LowerMyBills.com Review – Scam or Safe to Use?

Lower My Bills (LowerMyBills.com) is an online portal designed to provide consumers with a free online service that could help lower the rates on monthly bills while reducing the cost of living.

Associated with the “Obama Mortgage Bailout” and Quicken Loans, the acquisition model employed from the managers behind Lower My Bills is not only curious but has resulted in wide scale complaints amongst consumers.

To learn more about LowerMyBills.com and determine whether their services are safe to use, we encourage you to continue reading our unbiased review.

What is LowerMyBills.com?

Lower My Bills functions as a lead generation site that renders financial services to consumers looking to reduce their monthly bills or save money overall. Those looking to reduce their mortgages, credit card debt, auto and life insurance bills are encouraged to utilize their service to be connected with service providers that can help you save money on your bills.

Main Service Criteria

  • Credit Cards
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Purchase
  • Home Refinance
  • Reverse Mortgage

How does LowerMyBills.com Work?

The service providers supported through Lower My Bills tend to be well-known agencies such as Quicken Loans. However, if you took a moment to browse the Terms and Conditions of Lower My Bills you may notice how you are agreeing to be contacted by third parties who are affiliated with LowerMyBills.com.

Which may not be a problem for some, but as you will learn later on in this review, community feedback regarding consumers reporting excess phone calls tends to be a reoccurring denominator.

Furthermore, LowerMyBills.com has little to no control over who calls you let alone how often you’re contacted, which means you may be contacted by several of their providers.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing due to creating more competitive offers on your end, dealing with the volume of phone calls or email inquiries doesn’t always sit the best with most consumers. Which is the reason why lead generation based websites tend to possess a negative reputation despite their legitimacy and value of their services.

What You Need To Share for Quoting

  • Full name
  • Credit score
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Employment info
  • Social security number

Who is Behind LowerMyBills.com?

There have been several reports since 2010 relating to questionable advertisements methods employed by LowerMyBills.com. Among the most common would be how Lower My Bills was allegedly affiliated with former President Obama’s Mortgage Bailout.

While research will go on to reveal that no program known as “Obama’s Mortgage Bailout,” has ever existed, that doesn’t mean Obama’s administration failed to render a consumer home finance program. In fact the only program implemented for homeowners refinance by the Obama administration would be the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), which expired 12/31/2018.

These misconceptions were heavily clouded while quite clearly in the footer of their domain, LowerMyBills.com appears to be overseen by LMB Mortgage Services, Inc. Headquartered from 4859 Slauson Ave #405, Los Angeles, CA 90056, Lower My Bills can be reached through the following communication channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Mail to Office Location

According to recent research, LowerMyBills.com asserts that their platform functions as an Experian company, although they are considered to be a “different” branch. All communication measures pursued through Experian relating to Lower My Bills will not only be ignored but deemed fruitless. Lastly, Lower My Bills has been reported through numerous channels to be a partnered with Quicken Loans, one of their approved service providers.

Community Consensus

Due to the nature of being a lead generation site and selling their clients information to their affiliated service providers, LowerMyBills.com has naturally received quite a bit of backlash and negative feedback.

Among the most common complaints would be excessive phone calls and emails, a drop in credit score due to hard credit inquiries along with horrible service experiences.

While LowerMyBills.com makes it quite clear throughout their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that consumers may be contacted by affiliated third parties, oftentimes the bombardment and shady tactics sometimes utilized by their service providers result in misconduct and unethical business practices.

To learn more about the feedback regarding LowerMyBills.com, visit ConsumerAffairs.

Is Lower My Bills Safe to Use?

A problem associated with lead based generation sites such as LowerMyBills.com would be how they are affiliated with an excess network of service providers. The overload of service providers available through Lower My Bills can result in a single consumer inquiry receiving dozens of phone calls and emails throughout a 36 month duration.

While Lower My Bills appears to be operating by the book, some of their associated partners do not appear to be. Given their questionable marketing advertisements, some of their associated partners and the abundant negative feedback relating to their service we would not recommend LowerMyBills.com to consumers.

LowerMyBills.com Review Conclusion

LowerMyBills.com operates by the book although an unknown selective quantity of their affiliated service providers do not appear to operate in the most ethical manner. If you are suffering financially and are looking to reduce your bills then you could consider utilizing their platform and compare your offers amongst competing service providers.

Outcome: LowerMyBills.com should be pursued at own risk!

Official Site: LowerMyBills.com

Do you have any experience or insight to share regarding LowerMyBills.com? Please share any feedback you may have in a comment below!


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