Costco $75 Coupon Scam Review – (Yes, It’s a Scam!)

Costco, one of the largest retailers within the United States, has once again been victimized through a deceptive hoax funneling through social networks.

Last year, and allegedly on the same date, Costco faced a series of misleading advertisements that claimed it was Costco 50th Anniversary and that there was a $75 off coupon.

Well, first and foremost, last year was not Costco 50th Anniversary nor was their really a $75 off coupon being offered from Costco.

It was shortly after that Costco issued a statement warning consumers regarding this deceptive coupon scheme while also informing consumers that the legit deals in regards to Costco can be found directly on their website.

As you can see from the image above, the iteration of this Costco Scam takes the appearance of a Costco Wholesale coupon voucher.

This coupon voucher is believed to be redeemable in Costco stores for $75 off.

This coupon voucher, as we have stated, however, is NOT legitimate!

“Despite several posts out there, Costco is NOT giving away $75 coupons. While we love our fans and our members, this offer is a SCAM, and in no way affiliated with Costco. Thanks to our fans for letting us know about this recurring hoax!”

Costco shared this post on Facebook on November 12th, 2019.

Since then the post has been shared over 31,000 times and reflects a plentiful collection of consumer reviews such as a few of the following below:

Nora Jean – “i knew it was a scam, as costco would not say to celebrate “it’s” anniversary. correct would be “its”, as in possession. and the same goes for the jet blue ad giving out free tickets for “it’s” anniversary. don’t they know it’s mean it is?!?!”

Karyn Jones Sheftman – “@costco I have received this offer in my email several times recently. I have simply been deleting it, however, I am curious how it is getting to my email.”

Jackie Kruse – “Well, first of all Costco has not been around for 75 years! 🤔”

For those of you who are seeking REAL deals from Costco you can visit their online offers at the following URL:

You can learn more regarding the Costco scam at the following portals:

In addition, reports have been made to light that some consumers are receiving these Costco coupon hoaxes via email, not solely on Facebook.

If you have an experience to share or valuable insight we ask that you please share your wisdom with us below.


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