AZCozy Review – (A Convincing Scam!)

Avoid the trending AZCozy scam!

Operating as a shady online discount retailer, operates without professionalism and is said to deliver products that hardly match product descriptions.

Created less than 2 months ago, AZCozy appears to be primarily targeting consumers through Facebook, likely through misleading advertisement campaigns.

To learn more regarding the AZCozy Scam we invite you to read our honest review.

AZCozy Scam

AZCozy operates is a discount online retailer offering an abundant volume of bedding collections, carpets and wall decor.

Every item featured for retail at AZCozy is listed up to 50% off.

There are 16 categories of goods featured at and they reflect the following themes:

  • Merry Christmas
  • Hippie
  • Sunflower
  • Halloween
  • Baseball
  • Native American
  • Golden Retriever
  • DragonFly
  • Horse
  • Cat
  • Guitar
  • Butterfly
  • Turtle
  • Round Carpet
  • Cozy Rug
  • Bedding Sets

According to the About Us page, AZCozy was founded in 2014 by Mr. Brayden Rogers back in Cochise, Arizona.

Unfortunately we are unable to verify the legitimacy of Mr. Brayden Rogers, however, we do know that their site was created less than 2 months ago opposed to being started in 2014 as they claim.

Additionally, AZcozy, Inc. is disclosed as the corporate entity but we are unable to verify AZCozy, Inc. as a legitimate business across the Better Business Bureau or the Texas and Arizona business registrars.

This indicates to us that AZCozy, Inc. likely does not exist.

To add to the swarming red flags being erected in the wake of AZCozy, back-tracing product images listed for retail at will reveal that the images are derived from other online retailers such as DHGate (we included our DHGate Review below) and AlieExpress.

This strictly contradicts their so-called mission and vision of, “…to create a memorable brand experience to our clients while enhancing the qualify of life for all we serve.”

There is no memorable brand experience because AZCozy is not an original brand, they simply pretend to offer high quality, friendly products that originate from other retailers.

If anything, AZCozy operates more along the lines as a drop-shipping site – although they make no reference to that.

Not that drop-shipping sites are scams or shady to begin with, we mean look at how Amazon started (side note, sorry) – but when it involves around a business model that fails to disclose transparent business practices while reflecting questionable consumer feedback across the web such as the ones we embedded below we begin to doubt the integrity of AZCozy, like you should be doing too.

Alleged physical address of AZCozy is 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr., Houston, TX 77043, USA.

Site History

  • was privately registered on July 30th, 2019.
  • reflected global rank of 305,115 (SimiliarWeb).
  • According to SimilarWeb report, 79.40% of site traffic is US.
  • Approximately 76.48% of all the sites traffic stems from Social.
  • Of those social sources, Facebook contributed to 99.86% of all social traffic.

As you can see, is trending on Facebook – likely through misleading advertisements as we’ve seen time and time again.

AZCozy Complaints

SiteJabber (1/5 Stars, 4 Reviews)

Stayc F. – “Wow what a cheap piece of $#*! I received! It’s a thin piece of stamped foam and they call that a rug. Run, run fast from this company – do not do business with them!!”

Olga D. – “You will get from China a rug that is cheap cheap replica of what they offer on the picture. I will not use even for the bathroom. And they sell it for a living room! Not even near of what it was on the photo. It is a trap. No refund will be offered. Stay away.”

Crystal N. – “I paid $100 for whatwas supposed to be a livingroom rug, it was a cheap, thin rug that looks more like a blanket.. Definitely not worth $100. Maybe a $20 cheap pad.,”

Lee K. – “one of thousand of quilt scams ran by VIETNAMESE THIEVES, they steal art images for their crap products that they push with facebook ads (my art included). They steal consumers money. You get complete junk or nothing. Sick of facebook taking these thieves sponsored ad $.”

Can AZCozy be Trusted?

No, given the information we have shared throughout this review we believe that AZCozy cannot be trusted.

AZCozy Reviews

It appears that the AZCozy quilt scam is in their early phases still due to the lack of consumer feedback – typically we find dozens to hundreds of reviews concerning similar shady sites.

Nonetheless here are the two reviews we found at TrustPilot on September 23rd:

“absolutely horrific quality rugs. it is thin, poor material, expensive, poorly made, poorly stitched, and the returns are an absolute nightmare to deal with. they FOLDED a 5ft circular rug into a plastic envelope and sent it as cheaply as they possibly could. clearly a chinese import company operating in the usa, avoid this lot like the plague, the price you pay is absolutely not worth the product and poor quality you receive..”

