Savius, LLC Trading Review – What To Consider

Savius, LLC ( is an investment firm that allegedly caters their platforms to traders in the US and Europe.

Supposedly, Savius, LLC functions as a boutique proprietary trading firm.

The licensing of Savius, LLC is still under investigation but given the lack of information pertaining to licensing and regulation it does not appear likely.

Not relatively well-known or deemed as popular according to market intelligence reports, the aim of this unbiased review would to be shed some insight regarding the legitimacy of Savius, LLC.

To find out more regarding what we discovered during our investigative process, we invite you to continue reading.

About Savius

Savius presents their online platform as a proprietary trading firm whose traders are nested across the globe.

While many trading firms make it a point to have their regulation and licensing easily transparent and readily available to verify, Savius does not provide us this accommodation.

Instead we were left to navigate through all the sites pages only to fail to find any reference to any regulatory or licensing entity.

According to their About Us page, Savius will built in 2003, yet a domain report will reveal that their site was not built until a decade later in 2013.

Detailed on their site would be how their business is focused on creating absolute returns on the firm’s capital by trading a diversified portfolio of futures and options contracts.

So from the get-go we know that Savius invests other traders money into future and option contracts.

Whether these are contracts-for-difference options, we are uncertain.

To add, Savius implies that their firm invests the capital however they fail to state whether their investors are licensed to render such financial advise.

Failing to have proper licensing is not an upstanding criteria this day-and-age across online investment brokerages.

Who is Behind Savius?

Savius, LLC is the alleged corporate entity behind

According to their site, they have traders in the US and Europe, but apart from that we are not given a location for Savius, LLC.

There is no reference to a physical address, a telephone number or an email address for Savius, LLC anywhere on

To add, the only way to reach out to the operators behind Savius, LLC would be through their contact submission form on their site.

While we are provided Savius, LLC as the corporate entity behind, it took a great deal of investigative work to verify their entity.

We searched “Savius, Savius LLC, Savius, LLC” across European and UK business registers but we did not find any valid matching results.

The Better Business Bureau failed to churn up any results too – it wasn’t until we pulled a domain report and figured out that their corporate entity Savius, LLC is a Delaware based corporation, where we were later able to verify Savius, LLC.

Savius, LLC can be verified at the State of Delaware Division of Corporations under file number 5385431.

We were unsuccessful in finding any connection that Savius, LLC is licensed to render investment options within the United States by the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC).

Training & Trading Signals


Savius, LLC renders what they refer to as the Remote Prop Training.

The Remote Prop Training is their benchmark coaching program for in-house and independent traders, meant for intermediate to advanced traders.

The course teaches their proprietary set ups, risk and trade management, and it helps the Junior Trader be prepare for live trading.

It includes a PDF manual, 6 month of video tutorials and a 1 month lease of their Algo Strategies.

Remote Prop Training costs $997.


The RadarScreen – Monitor up to 12 future symbols simultaneously to better gauge main trend, price divergences and trading opportunities.

Prop Indicators – Indicators used to aid traders to visualize price action scenarios such as support and resistance areas, price divergences, congestion areas and volume dynamics.

Trading Signals

Savius, LLC offers 3 different trading signal options as of January 24th, 2019.

(1) Savius Proprietary Trading Signals

Price: $169/month

Duration: 1 month

Included: 10 day free trial, radar screens, trading signals and package of indicators.

(2) Savius Proprietary Trading Signals

Price: $129/month ($387 total estimate)

Duration: 3 months

Included: 10 day free trial, radar screens, trading signals and add-on charting services.

(3) Savius Proprietary Trading Signals

Price: $99/month ($1,188 total estimate)

Duration: 12 months

Included: 10 day free trial, radar screens, trading signals and add-on charting services.

Savius Reviews

During the time of writing this review, Savius did not reflect much of a presence across the net.

We managed to find an old thread at ForexPeaceArmy but it really didn’t provide much relevant information.

Popularity was registered on September 24th, 2013 by Savius, LLC.

According to SimilarWeb, reflected a global rank of 4,022,122 with an Italy rank of 236,505 as of January 24th, 2019.

Savius LLC does not appear popular apart from being semi-reputable in Italy.

Is Savius a Scam?

There really isn’t enough concrete information to classify Savius, LLC as a scam.

Their corporate entity checks out, although they could be a bit more transparent with investors and provide better means of communication.

To add, Savius does not appear to be regulated by the CFTC while failing to mention anything regarding licensing and regulation on their site.

Given their lack of regulatory approval, we do not advise consumers to invest with Savius.

Outcome: Savius should be pursued at OWN Risk.


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