Immediate Edge is a Fake Trading App Scam!

Immediate Edge ( is nothing more than a fake cryptocurrency trading system rigged to deceive inexperience day traders out of their hard-earned money.

Relying upon pressure-inducing widgets and highly unrealistic income guarantees, the Immediate Edge App employs all the tricks in the books to make you more susceptible to signing up with their scam.

To find out WHY we are ruling the Immediate Edge App as a scam we invite you to read our unbiased and factual review.

What is Immediate Edge?

The Immediate Edge App is marketed as the ‘World’s Most Intelligent Crypto Software’ although in actuality it is nothing more than another bogus HYIP (high yield investment program).

Allegedly, the Immediate Edge can generate day traders between $950 to $2,200 on a daily basis while their site does an excessive job of trying to make their operation seem more legitimate by incorporating countless testimonials everywhere.

The sad fact of the matter is, none of the testimonials incorporated into the framework of are legitimate, instead they are nothing more than stock photos as seen in the image below.

Even the little user reel highlighting day traders “profits” are fake.

Furthermore, the pressure-inducing widget at the top of the site which reflects an “x” amount of available spots left is not real, all site visitors have to do is refresh the page and the available spots resets.

Who is Behind Immediate Edge?

In the promotional video featured at, Edwin James is presented as the entity behind the Immediate Edge App.

No visual representation of Edwin James is ever presented throughout the duration of their elementary pitch video since the entire video is voiced over.

In an attempt to dig up any leads in regards to Edwin James we investigated social media platforms and the web but were unable to find anything to validate the entity Edwin James.

Given the fact that every testimonial used at Immediate Edge are phony, we imagine that Edwin James is nothing more than a phony alias.

Apart from that, does not disclose any other source of ownership information, fails to provide any communication methods while failing to provide transparency of their alleged trading success.

Disclosed in the footer of ImmediateEdge would be the corporate entity Immediate Edge LTD, although we were unable to verify the legitimacy of this corporate entity across multiple business registrars.

To add, Immediate Edge fails to provide any communication methods while blatantly withholding any information that can be used to identity them – definitely not characteristics you want when dealing with an investment opportunity.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was incepted on February 17th, 2019 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to SimilarWeb, does not reflect a market intelligence rating, which can be contributed to their recent inception and lack of reputability.

How does Immediate Edge Work?

The Immediate Edge App does NOT work.

Let’s get that set in stone.

Despite whatever the site may tell you or their crooked promotional video, the Immediate Edge App is not an effective or profitable trading solution.

According to their site, the Immediate Edge App functions with a secret trading algorithm that enables the system to generate a whooping 98.9% success rate.

Supposedly the Immediate Edge is fully automated, installs in seconds on any computer or mobile device and comes with a, “Zero Risk, Immediate Reward” concept.

Let’s us reiterate, however, that investing is NEVER risk-free!

Let alone when it comes riddled with a sleazy investment solution built upon fabricated lies and deceit.

Immediate Edge Reviews

Immediate Edge does not reflect the best presence across the web.

Many review portals have caught on that the Immediate Edge App is a trading scam while other portals are endorsing the Immediate Edge App heavily with empty-promises and heavily littered affiliate links.

Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

Yes, the Immediate Edge App is a Scam!

Immediate Edge Scam Conclusion

The Immediate Edge App is a highly misleading cryptocurrency HYIP.

Promoting some of the most unbelievably high income assertions while operating as a completely anonymous trading operation, it is evident that the only thing that the creators behind the Immediate Edge are after would be your hard-earned money.

Relying upon fabricated user testimonials and pressure-inducing widget to appear more legitimate than they truly are just goes to shows that some con-artists will stop at no length as long as you’re more likely to invest with them.

Do not only yourself but others a courtesy by avoiding the Immediate Edge App scam.

Outcome: Immediate Edge is a SCAM!

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