“Steals art designs dont have licence. Means the designer of the art gets no credit or income. It is illigal to sell these products cause of copywrite. And many have lost their money on this site. Wont recomend.”

Is a Scam?

Yes, is a scam.

AZCozy Scam Review

AZCozy is yet another overseas overseen discount retail scam.

Targeting users of Facebook with misleading advertisements while the site operates with complete anonymity and lack of transparency are two red flags that cannot be overlooked.

AZCozy, Inc. doesn’t exist (and if it does we’ll gladly revisit this review and make all necessary changes) while the physical address doesn’t appear legitimate.

If you need more convincing, we encourage you to visit the consumer review portals shared in our review above to see what other consumers are saying regarding their experiences with the AZCozy scam.

As always guys thanks for reading and please share any feedback you may have! 🙂


  1. Karen A Lee

    I was scammed. I ordered a beautiful quilt but received a cheap polyester piece of junk. These guys are ripping everyone off sending them absolute junk. Sorely disappointed in the product.

  2. Manell Bailey

    Gonna think Im nuts but heres my experience.
    I ordered 7 throws from Azcozy for the price I wasn’t expecting much but I really liked the varity and uniquiness of the designs I picked. It took a long time (during Christmas season) then one day I got an email message saying my order was nearly done. Made me feel a little better just hearing from them. Then I got another email with shipping info and tracking. Made me feel even better. Then the first 4 showed up. OK they were thin or poor quality but I was paying for the unique picture on it. To give you an idea 4 throws delivered all 4 fit in my normal sized mail box at the same time…… thin.
    However the picture on them was EXACTLY as seen on the website! just beautiful. I wrote to the company asking what happened to the other 3 throws and they responded like usual in 24hours or less. They said there was a second shipment coming in a couple days. As promised it did arrive and I have all 7 throws. All 7 are exactly as pictured on the site and Im thrilled!!

  3. Shawn McGee

    I also got a poorly constructed piece of polyester that overlies a thin layer of foam… definitely not the “rug” I thought I was getting. I also bought a “quilt” that is cheap polyester instead of the actual versions of “quilts” they advertise.
    Like many of you, I feel scammed and am having an impossible time getting the dispute resolved with little help from PalPal or my Costco Visa. I began by emailing AZcozy for return but it said their inbox was “too full” to receive new messages. When I found their web site, I looked at the reviews at the had “78000” reviews. However, it cycles only one fake positive review page despite their supposively being 36 pages of reviews (all reviews were from Aug 2019– when the site was likely designed).

    I have disputed this with my Costco Visa but they are telling me to “provide proof” to them that the merchant sent poor quality merchandise that was classic bait-and-switch. I just want others to know what they are getting into before they also give up their hard-earned money in this scheme in which there seem to be little repercussions for the merchant.

  4. Christine Labone

    Yup, I was scammed. The quilt I ordered arrived but I almost wish it hadn’t. It is SO awful. SO ugly and cheap. Of course cannot contact the “company” to send it back so will chalk it up to experience. Wish I had seen this site before I ordered.

  5. terry a marble

    I also have been scammed by this company and pay pal took their side. they advertised a quilt that was a picture off another site a reputable site I may add, and then when I received it, what a piece of trash. It was as thin as a sheer curtain with a totally different pattern. I filed a complaint with pay pal and was told to return it. I did ship it out at another cost of 35.00 to which pay pal said they could not track it and went in favor of azcozy. This has been since november 2019 and I am still fighting with them to return my money.

  6. muriel

    All the comments I have read on this AZCozyReview reflect the experience I had with this fake company. My order was billed immediately, I received two emails stating how concerned they were about getting everything just right, and that I would be so excited to receive the package. I definitely was surprised but not excited because the product was garbage, total garbage.

  7. Donna Meridith

    We all need to report to FTC, BBB, FaceBook and Paypal. They need to be stopped. I have since my first complaint received ! more of these atrocious pieces of trash. Melinda” from Printabel is now taking I sent photos of what I have received and of their packaging. So far I have refused.
    Melinda Jodoin (Printabel)
    Dec 21, 01:15 PST

    Hi Donna,

    Can you give me a photo of the actual products please? We really need a illustration to make clear why our customer unsatisfied with our products. Please understand for us.


