OppLoans Review: Best Online Loan Company of 2019

OppLoans is one of the industries most respected and best-rated online lenders.

Possessing over 9 years of good business standing, consumers would be hard-pressed to find a lender that provides the quality of services that OppLoans is reported to provide.

Hundreds of positive borrower experiences can be found throughout the web, to learn what consumers are saying regarding OppLoans for 2019 we invite you to read our honest review.

We’ll cover all the quick-hitting points that you need to know while providing you much needed insight into the inner-workings of OppLoans.

OppLoans Oversight

OppLoans is well-known for their no-credit check installment loans.

For those of possess a less than satisfactory credit history, this may seem like a Godsend but don’t applause just yet the consequences of this business model do come at an expense.

This expense, as you probably already know, is in regards to the APRs (annual percentage rates) and loan rates rendered by OppLoans.

OppLoans APRs average between 59.00% to 199.00%.

OppLoans prides themselves upon rendering a valuable service and solution for low-credit borrowers in the sense that they offer more competitive rates than payday loan lenders (which sadly is one of the few alternatives for consumers who possess less than a satisfactory credit history).

Loan amounts range from $500 to $4,000.


  • Minimum credit score: Not required.
  • Monthly Gross Income: $1,500.
  • Must have benefits or actively employed (self-employed is not eligible)
  • Must possess a bank account with 40 days of history and your name
  • Must receive direct deposit paychecks
  • Live in a state that is eligible

Eligible States

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • New Mexico
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

Applying with OppLoans does NOT affect your FICO credit score.

OppLoans Reviews

Shared below are a half dozen of the most relevant reviews we found regarding OppLoans:

Brian – “The process was quick and easy . The customer service was friendly and helpful . Would recommend this company to friends and family”

Monica – “I have bad credit and they approved me. Interest is high but it’s a start. Thank You for the opportunity.”

James – “Real people call and talk to you. Very happy with service and security. Very legit. I was shopping and finally found a good lender for rebuilding credit. Aces.”

Elizabeth – “The representatives were nice and understanding. They worked together to get the money in my account as quickly as possible. Also they’re very helpful when you’re needing to refinance.”

Shirley A Iwan – “Working with opploans has been very easy. If any of my friends I’m looking to get a loan, I refer them to opploans. The customer service has always been excellence. The repayment arrangements are very good & very doable as far as the cost. I am very pleased with this company.”

Lisa Coleman – “I had missed a payment because I had overspent on preparing for Hurricane Dorian, when I spoke with Lemia B, she informed me of the program in place for this situation, when she explained my option and what will take place, I was able to relax.”

OppLoans reflects thousands of positive reviews on the web.

OppLoans Legal

OppLoans is described as an online consumer loan company that services the subprime community according to their profile at the Better Business Bureau.

They have been in business over 9 years and have been BBB Accredited since 01/01/2016.

Reflecting an “A+” BBB rating, OppLoans reflects nearly a 5 out of 5 star rating out of over 1,200 reviews shared at the Better Business Bureau.

Physical Address

130 E Randolph St. Suite 3400, Chicago, IL 60601

Customer Support: (800) 990-9130

Email: info@opploans.com

OppLoans is a member of Equal Housing Lender and also possesses an alternative business name Opportunity Financial, LLC.

OppLoans Examples

Let’s say you borrow a total sum of $1,500 with an APR of 65%.

Your repayment period is set to 5 months.

Estimated Monthly Payment: $350.46

Total Interest to be Repaid: $252.30

Total Amount to be Repaid (with interest): $1,752.30

Now let’s say you borrow a total sum of $3,000 with an APR of 140%.

Your repayment period is set to 6 months.

Estimated Monthly Payment: $722.80

Total Interest to be Repaid: $1,336.80

Total Amount to be Repaid (with interest): $4,336.80

(Remember APRs range between 59% to 199% with OppLoans).

OppLoans Complaints

As a whole, the sum of complaints tallied against OppLoans is minimum.

OppLoans reflects thousands of positive borrower experiences and consumer reviews.

That is an extremely rare characteristic for any loan company.

Just take for instance to review sums from these review portals:

Better Business Bureau (4.8/5.0) – 1,209 reviews

LendingTree (4.8/5.0) – 839 reviews

ConsumerAffairs (4.9/5.0) – 183 reviews

As we were stating just moments ago, complaints with OppLoans are minimum.

Also when there are complaints we have noticed that OppLoans appears quick to resolve any issues consumers may be experiencing – a trait that you are working with a genuine online lender.

Is OppLoans.com a Scam?

No, OppLoans.com is not a scam.

OppLoans Review Thoughts

OppLoans is like the Amazon company of the online loan servicing niche.

Coming from humble beginnings, OppLoans has groomed their online loan company into one of the most respected loan companies in the industry.

Offering no-credit checks during their application process is a life-saver for prospective borrowers who are desperately seeking capital but have been thwarted or fear denial due to their credit history.

Cheaper than a payday lender with beyond excellent customer service skills, it appears that OppLoans is here to stay and continue to pave the way for the type of services that borrowers should receive from their online lenders.

If you need a personal loan, for any reason, then OppLoans may be for you.


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