Review – Scam Targeting US Traders

Crypto Banker ( is one of the latest shady investment opportunities to solicit their investment options to online traders within the United States.

Functioning as a cryptocurrency oriented investment brokerage, Crypto Banker also highly encourages day traders from all locations around the globe to buy into their high yielding investment offers.

Being widely declared a scam across the net, Crypto Banker is quickly becoming less credible and more notorious as the days pass.

To find out more regarding Crypto Banker and what others are saying, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is Crypto Banker?

Crypto Banker is an online platform that poses as a legitimate investment brokerage.

The moment you hit their site, you are hit with information regarding how legitimate their company is and how they are “regulated” by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

To find out more about who is really behind Crypto Banker, keep reading.

One of the major flaws regarding Crypto Banker that we discovered early on in our investigation process would be the number of questionable discrepancies you can find when you research properly.

Take for instance on how their About Us page they say their foundation was founded in 2001. “CryptoBanker Group,” is the alleged entity founded back in 2001 but a domain report will reveal a different finding while we failed to discover any presence or reference to CryptoBanker Group collectively across the web.

Who is Behind Crypto Banker?

Crypto Banker heavily presents their platform as a credible investment option, which is no doubt why they are exceedingly good at soliciting unsuspecting Canadian, US and UK day traders out of their hard-earned money.

Relying heavily on the credibility clutch, most traders tend to insinuate (and to their great frustration later on) that the fact that a brokerage is willing to offer up their companies “regulation” number that then they must be legit.

However, that is not the case.

The Financial Conduct Authority number rendered on the About Us page of CryptoBanker reveals that the FRN of 595450 does not belong to the corporate entity of “CryptoBanker UK LTD” but instead Admiral Markets UK Ltd, which can be verified when you research the FRN 595450 in the FCA corporate license registry.

To solidify the existence of Admiral Markets UK Ltd, you can verify their corporate entity has been around since August of 2012 through a CompaniesHouse report while the nature of the business is security and commodity contracts dealing activities.

Whether or not Admiral Markets UK LTD is the overseeing entity behind, we are uncertain.

What does appear certain though would be that Crypto Banker does not appear nearly as credible as they are trying to portray.

Domain Insight

A WHOIS report will show that was privately registered on December 14th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

A relatively new domain for being associated with an entity that has allegedly been around since 2001 but with no virtual presence on the net.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 693,603 with a Russian rank of 192,308 as of January 24th, 2019.

Here were the following main demographic sources of incoming traffic for Crypto Banker: Russia (15.75%), Brazil (11.14%), Ukraine (9.62%), United States (8.75%) and Iran (4.06%).

Interestingly, 67% of the sites traffic originates from referral based sources.

Of all referral based sources, 54.99% originates from the site known as

As many of our previous reviews will suggest, is not what many would refer to as ethical.

Essentially functioning as a traffic exchange website, CryptoBanker pays to flood traffic into so that their site receives better web rankings, appears more reputable and has an opportunity to covert better.

Community Feedback

The feedback surrounding CryptoBanker is controversial.

Many ‘review’ sites for instance are positively endorsing CryptoBanker while heavily recruiting affiliates links and aggressively implying that CryptoBanker is still paying.

However, many legitimate review portals such as BeerMoneyForum has declared CryptoBanker to be a scam that is not paying.

Other entities across the net also endorse this proclamation.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Unrealistic ROIs

As we have shown you, makes it a point to appear legitimate, however, their “investment offers” are just downright bogus.

Promoting highly unrealistic ROIs, CryptoBanker actively functioned more along the lines of a HYIP.

An HYIP that has recently collapsed and stopped paying their investors many traders have reported.

Lack of Transparency

There are still many grey areas when it comes to legitimacy of CryptoBanker.

Is Admiral Markets UK LTD associated with CryptoBanker?

According to the FCA report, CryptoBanker is not disclosed as an authorized domain of Admiral Markets UK LTD so we do not believe that is their true overseeing entity.

We found find no reference to CryptoBanker UK Ltd.

Is Crypto Banker a Scam?

Given the information we have disclosed in our findings above, we believe Crypto Banker to be a scam. Scam Conclusion

Crypto Banker is not a credible nor legitimate investment opportunity.

Even if Crypto Banker is regulated by the FCA, that does not give them permission to solicit United States or Canadian citizens into highly unrealistic investment programs.

Many red flags emerge into existence when searching into Crypto Banker.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this unrealistic and notorious investment opportunity and invest with better alternatives.

Outcome: Crypto Banker is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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