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Get Summer Work ( is associated with Vector Marketing, a marketing agency that focuses their operations upon selling Cutco cutlery. Advertising their platform as an employment opportunity, Get Summer Work is actually redirected and hosted at

To learn whether or not the employment opportunities available through are legitimate or not, we encourage you to continue reading our factual review. Review

Get Summer Work is being promoted as an employment opportunity designated for those who are in their later years in high school or simply for those looking to earn more money. Functioning as Vector Marketing websites, and both serve as a platform used to generate potential employment leads for Vector Marketing.

For those of you who aren’t avid subscribers of ours, you may not have noticed how we have already reviewed Vector Marketing. To save you some time, the findings disclosed in our unbiased review lead us not to recommend this organization, nevertheless let’s continue onward with this review.

The employment opportunities made available through Get Summer Work involve marketing and sales work for home-related products. Those who apply through their site and complete the phone interview are instantly hired through the Vector Marketing corporation.

Once hired, employees will have to endure 5 courses while learning more information regarding their line of work. While we know from previous investigative research that Vector Marketing works solely in affiliation with Cutco cutlery, the spiel given to drive-in new team members would be that you will be selling home-related products to US consumers.

As community feedback will suggest, most new recruits who applied, went through the interview and attended the 5 classes had no REAL information regarding what their line of work truly involved.

It wasn’t until after the 5 courses that new recruits were told they would be functioning as a sale agent trying to sell Cutco cutlery and that in order to advance onward with your employment you will need to purchase your own knife set, which bear in mind can equate to a value easily over $300.

While we certainly consider this as a shady employment process, to put the icing on the cake, new employees were told that they would have to find their own clients. Which may work best for some new recruits, but oftentimes those looking for a part-time job are looking for more salary based work and not beat-around-the-bush employment offers. Feedback

If you took the time to conduct some research into Get Summer Work or Vector Marketing, you’ll likely encounter quite a bit of negative feedback relating to their employment offer.

Being labeled as a rip-off, a scam and a MLM scheme, the accusations against and Vector Marketing are hard to avoid.

Take Reddit, for example, which has quite the compilation of negative user experiences.

Vector Marketing Corporation, according to the Better Business Bureau, reflects a 100% negative customer review rating and has compiled over 50 complaints over the past 3 years alone.

Despite their longevity of being in business for over 70 years, the ethics being exhibited by this corporation sure does make us ponder the current management behind their organization.

To learn more, we encourage you to read our Vector Marketing review. Scam and are nothing more than Vector Marketing operations but with disguises.

Given the lack of upfront transparency regarding their employment process along with the countless negative user experiences with Vector Marketing, we simply cannot classify this earning opportunity as a trustworthy venture.

As we disclosed in our review above, does not appear to be a trustworthy earning opportunity, therefore we do not recommend committing with this organization or those affiliated with them.

With this in mind, we are recommending our subscribers to avoid GetSummerWork, WorkForStudents and Vector Marketing as a whole along with other third parties affiliated with their service.

Transparency is an absolute must when it comes to employment, make sure you only apply to legitimate and upfront earning opportunities!

Please feel free to share any experiences or insight you may in a comment below!


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