YikeYib.com Scam Review – (Linked with 50+ Retail Scams)

Avoid the YikeYib Scam.

YikeYib (YikeYib.com) is an online discount retail scam linked with a corrupt scam organization that specializes in creating illusive and misleading discount online retailers.

Instead of offering discounted goods, these scammers simple steal consumers money while oftentimes sending rubbish products in place or without sending any goods at all.

YikeYib is composed of the same type of dishonest traits found amongst these illegitimate online ‘retailers’ and cannot be trusted.

To learn more regarding the YikeYib scam we invite you to read our unbiased review.

YikeYib Scam

YikeYib is a trending discount retail scam plaguing the Facebook marketplace.

Over 40% of the all the sites traffic stems from Facebook – if you see YikeYib advertised on Facebook report the ad.

If you take the time to visit YikeYib you’ll notice how the sites main page is structured with nice visual images along with over a dozen featured “products” allegedly all on sale.

Nearly every item listed at YikeYib.com reflects online savings of approximately 49% off.

Visiting the sites catalog as seen in the image below go on to reveal to wide number of consumer goods allegedly for listed for sale.

These items vary from household goods, tools, gadgets, knick-knacks, electronics, lighting, outdoors, etc.

If you visit the About Us page of YikeYib you’ll notice the following:

“we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…is our core vision:”

If you copy and paste that same text in our search bar on our site you’ll notice how it matches the same About Us template used in the deceitful retail scam that plagued Facebook known as the BelongBelieves Scam – a scam affiliated with 50 scam sites in total.

Sadly it appears that YikeYib is yet another scam iteration of the Belong Believe network.

Site History

  • YikeYib.com was privately registered on May 20th, 2019.
  • YikeYib.com reflected US rank of 411,379 on SimilarWeb.
  • According to report, 40.32% of sites traffic is social based
  • 100% of social traffic stemmed from Facebook
  • 15.06% of all sites traffic derives from e-mail based sources
  • BelongBelieves also received a considerable volume of their traffic from Facebook, YikeYib is employing the same tactics utilized by this unknown scam network

(These stats we last updated on September 20th, 2019).

YikeYib Complaints

YikeYib is just now starting to pick up attention.

Since YikeYib is targeting an extraordinary sum of their traffic from Facebook we don’t imagine it will be long before more people fall victim to this scam.

Shared below are 2 complaints we found regarding YikeYib:

Ingela Hanlid Fd Norelid – “Since July 7 I have mailed them 3 times about the delay of my order of a Shape Contuer Gauge Duplicator. No answer!! Talked to the transportation company after having tracked it and got the information that the contuer was stuck at the swedish customs because Yikeyib did not fill in the customs paper as required. The customs returned the order to them like 10 days ago. I have mailed them about it, asking my money back, but no answer!! I saw just now a site that said that Yikeyib is a fraud. If they are fraud they wouldn’t bother to send the items at all so I think they are just a bad managed company out for a quick grab to low cost. This review can’t be sent to them either since they don’t have a proper email address, just either kenta550550@ 163.com or DADA7758258@ outlook.com. Good lesson for me not too have business with companies that won’t even bother to have a company email.”

Kenneth – “I orderd Shape Contuer Gauge Duplicator. I didn’t get my product and paypal who promised their costumers security, tranferd my money. They don’t reply me either…”

Can YikeYib.com Be Trusted?

No, YikeYib.com cannot be trusted.

YikeYib Reviews

The only reviews we have found regarding YikeYib were the two complaints we shared above from TrustPilot.com.

We believe the lack of consumer reviews is largely in part that YikeYib is a recently trending scam and hasn’t picked up much attention yet.

However, as YikeYib becomes more popular and more aggressively markets we suspect that more consumers will fall victim to this fraudulent scam.

Is YikeYib.com a Scam?

Yes, YikeYib.com is a scam.

YikeYib Scam Review

YikeYib operates with blatant anonymity and no transparency.

Their support email is kenta550550@163.com.

An email address unrelated to YikeYib.com while consumers report never receiving replies.

Couple that with how YikeYib is affiliated with BelongBelieves, a massive retail network that we exposed along with 49 other scam sites.

To further siphon any residing legitimacy from YikeYib, if you look up the company Wofun Company Limited in our search bar from their About Us page you’ll notice how it is affiliated with a corrupt organization ALSO responsible for the TaylorLily (DickCliff.Store) scam we exposed in early June of 2019.


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