Elesites Review – Is EleSites.com a Legit Online Shopping Site?

Elesites dot com is an online shop which products in the following niches:

  • sandal & slippers
  • dress
  • home & garden

Some of the listed prices however seem too good to be true though which made us wonder if Elesites could be a scam.

Also what is that name, Elesites? Suspicious…

To find out if you can trust Elesites.com or whether it’s another retail scam, read on!

Preliminary Checks

The domain Elesites.com was registered on May 31, 2021 for one year. This report was written on July 27, 2021 so just two months have passed.

It was only registered for one year is worrying. Compare with Amazon.com which will expire in October 2024 and eBay in August 2022. Reputable sites purchase their domains for a long period not just to make use of the discount they can thereby receive, but also because they know they will be around and that the domain will retain its value even if they don’t.

They are also using a privacy service to hide their identity.

The website is not at all popular and seems to neither get traffic, nor has any backlinks from other websites.


Now, we’re ready to visit the website.

Who is behind elesites.com?

Choc Trading Co., LTD (more on that in the Review Conclusion.)

Their contact information:

  • Telephone: +447727437648
  • Address: 39 Mark Road Hemel Hempstead, Hertz, Hertfordshire, England, HP2 7DN.
  • Email: service@elesites.com

Plugging the address to Google maps returns a building in the UK called Forsyth House. Interestingly, there’s a company providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services at this address, according to Google Maps, which may be the owner of the site or just a service provider for them. Their website address is: seomarketingus.com, which strangely lists a Pakistan address: Ancholi Block 18 Gulberg Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan.

Other than that nothing. No LinkedIn or any other social media profiles.

Finally, remember there’s truth in the old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

To take just one example, a “High-Performance Neck Fan” is sold at elesites.com for $23.99 while at Amazon.com the same product (which in reality is Trilink Bladeless Neck Fan with 360° Airflow, Portable Hands-Free Small USB Fan) costs $32.98.


By now we are quite certain that elesites.com is a scam. What about some feedback from people who bought from them?

We could fine none online except for a Facebook page belonging to Elesites.com: facebook.com/Elesites-102953752021672/. While there are not yet any reviews for the page, they cannot hide the angry faces and SCAMMERS! memes that people have responded with to their posts.

EleSites.com Review Conclusion

In the process of investigating Elesites, we have discovered a whole network of fraudulent online shopping websites.

Other sites which may be part of this network include:

  • gogavu.com
  • ownlovely.com
  • lobalshop.com
  • prokity.com
  • milkimo.com
  • malivae.com
  • cocosmall.com
  • cocosnity.com
  • bluemoonbrand.com
  • uduzo.com
  • fashiclothing.com
  • bluepoposhark.com
  • huloty.com
  • hawi.store
  • supermall24h.site
  • backpackmart.xyz
  • nioter.com
  • moaloi.com
  • crisiyicom.com
  • vishime.com
  • swimlifes.com
  • tecwikai.com
  • welerr.com
  • maisliay.com
  • zabiney.com
  • fanesiy.com
  • chaspell.com
  • mysticalfa.com
  • orangelia.com
  • closeland.com
  • gooushow.com
  • kuztie.com
  • yanore.com
  • honsick.com
  • buhuly.com
  • oamisly.com
  • pensicy.com
  • hipnine.com
  • poniyy.com
  • grassphy.com
  • homders.com
  • hoaily.com
  • watchmeruns.com
  • malisami.com
  • shynelife.com
  • kugust.com
  • guozhizi.com
  • cholith.com
  • yogtrey.com
  • finebr.com
  • maloryx.com
  • kabhjh.com
  • freedomaa.com

And the list goes on and on!

Many of these websites are no longer active and have been exposed as scams by many scam review websites. There are a lot of user complaints, including to the payment processing providers (e.g., PayPal) and to the police. Yet nothing is being done. For example, regarding cocosnity.com we have found many negative reviews at onlinethreatsalert.com, mainly from people who tried to purchase cheap ice makers. For example:

Cocosnity.com is a SCAM! They’re still scamming people on Facebook! I ordered this icemaker too and received NOTHING!

On their FB page, someone left the following comment, which has been left unanswered since June 4, 2021:

I ordered an ice maker March 18th. The order was received, but no delivery or notice of an impending delivery.

By now, it should be pretty certain to everyone reading this that elesites.com is nothing but a retail scam.

We were able to find that the company name used by most of these websites, including elesites.com, CHOC TRADING CO., LIMITED, company #13275162, at 39 MARK ROAD, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, HERTZ, HERTFORDSHIRE, HP2 7DN is a private registered company active since March 18, 2021.

According to secret-bases.co.uk, it is owned by Yanbo ZHAO (A 22 years old British person with the address 23, St. Matthews Gardens, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 2PH) and Peng ZHOU (A 72 years old person from China with the address Rm 23, Bldg. 1, No. 10 Fulong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China, 266000). It seems like Peng ZHOU started the company and later appointed Yanbo ZHAO as an additional director.

Yanbo ZHAO is also registered as the director of another company: LANDBASE TRADING CO., LIMITED.

Please do not buy from unverified online shopping sites, such as elesites.com, subscribe to ScamFinance.com, and share our reviews with your friends to help prevent people from falling for such scams.

If you suspect that you’ve been scammed or want to inquire about a specific website, feel free to comment below this review.


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