  8. Kathryn Fletcher

    Me too. Came late. Cheap printed fabric. Will check into getting some money back

    • Donna Meridith

      We all need to report them to the FTC and BBB, PayPal and Facebook. They need to be stopped.

  9. Joan Shortall

    Finally received 1 of 2 items I ordered over 4 weeks ago. Were supposed to be Christmas gifts…but of course did not arrive in time. All emails to them were “bucked back”. Should have been my first clue! Never able to reach them…but got their apparently usual line of BS emails “quilt being made…sent over for inspection…sent to DHL…etc., etc.” , but NEVER able to reply back! WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP. “QUILT” is a great understatement! Very thin piece of material with quilting stitching! No quilt by any stretch of the imagination! Have already called my credit card company and PayPal. If/when 2nd “quilt” is received, not even opening. Wish I would have found this and apparently many other sites before I ordered. Apparently “they” operate under more names than “Azcozy”. What scammers!

  10. Bob

    Do not order from this company. I received two bedding sets today and they are nothing like shown online. The quality is very poor and I only got part of my order that I paid for. For the price it is terrible. I had ordered for Christmas presents and am too ashamed to give them out. New dog bedding I guess.

  11. Deborah Severtson-Coffin

    I’m sick that I didn’t check out this company before buying. They send GARBAGE, that has no resemblance to the photo in the ad. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I feel like a fool for having been scammed.

    • Wayne

      My wife ordered a quit set Dec 26. As of today have not received it. Got an email from computerized owner Brayden Rogers who does not exist other than a 13 year old. This fake place operates under different names in the internet. Total Scammers!!! Stay away from (Azcozy). The customer service email does not exist.

      • Donna Meridith

        File a report with FTC and BBB. They need to hear from all dissatisfied customers. Save any communication you have with them as documentation. Anytime I see an ad on Facebook, regardless of the name, I report it as deceiving. Google the return address on your pkg. Mine was a vast lot in NJ. These people have stolen copy written art work as well as people’s money. Contact the cc company you used and dispute the charges after you have done all the things and let them know you have documentation of all of it.

        • Donna Meridith

          *vacant lot* not vast

  12. Denise f

    I wished I had read before ordering. Haven’t received order yet. Received email it was on the way. I am now scared it will be crap. Will leave a review once it comes in.

    • Glenna Burkhart

      Denise….I have seen no reviews to make me think that this company, AZCozy, is anything but a sham and a scam. I ended up giving my products away, and they were both meant as Christmas gifts for my family. Out $200. PayPal did not help me. They asked for comparison pictures, which I sent; they asked for all the documentation, which I forwarded. The clinker is that AZCozy says they will refund your money if you return the items to CHINA AT YOUR EXPENSE. For me, that was another $20, and I was pretty certain that my tab would just keep adding up. One of the items I ordered was a king-size Flower Quilt. It was so ugly that I didn’t even feel happy about donating it to our church auction, where it brought $18. This company needs to be taken down, but apparently no one wants to do it.

  13. Lee B

    Awful product! Received as a gift and didn’t have the heart to tell my relative what crap it is. It’s going on my Yankee swap this year. DO NOT BUY from this site.

  14. Sally McLean

    Avoid this company – photos and product do not match. Not even close. PayPal will refund you but you have to pay return shipping and proof of return shipping. It cost me $A22 to get back $US59.
    Their company address is
    Printabel Company
    1411, 14th floor, Cosco Tower
    183 Queens Road Central, Sheung wan, Xianggang, HONG KONG

  15. Jal

    I ordered a rug as a gift that was advertised on Facebook. Paid $50 with shipping. Got many emails about the process and checking quality etc. Then I received the order and it wasn’t a rug at all. Printed on some kind of thin plastic mat and new design was t even printed correctly. I emailed them and they asked me to send pictures. I did and they offered 30% refund. I told them I wanted full refund because the product wasn’t as advertised. They said I had to return it to China. I replied that it didn’t flame from China as the shipping address in the package was New Jersey. They haven’t responded yet. A total scam. Has anyone had any luck holding them accountable?

