not actually lend anyone anything.

The best they might do is to send one’s application out to other (actual) lenders – but they probably do not do that either.

What they really do though is they demand upfront payment, without any intention to ever send any money, and that ticks the last mark of the personal loan scam template. Feedback

It is remarkable how little feedback there is available on and its antics.

What is available though is all negative.

One victim says he was asked to purchase a $250 phone card and send the information to the people, to insure the loan this way.

As far-fetched as that sounds, these people had the audacity to ask for an additional $200 AND the Moneygram fee.

All that for a $1,500 loan.

Eventually, the victim realized what was going on and refused to pay. The perpetrators made off with his $250.

Other users have complained about being taken in a similar manner. The MO here is obvious.

What Else Should You Know About

In addition to the above, it does not hurt to know who you are dealing with.

The people who coaxed some of the above said victims around, were Angela Watson, Bryan Ashton and Megan Fields. A certain Mike Foster also popped up in some of the negative feedback.

A couple of phone numbers have been reported as belonging to the scammers too. 518-380-2125 and 323-443-2436.

Bear in mind that the perpetrators of this scam won’t shy away from reaching out and contacting victims themselves.

If you get a call from any of the above listed numbers, be sure to handle the situation accordingly.


In’s case, the conclusion pretty much draws itself.

This is a cheap, hurriedly set-up scam, which fails a proper scam-test on almost every account (as shown above).

Do not fall for the overtures of the scammers if they reach out to you.

This is a bit more than an identity-theft scheme.

It can and it will leave you a few hundred dollars short if you’re not careful.

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  1. Richard A cook sr

    My name is Richard cook i submitted an application with my bank account & routing number hope this is not a scam I’m in dept my bank account is in negative status i have nothing so please leave me be if your not legal

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