Deep Sentinel Review – Home Security System

Deep sentinel is a proactive home security system that promises to intervene with possible threats, rather than record them.

Through an advanced process which will be explored more elaborately below, the system scans a perimeter set around your house for suspicious individuals. When an intruder is observed, the system connects your security system to a team of ‘sentinel agents’, streaming the live footage straight to their computers.

You can think of these agents as virtually present guards. They in turn have the ability to fend off the assailant thanks to the two way speakers the security system uses. When the offender does not oblige, law enforcement is contacted and sent immediately to your house.

This approach is meant to, on one hand, lower or even eradicate the number of false alarms other security systems struggle with, when for example a swaying branch or wandering dog causes the alarm to trigger.

On the other hand it’s supposed to assure that law enforcement will arrive there within minutes of the intruder’s arrival, narrowing the time window they have to cause any actual damage.

How deep sentinel does this is elaborated in the sections below.

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How it works

The setup

Using wireless equipment and sensors, Deep Sentinel sets a perimeter around your house. The cameras feature a 130* viewing angle, ensuring every centimeter of your property is being scanned for threats.

Enabling a longer battery life, the cameras are only activated when something moves in their wide field of vision. The Deep Sentinel website mentions the time needed to activate the system is a mere 250 milliseconds, making it one of the fastest cameras on the market.

They also sport a resolution of 1080, making for clear footage even when watched on a high definition television.

What is recorded is sent to the intelligent hub. This hub uses AI to distinguish between threats and everyday traffic like birds, squirrels and objects moved by wind. Only relevant imagery is or ought to be stored, eliminating the amassing of useless footage.

The hub is kept inside your house, and like mentioned above only contacts the sentinel agents when a possible threat is detected, granting them access to a live stream. This enables them to make out whether there’s actual danger or not.

The method of prevention

When the AI detects a threat, the system is immediately connected to the deep sentinel agents who now get access to live footage of your property, both audio and video.

What makes deep sentinel stand out of the home security system crowd is its two way audio system and the fact that actual people are monitoring your perimeter. This means the agents not only hear what’s going on outside your house, they also get to intervene and ward off intruders through a speaker system.

The ‘budding burglar’ will be informed of the fact that his presence is known and not desired, and will receive a stern warning. When the intruder does not heed the warning, law enforcement is contacted and, since there’s actual footage of the attempted crime, they will prioritize the case. This ascertains a quick arrival and the prevention of any crime being committed. In any case you are notified of the event, whether prevention succeeded or not.

The app

As opposed to what some sources declare, the system does come with an interactive app. The app, among other things, allows you to check what people and vehicles passed your house and when, as well as which agent reviewed the event (and whether it was considered a threat or not).

It gives you a list of cameras and the option to cancel certain push notifications, giving you the choice whether you want to know whenever a person or vehicle crosses your property or not.

You also get to pause the cameras for specific amounts of time for when, for example, you’re having a party and are expecting quite a few people entering and leaving the house.

The key differences

The main differences between deep sentinel and most other home security systems are, without the doubt, the use of AI to distinguish between foe and friend, the virtual presence of a guard, and the two way audio system.

Furthermore, Deep Sentinel consciously opted for cameras that are less discrete. They’re supposed to be noticed, and scare off thieves right away.


Since the product hasn’t been for sale for long, not many downsides have been reported so far. What should be considered when buying the product, however, is whether you’re willing to pay not only for the cameras and intelligent hub, but for a monthly subscription to the extensive service that comes with it.

At the time of writing, the system itself is on sale, but at a rough $400 it’s still not cheap. If you were to purchase it right now, you’d invest $998 for a year of some very intense protection. The next year you’d pay about $600 – if, of course, the price doesn’t go up.

Whether that’s a price you’re willing to pay for security is, as always, up to you.

There has been some speculation online regarding the battery life, as deep sentinel claims the batteries last for at least six months. Batteries however react differently to different temperatures – so that lifespan may vary depending on where you live. What happens when the cameras go down when you’re on a holiday, is unknown.

What people say

The deep sentinel home security system is a rather new addition to the security market. Luckily we were able to find some user testimonies, and the website provides some video testimonials.

Those who tried the beta version and turned to the internet to comment had nothing but positive feedback.

Customers also noted that installing the system went very smoothly, and the app is described as intuitive and useful.

A lot of users compliment the system on the feelings of safety and the peace of mind guaranteed by the fact that an actual person is monitoring your premise, and that you yourself are able to communicate with them through the system.

The deep sentinel demonstration video found online depicts a woman coming home, followed by a masked individual. A voice alerts the woman of the threat, and addresses the assailant directly, informing him he is being watched and recorded. Despite the slightly comical tone of the video, deep sentinel does make a strong point here: sometimes, the bad guys aren’t just after your stuff.

On another note Joe, one of the sentinel users, reported the system stopped a package from being stolen – something that might prove useful for an increasing number of people with the rise of online shopping.

It’s very ensuring to know there’s someone out there watching your back, ready to send help. For some first-hand experience with the product, you can watch this video on YouTube, uploaded by a man who owns a deep sentinel system and has tried other systems in the past.

Deep Sentinel Review Conclusion

So there we have it: a fairly costly but promising home security system.

If it lives up to the expectations, and we have reason to believe it will, it could prove to be a wise investment and will grant you the peace of mind you’re without a doubt looking for.

The majority of people who tried the system seem to have found just that – will you?


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