    • Sally McLean

      their address is 1411, 14th floor Cosco Tower, 183 Queens’s Road Central, Sheung wan, Xianggang, Hong Kong. PayPal will refund you. They offer everyone 30% and it looks like a ‘canned’ response. They must have so many complaints that a standard reply is sent. Definitely a scam

  16. Sandra S Manning

    I also ordered an 8X10 rug for my front hall. It came in a package 6X14X12. I didn’t even open as it was so small, it couldn’t have been a rug. Can’t send back as postage is $50.00 and rug only cost $89. They will not return my money.
    Came from china..

  17. Linda LaFrance

    I I wish I had seen this site as I ordered 2 quilted throws for my nieces (quite awhile ago) 🙁 now I know I’m getting sent crap. These were for Christmas gifts. And apparently it’s time to call bank.

  18. Bjs

    Report this company to the FTC for fraud and the BBB. What a joke!!! I am contacting a lawyer to start a Class Action Suit. Interested?

    • Darlene Sisk

      yes, I placed a order , nothing like picture stated , the duvet had a fault in printing .I asked for full refund within 30 days, asked to sent pictures, They offered me 20% to be refunded or send to CHINA WTH. I asked a about the Houston office. Company sated Printable China was handling the orders

    • Donna Meridith

      Yes I would be interested in joining a Class Action Suit. I purchased 4 quilts as Christmas gifts for my adult children. I have received 1 at this point. In my correspondence with them about them canceling the rest of my order, I have been told it is not possible because it has already shipped. They are sorry I am frustrated concerning the quality. (frowny face added) I am now writing a complaint to FTC and BBB.

    • Kandee Adams

      I am also interested in joining the class action lawsuit. I am still waiting for my quilt to arrive.

      • Donna Meridith

        When you receive it, it will be shelter donation quality.
        I’m not mailing mine back to Hong Kong.
        Unless they provide a US mail address, I will donate mine to a homeless shelter.

      • Donna Meridith

        I contacted PayPal credit through a telephone number given on their site. I told my entire story to a very patient call center woman. She seemed to write everything I told her down and even expressed sympathy for my very expensive life lesson. I included my intention to join in a class action law suit and/or contact my own attorney. She let me know this would be an in-house dispute, one with the bank that issues credit for their credit card as well as PayPal credit. It was not a dispute with PayPal. On 12/30 I received an email from the bank acknowledging my disputed transaction. They suspended any payments due and no interest on the charges. Indicated it might take up to 60 days to investigate and I would hear the results through letter or email. 12/31 I received an email from PayPal reiterating they were not involved with my case. The next day I received a letter dated 12/30 from the bank. They have issued a provisional credit back to me and have billed the amount back to the merchants. They have 2 billing cycles to prove the credit was not due. Their customer service email box is full. I still receive emails from AzCozy and have saved all documentation. Anytime I see theirs or similar ads on FaceBook I report the ad as deceiving. They need to be held accountable, especially for stealing others copy- written artwork.

  19. Toni Fuller

    When I didn’t get a confirmation immediately after my first order, I assumed I needed to order again. And after I ordered again, didn’t receive one, I immediately thought to check the EZCozy’s reputation online. Then I learned the frustrating truth about their business practices.

    So I phoned my Visa credit card and tried canceling the order but they told me there was no order at all. So, not to be beaten, I cancelled my card and will get a new one in a couple of weeks.

    I’m thankful I used a real credit card as opposed to my bank card as it would have required so much more time and possibly I could have been charged anyway.

    My question is how is Facebook allowing this type of seller, advertise the products that don’t exist? Interestingly is that all of the FB ads are from different sponsors. FB NEEDS TO CORRECT THIS ASAP!

    • Donna Meridith

      Report them as being deceptive.

  20. Mary

    Same thing happened to me. I paid 99.00 for a queen quilt white background with black birds on it. I am still trying to figure out what I received. It looks like a camouflage dog bed of gray, green and purple with black edges. I am sending it to their Houston address for a refund. I felt bad about what all I called them and thought of their cheap ass excuse for a quilt but feeling better now. Mine came from a place called Mark. I always keep everything when I see a fight coming. If you will Google Azcozy you can now get all kind of information including their phone number. They gave me an address in China to return it to which would have cost 100.00. I told them in not so few words that it was not shipped from China and wasn’t going there. They couldn’t believe I had kept all their shipping information and my Po number. Wish me luck. I am not afraid to hire a lawyer either. I wish all scum suckers like this were in the bottom of the ocean where they belong. Mary from Jacksonville

