SingleCare Scam Review: What You Should Know

There is growing discussion as to whether or not SingleCare is a scam.

To quickly provide you with an answer, we believe that they are not a scam.

However, that does not mean that there are things that you shouldn’t know about Single Care before utilizing their services.

To learn how SingleCare works and if their free prescription discount card can save you money we invite you to read our concise review.

What is SingleCare?

SingleCare is the marketer of a free prescription discount card.

Their free prescription card is accepted at major pharmacies such as:

  • CVS
  • Target
  • Longs Drugs
  • Walmart
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market
  • Walgreens
  • Albertsons
  • Kroger
  • Harris Teeter

According to, SingleCare partners directly with pharmacies which enables them to offer you lower prices.

In exchange, they receive a small fee from their pharmacy partners when you use your SingleCare card to save, which is how they offer their services to you for free.

So why do pharmacies do business with SingleCare if they are losing profits?

Allegedly pharmacies choose to do business with SingleCare because they have understandable business practices, keep their pricing consistent while helping bring customers to their pharmacy.

Additionally, SingleCare claims not to rent, sell or share any personally identifiable information of any individual who uses their cards due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

SingleCare Outreach

You may have received an offering from SingleCare through postal mail.

How exactly consumers’ information is being gathered for their mailing offers we are uncertain.

SingleCare Services, LLC

Despite the curious outreach tactics of SingleCare, SingleCare Services, LLC is a legitimate business entity verifiable through the Better Business Bureau.

Detailed at BBB would be how SingleCare Services, LLC has been a registered business entity since January 23rd, 2014, reflects an A+ BBB Rating along with BBB Accreditation which occurred on July 17th, 2019.

Below are the contact methods we found regarding SingleCare Services, LLC:

99 High St., FL 28, Boston, MA 02110-2320.

Provider Support
(800) 960-6918

Customer Support
(844) 234-3057

Social Platforms

SingleCare Reviews

Out of 728 reviews found at TrustPilot, SingleCare reflects a 4.2 out of 5 rating.

Shared below are a few of the most relevant reviews we found:

Tena Carpenter – “I made the dr appointment got the prescription just like the single care said. A 60 quantity if 30mg Lansoprazole. the generic for Prevacid. I was sent the coupon trough messenger. I took it to Walgreens as stated and the price was almost 36.00, not 12.48 as the coupon stated. I buy it at HEB with GoodRX for 12.00 for 30 pills. So even if I double it that is still only 24.00. Walgreens said they always adjust the actual cost when it is run. Good RX does not do this if you have a coupon for 12.00 then the medication is 12.00. Disappointed.”

Cricket33 – “Simple and easy to use. Any savings on out of control prescription prices are welcome! Thank you SingleCare!”

Rosemary M. – “Already did one of these a few days ago. With todays prices for medication it is nice to get help. I totally appreciate that help. Thank you”

Is a Scam?

No, SingleCare is not a scam.

Can SingleCare Save You Money?

Yes, the SingleCare free prescription discount card can save you money, in fact, it has helped many consumers save hundreds of dollars of their prescriptions.

SingleCare Scam Review

SingleCare is not an insurance offer but rather a free prescription discount card.

Many major pharmacies support SingleCare and have been used by hundreds of people across the US to save money on their prescriptions.

It is important to remember that SingleCare quotes out their prescription estimates, they are not fixed rates as sometimes consumers have implied.

All-in-all, if you are looking to save money on prescriptions then SingleCare may be the option you need.

Additionally, SingleCare is now found in the Apple and Google PlayStore, so you can take your virtual card on the go.

Outcome: SingleCare is NOT a scam.


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  1. Jannia East

    I checked one of my prescriptions on single care to see if it would be better than using goodrx like I usually do. To my surprise singlecare did not even offer Sumatriptan in tablets at all, which my prescription calls for and goodrx delivers for me.

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