Dog Lab Scam Exposed – Complaints Shared Here!

This is an urgent public service announcement regarding a trending scam known as the dog lab scam.

The dog lab scam, featured at, pretends to sell a vast array of dog products at remarkably low prices.

Apart from the consumer complaints we’ve shared for you below, Dog Lab reflects several discrepancies that we will point out for you throughout this review!

To get the full scoop, we invite you to read our unbiased review where we debunk the scam.

Why Dog Lab is a Scam

  • Many consumers report being scammed
  • Dog-lab reflects a bad online trust rating
  • Dog Lab claims to be incepted in 2010 yet the site was created June of 2019
  • Claims to have several branches but fail to disclose any physical addresses
  • The site operates with blatant anonymity and ignores consumer emails

About Scam

Dog Lab talks a big game and reflects the sort of site template that makes them appear credible but the simple truth of the matter is that Dog Lab is not legit.

Everything that you see featured on the site has been fabricated in one way or another while the volume of discrepancies that you can churn up by digging deep enough is disturbing.

Claiming to have been started in 2010, Dog Lab goes on to state they are the ‘first and only’ premier facility for dogs.

To be honest, the creators behind this scam were meticulous and thought each element through considerably which is rare for us to come across in regards to discount online retail scams.

Among the category of goods supported at Dog-Lab include:

  • Dog Beds & Houses
  • Dog Carriers
  • Dog Clothing
  • Dog Collars & Harnesses
  • Dog Feeding & Watering
  • Dog Grooming
  • Dog Toys & Activity
  • Dog Training
  • Home Decor
  • Jewelry
  • Socks
  • Stationary
  • T-shirts & Sweatshirts
  • Tech Accessories

Every product featured at Dog-Lab reflects a discount, most of which are up in the 80% off range.

Contacting Dog Lab Scam

While Dog Lab states that they have multiple branches nested through the US and UK, there is no reference to a physical location or telephone number relating to any of these branches.

The only contact information we are given would be the email address

When we visit the sites Terms & Conditions, the only reference we have to any identifying information would be “we” and as you can deduce that brings us no closer to finding out who is responsible for this scam.

As a whole, Dog Lab operates with intentional anonymity and as a result, should be avoided due to their lack of transparency.

Dog Lab Complaints

Here are some consumer complaints we found online:

Jackie – “dog-lab scammed me. I contacted the doglab blog by mistake and they told me to file a chargeback with my bank. When I did that, I got my money back through the bank. I advise that if you have been scammed, you do the same, contact your bank and file a chargeback.”

Dorene Wagler – “I was scammed by dog-lab. Thank goodness my bank caught it and called me. These people were trying to use my card at 3 different places. Please do not order anything from this fake website!! It definitely is a SCAM”

Jana K Scheck – “I tried to order 2 dog beds and my charge went to some limosine service and it was a re-occurring chage to boot. not even to dog-lab…my bank gave me back my money also..I did notice too that I had a order number but no tracking # to trace my delivery…Do Not use this site it is a scam..”

Beekay – “I was scammed by Made the order, they debited my account, and never sent the product. No answer to my request for information or tracking number. Contacted my bank and reported them as fraudulent. The debit on my account was for a “luxury car wash” in London, England. My bank didn’t even have to investigate that one. Who’s going to travel from the US to London during a pandemic to get a car wash…eh? Steer clear. If it looks to good to be true…”

These consumer complaints were found at

Site Background

If you go visit WHOIS and run a domain report on you will notice how the site was created on June 19th, 2019.

Unfortunately, the site was registered with a privacy package so we are uncertain who is truly responsible for this scam.

Red Flags & Warning Signs

  1. Multiple reports of scam by shoppers
  2. The site shares no identifiable or reliable contact information
  3. reflects a 1% trust rating at ScamDoc
  4. Too Good To Be True Pricing on Products

Is Dog Lab a Scam?

Yes, Dog Lab is a deceptive online scam site.

Dog Lab Scam Review

Dog Lab is a cleverly crafted discount scam site targeting dog owners.

Products can be found discounted as high as 88% off while the site operates with intentional anonymity because they are not legitimate.

Despite how well-organized their site is, there were several faults in the storyline and statements made on their site that further pile up the discrepancies.

If you’ve been scammed we urge you to visit our Scam Fighting Guide so that you can take the necessary steps you need to recover your stolen funds.

Outcome: Dog Lab is a scam!

Blacklisted Site:

What are your thoughts? Is Dog-Lab a scam?

Please share any feedback, thoughts or experiences you have below!

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  1. Gwen Arrigon

    I ordered 2 dog beds 3/18/20. I have order confirmation but not able to track order or get a response from the company. At this point I just want my money back

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