  21. Noelle Whitehill

    I too bought from them as I had seen a few of these rugs on other sites. I purchased 3.
    All 3 came in little white plastic/poly bags from China.
    All 3 are horrific, missing entire parts of print throughout the rugs. All 3 are not even threaded rug. They are silkscreen of design on top of a cheap ass piece of felt.
    I could have made at home for $5.
    They offered me a 30% refund which is by way of credit that can once again only be spent on their garbage.
    When you refuse, you can then send it back to China at your expense and when they get it, you guessed it, you’ll get the refund. So for those not yet seeing the picture….. THERE WILL NEVER BE A REFUND!!!!
    My advice, secret Santa that shit out of your life this year🎅

  22. Cheryl Palmer

    I have looked and looked for a phone number can’t find one. I have a problem I ordered a throw yesterday it was ollars today it went up to 99.00.not thinking went on and ordere thinking it was 50.00 dollars went one and ordered it then saw it was not 50 dollars but 99 dollars please cancel my order I can’t afford the throw. Please credit my account. I have no money to cover 99.00 dollars.

  23. Glenna Burkhart

    I, too, fell prey to AZCozy, and am mad as hell that I paid $200 for a foam mat that they called a rug and a king-size quilt that was advertised as 100% cotton and was 100% polyester. The pattern of the quilt wasn’t even close to what was pictured and what I ordered. These were to be Christmas presents for my family, and I would never gift either of these items. “Brandon Rogers” sent me several e-mails during the processing period to state that he had personally inspected the items. Phony. I have heard from Customer Service several times regarding returning the items (to a address in China!), stating they would refund me after I returned them. Another scam! Do not be fooled by their positive reviews on their site….probably written by AZCozy! Products are throw-away quality.

  24. Michelle Cuneo

    Products are cheap pieces of crap
    They will get their punishment
    Just wait for it
    Just tell them you didNOT receive cheap product

  25. Sharon Voight

    I purchased a ‘$50 blanket throw in early October. Received multiple emails from Brandon saying it’s on its way. Received 10 days ago wadded into flimsy packaging with no invoice or return info. The blanket is extremely flimsy and has orange seaming and untied corner threads. It should all be black and white. No orange. There is also an orange number stamp! I have sent multiple emails to azcozy and they have responded asking for multiple photos on different occasions and then offering refund of 30% off and 30% on next purchase. Emaile “not acceptable “ The told they would refund but I would have to pay shipping to China! Looked at PayPal site . Refunds seem nearly impossible when you look on line. Have any of you had luck with PayPal? Now it’s a dog blanket- a very expensive one!

    • Sally McLean

      Yes PayPal will refund. Go through their process but also send links to sites like this during your first comments so PayPal can see them when they review your conversation with Printabel. PayPal and Facebook need to distance themselves from this company but as long as it makes them money it is unlikely. Spread the word to as many sites as you can find. Thats about all we can do. I am kicking myself for not reading these reviews. Shame on me.

  26. Lynn Ruenger

    As the reviewers posted said, Azcozy is a total scam. I bought a product at $49.95 and received an email confirmation of the order, followed by another email that said there was a problem with the order but I would get 10% for my trouble. That turned into a duplicate order of the same product, but $5 cheaper. When I realized my credit card had been double-billed, I submitted three emails to “Cancel & Credit”. No response. Then filed a dispute with the credit card company, had the charges reversed, then billed again because PayPal, under whom all Azcozy charges appear, showed the products were delivered. What I did receive was FAR from the photo on the website, and couldn’t be returned because of the blank packaging, no paperwork and no return address. Filed a complaint with BBB and PayPal is next. At this time, I’m out $95.95 for two pieces of crap.

  27. S McGregor

    They stole my product photos, with my IP in them, as well as my trademarked logo. If you find your art, photos, or other ip on their site, you can file a DMCA takedown here:

    • Mike

      Get anywhere? I am working with an artist and the have stole his copyrighted artwork. Going after Facebook next to have them take the ads down.

      • Mike Linner

        On top of that they are stealing copyrighted artwork and say the will remove it which they have not done for months. They are breaking many laws. Even the Better Business Bureau in Texas is trying a lawsuit against them. They show an address for them in Houston, Texas. The only problem with that is that address is for another company. After more research it looks like these all come out of China and I think they are using a fake address in the United States. The next best move is try to have Facebook take down their ads. 98% of their sales are from Facebook is a number I have seen thrown around.

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