TakeSurveysForCash.com Review – a Genuine Scam Indeed

At first glance, it is understandable why some people may be reluctant to call Jason White’s TakeSurveys-ForCash.com (also TakeSurveysForCash.com) “effort” a full-blown scam. Though even the URL looks extremely scammy, some may argue that one can actually make some small change with the program.

We argue though that this indeed a scam as genuine as they come, and here’s why.

Takesurveys-forcash.com checks just about every box on our virtual scam-check sheet. Namely:

  • It is based on lies and exaggerations (more on that below)
  • It involves up-sells and cross-sells
  • Its background is nonexistent (Jason White sounds like a made-up name, and it probably is just that)
  • It offers no support (the perpetrators cannot be contacted)
  • It DOES take your money (and gives you zilch in return)
  • It employs questionable (to say the least) marketing practices

Let us take a closer look at all of these red flags.

The whole sales pitch employed by the takesurveys-forcash website is a hilariously tossed-together stew of scam stereotypes, from the existence of a “guru” who knows what no one else does (and is willing to teach others for $39 – or even $27 if you seem uninterested at first), all the way to the badly photoshopped checks presented as “proof.”

Various underhanded hooks and artifices are employed to induce urgency in the would-be victim. There are all types of pop-ups pushed into your face, lowering the price from $39 to $27 and warning you of the one-time nature of the discount.

Needless to say, the same pop-up will appear every time you click back to the page.

These guys are promising you $500 per paid survey, an absolutely ludicrous return, that anyone who ever got coaxed into taking such a survey will find downright hilarious.

What “Jason White” delivers if you join his magic bullet program, is a list of free survey providers (yes, you can rustle up the same information for free – it is, after all, publicly available) who give you 15 minute surveys that pay $1.50.

Can you make money with TakeSurveysForCash?

Yes. If you’re lucky, you may even end up making enough for a couple a movie-tickets a year.

Many of the survey providers promoted through this program don’t even pay cash though. They simply enter you into various contests with “great prizes.”

Any online money-making program that involves Up- and Cross-sells is likely a scam, and indeed, in this case, Mr. White and his crew of merry survey-pushers urge you to bring others into the fold by offering you some nominal affiliate rewards. They too make money this way, by referring you to the above-said survey providers.

If you’re looking to dig up information on Jason White, or the people behind the operation, or if you – God forbid – attempt to pull out of the setup and get your money back, good luck with it…

Searching for proof of Mr. White’s identity will have you come up empty-handed as well.

The whois information on the main site (or on the scores of domains redirecting to it) contains absolutely no relevant information (it is all private).

There cannot even be talk of actual on-site support. There is a contact page, but if you give it a try, you’ll find that there’s no one there on the other end…and why would there be? No one is willing you give you your money back anyway.

As already said above, the service is not a free one (Mr. White and his crew won’t settle for the – likely meager – affiliate commissions you will generate for them when you sign up with survey providers from their list). It costs $39 or $27.

These scammers are really milking this angle to its full potential. In addition to the above-said cost and the affiliate revenues they likely generate, they’re also selling your personal information to third parties.

Those are 3 channels of income off an innocuous-looking little scam page, which probably took the perpetrators a few hours to set up. Not bad.

The questionable marketing practices employed by these scammers are not limited to badly photoshopped pictures and straight-up lies though.

They offer their would-be victims various “gifts” to get them to give up their information. Of course, there are no such gifts.

There’s also a $50 bonus offered in an attempt to close the deal. After all, why would you not want to pay $39 for something that gives you $50 back straight away?

This $50 is not cash though. It is a sort of gift card, that gives you points you can use in contests, where you may win prizes, provided you jump through a bunch of hoops first.

CouchWorker.org, DataEntryWork.org, etc.

Takesurveys-forcash.com is not a standalone entity either. It is part of a whole network of sites/domain names, acting as the main landing page. If you try to access domains like CouchWorker.org, HomeType.org, AmazonDataJobs.org and DataEntryWork.org, you will find yourself landing at TakeSurveys-ForCash.com.

These are all domains aimed at capturing traffic linked to working from home, and to making an easy buck while not really working at all. Needless to say, none of these domains offer one a peek behind the scenes of this scam, through their whois information.

Take Surveys For Cash Review Conclusion

Can money be made trough (live or online) surveys? Yes. But there is no such thing as taking a 15 minute survey online and getting paid $50 for it.

You can be paid $125 for a single survey, but something like that will probably require you to head to a page and spend several hours there, for several days in a row.

Even so, there are much better ways out there for you to invest your time.

Jason White’s magic Takesurveys-forcash.com just does not work. It is the very definition of too-good-to-be-true.

Save yourself $39 and the time you would’ve spent trying to make this tick and steer clear of it.


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