FolioSika Scam Review: Linked with 2 Scam Sites is a basic home goods and kitchen online retail scam.

Foliosika is targeting urban and women demographics.

Reflecting identical About Us templates with two other scam sites that we’ve just recently exposed, foliosikia is a deceptive retail trap.

To get the full scoop read our honest review.

About FolioSika Scam

Foliosika claims to be an online store dedicated to bringing you the best deals on various products.

Among the inventory of goods featured at foliosika include:

  • cookware
  • kitchen utensils
  • pots & pans

The site reflects a minimalist structure and an identical site template with other retail scam sites such as and

Many of the goods featured at Foliosika appear as combination sets so don’t allow their lower prices to lure you into a purchase.

Nothing is actually for sale at

Contacting FolioSika

There are no identifying information or contact methods shared at

The contact us page features a contact submission form but we still lack reference to a corporate entity, physical address or something as simple as a telephone number.

The operators behind foliosika are trying to remain anonymous and free of liability but making sure to exclude any identifying elements on their site.

FolioSika Linked Scams

Over the past week we have exposed the TailorOrp Scam and HalterVlo scam.

Foliosika is one of the same clone sites except features different product goods.

The site structure, page policies, About Us template and site elements are identical to one another.

We aren’t sure how many more scam iterations there are in cahoots with these con-artists but we will update this list as frequently as possible.

WHOIS Report

Foliosika was a privately registered site created on November 27th, 2019.

The site is set to expire on November 27th, 2020.

Red Flags

  1. Operates anonymously
  2. Shares no contact methods
  3. Features Too Good To Be True Pricing
  4. In known affiliation with other retail scams

Is a scam?

Yes, is a scam.

Foliosika Scam Review

Foliosika is a deceptive online retail scam.

Likely created by oversea entities who don’t know an honest days work in their life, the operators behind foliosika are hiding behind their anonymity.

In both the HalterVlo and TailorOrp scams, the operators provided fabricated contact and identifying information that we went on to expose in both scam reviews, however, the operators decided to remain completely anonymous for their foliosika scam iteration.

If you have been scammed by Foliosika make sure you contact your financial institution, initiate a chargeback and request a new payment card.

Verdict: Foliosika is a scam.

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