Review – Do you Really Trust them?

SurveyJ dot co calls itself an earning network that supposedly monetizes social media traffic. Their website makes some bold claims about the earnings potential. Nonetheless, there is no proof to support most of their claims.

They are said to be working with some popular Instagram influencers, but we could not find any link between them and the popular online personalities. Creators and founders for some reason are operating from the shadows.

Moreover, their platform also does not provide any contact information. We do not understand their revenue model and their longevity does not look promising in any way. User feedback about them is also not great and as expected, general consensus is pointing south.

Making money from home is certainly possible and the Pandemic has proven that. However, chasing easy money on the web is not recommended because there will always be a hidden catch somewhere in the equation.

If you are interested in joining this platform, then read this review and we are pretty sure that it will help you make the right decision.

Preliminary Check

This website does not necessarily ask for too much information at first, but that does not mean that they are flawless. If you sign up with them, then the way they handle the data is not clear and given the signs they exhibit, we do not have high expectations about them.

SSL certificate is present. The data collected by this platform is encrypted. On the positive note, their website is not flagged by any software or search engine.

Unfortunately, we could not find details about the owners as they have used a paid service to remain hidden. Domain age is around 3 months, but they do get boat loads of traffic. mainly appears to be targeting people from the United States. Needless to say, most of their traffic comes from social media platforms. As far as domain rankings go, they have an authority score of 26.

Backlink profile is strong and over 140 websites link out to them. With the kind of traffic they get, the amount of user reviews available is scarce and that is always a red flag. Website

If you land on homepage, you will be hit with a lot of data and bold claims. According to them anyone can get started with their interface and start making as much as $500 daily.

The payout per click is said to be around $2 and for every referral you bring on board, a $15 reward is promised. Obviously, the rewards are way too enticing and any online marketer would fall in love with these numbers.

However, before we drift to the dream world, we need to ask ourselves, is it really possible? If making money online was that easy, then why isn’t everyone involved with it?

Once you start focusing on the rational explanation, their dirty side becomes evident and it acts like a repellent. No legitimate site can afford to pay $2 to every click because the advertisers never pay that much for random users.

Making $500 per day using a survey site is also not possible on a consistent basis and anyone that disagrees is likely to be a newbie. Moving on to the amount paid out to the users, the figure is said to be over 7 million dollars.

Given the kind of traffic they receive, they cannot possibly afford to pay that much. Moreover, there is no evidence provided by them either. As the flaws in their stories are crystal clear.

We urge everyone not to associate with this fraudulent platform in any way. If they really were working with 1,600 plus ad sponsors, then why in the world are they not grabbing all the top spots in the niche related forums? User Feedback

There are a lot of testimonials and positive comments displayed on their website. If you zoom in on the images, it becomes clear that there is no way to verify the authenticity. Plus, the identity of the users are also not revealed.

In other words, social proof showcased by them is most probably generated by bogus profiles. A lot of sketchy services create fake feedback sections to artificially enhance their profile.

Thankfully, time will always reveal the real side of every organization on planet Earth. On Trustpilot, people are bashing this service and the ratings will tell you everything you need to know. We have hand picked a couple of comments to give you a bird eye view.

Scam! Completed several offers and surveys and my record of it just up and disappears out of nowhere, thus, not making me complete the required tasks to get offers. Not disappointed about the loss of invisible money lol some things are too good to be true, but disappointed that I wasted a couple hours doing so. Oh..and was supposed to receive over 1k…yea right lol.

It is one of those “too good to be true” nightmares, where the app disappears, and they put some other useless garbage in it’s place. They asked me the same questions 3 times, as if I weren’t very serious about my first answer? I was supposed to get 40$ or something just to register …yeah, right. Who is regulating the advertisements on YouTube? The advertisemnt seems to have gone viral on there.

Referral Scheme offers a referral program. Promoters supposedly get flat $15 for every new member they bring on board. Payments are said to be processed instantly. The funny thing is that they have not mentioned the withdrawal options.

Moreover, information on things like minimum payment threshold and other associated policies are not covered clearly by them. In other words, they do not seem to be bothered about this aspect and the chances of affiliates getting paid are slim to none.

Do not waste your time with them and for your own good, work only with reputable platforms. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with online marketing, but you should know which networks to avoid. Verdict does not work with any reputable sponsors. Their ad network is not set up in the conventional way. Operational model is beyond flawed and we do not have a clue about the kind of things they might do with user’s data.

Payment claims are also bogus and no contact information is featured by them. User feedback is also not only overwhelming but also concerning.

Fortunately, the facts are all clean as a whistle and based on the data, the best thing to do would be to avoid them completely. Remember, data is the new digital gold and sketchy platforms try their best to acquire it.

So, be on high alert and whenever things appear way too easy, rush in the opposite direction.

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