TailorOrp Scam Exposed – (Deceptive Retail Fraud with Proof)

TailorOrp is an online scam site posing as a credible online retailer.

The vast majority of the items “available for retail” at TailorOrp reflect highly discounted price rates while the retail entity as a whole shares ties with another fraud site that we just previously exposed as a scam.

Operating as a fake online retailer, TailorOrp.com employs deceptive ad marketing campaigns to funnel unsuspecting consumers into their retail trap.

To get the full scoop we invite you to read our unbiased review.

TailorOrp Scam

“We are an online store dedicated to bringing you the best deals on various products. With high-quality service and longstanding commitment to our customers, Tailororp continues to grow while setting new goals on providing a huge selection of the very best products, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service.”

This is the same About Us template used with at the HalterVlo.com Scam.

The address used in the HalterVlo scam is the same fabricated address we exposed in our haltervlo review where we showed that the their alleged headquartered don’t actually exist.

Additionally you can backtrace product images through Google to reveal other online ‘retailers’ that are currently also sporting this image on their website.

Contacting TailorOrp

There are no legitimate ways to contact operators of TailorOrp.

Their physical address is fabricated.

Their email tailororp@outlook.com is useless and so is their telephone number.

+1 6146953635

As a whole, TailorOrp.com operates with no valid contact methods and anonymously.

Shopping with TailorOrp

TailorOrp retail offers don’t exactly fit the typical retail model which is another reason why this scam was easier to spot.

They offer a varying collection of men, women, kids & mom apparel goods along with shoes, bags, beauty products, home and garden goods, legos and lego sets.

TailorOrp.com is structured to target the small family demographics of shoppers.

Middle-class working families primarily.

PayPal Warning

In the footer of their site TailorOrp incorporates the Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express and Discover logo icons to imply to consumers that those are their accepted payment methods.

Just because an online retailer supports PayPal does not make them legitimate, however.

Hundreds of consumers have been scammed by these scam sites that are stealing tracking numbers from various shipping carriers then pawning them off as their own purchase orders (when in reality they have nothing to do with their site to begin with.)

There are countless cases of this happening where consumers conducted PayPal chargebacks and lost their complaints because the scam entity provided stolen tracking numbers as their purchase order tracking numbers.

So if a site you are browsing fails to provide any verifiable forms of identifying or contact information you know they are likely a scam.

TailorOrp Reviews

There isn’t much feedback yet regarding the tailororp scam.

Some review sites have gone on to say that they do not recommend their platform but the reviews as a whole and their reasonings are quite vague – they are more click bate review type sites.

Background Check

As you can see the address disclosed is fictitious and reflects a deep history of scam affiliation with a multitude of fraudulent online retail sites.

Is tailororp.com a scam?

Yes, tailororp.com is a scam.

TailorOrp Scam Review

TailorOrp is a deceptive online scam site.

Operating as a fraudulent online retail site, tailororp solicits consumers to their platform through misleading advertisement campaigns conducted through search engines and social media outlets.

Sharing affiliation with a scam that we have previously exposed goes to show that TailorOrp is not trustworthy nor credible.

With these findings in mind we hereby close out our review with the following:

Verdict: Tailororp is a scam.

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  1. katherine prince

    i ordered Lego City and received 2 face masks

  2. Erica

    Paid for a lego set and received a bracelet. Total scam.

  3. Jon

    Paid for a lego set, got something entirely different from China. I did receive something, but not what I ordered!
    Not sure what my credit card company will do in this case.

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