SocialBounty.Co Scam Review – 7 Reasons to Avoid This SCAM!

Avoid the social bounty ( scam.

Claiming that members can generate $500 today, Social Bounty is a trending scam that is targeting unsuspecting social media users with ill-founded and misleading solicitous offers.

Not only are the income assertions unrealistic but so are the fake testimonials that we discovered integrated into the middle of their homepage.

Let us share with you the 7 reasons why Social Bounty is a scam and WHY you should avoid this scam at all costs!

  1. Fake Background Story
  2. Fake Testimonials
  3. Fake Founding Members
  4. Lack of Reputability
  5. Social Bounty Payments (FAKE)
  6. Terms & Conditions Flaws
  7. Unverified Contacts

1. Fake Background Story

“We started our journey in 2012 when the CEO of Social Bounty Kiya Kramaric saw high demand for brand deals on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.”

Social Bounty claims to have been founded back in 2012.

Yet, a WHOIS report will reveal that their site was created less than a month ago on December 28th, 2019.

Unfortunately the site was privately registered so we are unable to gather any leads as to who is truly behind the Social Bounty scam.

2. Fake Testimonials

Debunked in the image below are some of Social Bounty’s testimonials.

As you can see, these ‘testimonials’ are nothing more than images taken online.

3. Fake Founding Members

After discovering the fake testimonials we wanted to run the same background test on the “Founding Members” of Social Bounty.

As suspected, the Founding Members of Social Bounty are nothing more than stock images.

4. Lack of Reputability

Social Bounty claims to be the #1 Influencer Earning Network.

Yet they are relatively unknown across various social media platforms.

Additionally, we’ve encountered similar scam iterations such as:


Both of which are exposed as scams on our site.

5. Social Bounty Payments (FAKE)

The payment proofs shared at are about as convincing as their fabricated user testimonials.

There are no user-verified transaction records shared and none of the alleged payment cases they provide have been verified as authentic.

6. Terms & Condition Flaws

If you took the time to comb through the Terms & Condition Policy of Social Bounty you may be surprised to find out that anyone under the age of 99 is NOT eligible to use their services (this is how these scam operators are trying to avoid liability.)

7. Unverified Contacts

Social Bounty doesn’t provide verifiable contact methods.

They share the following address: 970 Pine Road, West Deptford, NJ 08096.

When researching the address it appears as residential housing in Google Maps.

Additionally we found the following two contact methods:

  • (202) 555-0199

Is Social Bounty a scam?

Yes, is a scam.

Social Bounty Scam Review

Social Bounty is a near scam clone to the ViralPay.Co Scam we exposed.

They both promised $500 daily profits, had similar site structures and elements along with reflected the same operational model.

Social Bounty claims to have over 50,000 members yet all they have shown us is deception through their fabricated Founders and testimonials.

Outcome: Social Bounty is a scam.

Blacklisted Site:

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