JakHomes.org Review | The Ole Bait-and-Switch

JakHomes (JakHomes.org) is an interesting operation that reflects the ole bait and switch site model.

Unfortunately, during the time of writing this review, JakHomes.org did not reflect virtually any consumer feedback across the web while the operation itself functions through mysterious URL redirections.

To find out more regarding JakHomes.org and whether there affiliated domains is right for you, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About JakHomes.org

We won’t deny that the process of investigating and reviewing JakHomes.org was kind of aggravating.

While JakHomes.org is a hot site being heavily searched, the site itself serves as nothing more than a redirect to a couple of different domains.

The whole premises behind these interworking domains would be to serve as affiliate links for consumers who are currently looking for homes for sale or foreclosures.

Given the excessive volume of affiliate links employed, the creators behind JakHomes.org are seeking nothing more than to receive a commission from consumers by redirecting them to various real estate portals that consumers could navigate and find easily on their own.

Further research into JakHomes.org indicates that their site was possibly created by an internet marketing company that focuses on lead generation.

So it is possible that the creators behind this site, whom appear to be quite effective at their jobs, are creating multiple domains with the intentions of racking up as many commissions as possible from unsuspecting consumers.

Whether the parameters of results generated by JakHomes.org affiliated domains actually fit the search criteria of consumers is a different story.

In addition to receiving commissions, one of the sites connected with JakHomes.org offers a $1 membership trial in order to use their services (which automatically employs a reoccurring billing cycle of $69 per month).

To learn more, we will discuss the bait-and-switch process below.

The Process

JakHomes.org Redirect

JakHomes does not reflect a site template because it serves as nothing more than a redirect to the following domain shared below.


Once consumers land at NetDirectin.org, they are immediately prompted with with a questionnaire regarding whether they would like to own a house for $385 per month, which is accompanied with no closing costs and no credit check.

No matter how you answer the prompts disclosed as NetDirectin.org, you are immediately advanced to the next section of the prompt.

In order to advance you are requested to share your first and last name, telephone number and email address.

It should be noted that NetDirectin.org is NOT a secure site, which means that any information submitted at that domain is at risk of exposure.

Never submit any personal or sensitive information on non-secured websites!

Once you finish the prompts and submit your information, you will be asked to verify your phone number and email address (which you can bypass but only temporarily).

Afterwards, you will be directed to the following site below.


The final destination of this confusing series of bait-and-switch sites lands consumers at Zip-Foreclosures.com.

Where consumers simply need to enter the zip code or city and state of which they wish to find foreclosures homes as low as $10,000.

While users are rendered results, in order to get any details regarding that particular home, you will have to enter your credit card information and enroll in their $1 trial membership.

Once your 30 day trial for your nominal trial free of $1.00 is over, consumers will have their payment method charged $69 per month until cancellation.

Shared in the Terms of Use of Zip-Foreclosures would be the following:


In other words, Zip-Foreclosures.com reserves the right to prematurely charge consumers payment methods without consent.

To add, Zip-Foreclosure also offers a 3-month membership where consumers will be billed $99.00 immediately upon registration.

We could not find any reference to a refund policy at Zip-Foreclosures.com, which means that they may not honor any refund requests made by consumers.

Domain Insight

Zip-Foreclosures was created on October 30th, 2010 by Dylan Trent of RequestResults, LLC.

We could not find an active BBB account regarding RequestResults, LLC but as we previously mentioned their corporation specializes in lead generation and internet marketing.

The disclosed registrant contact information of Zip-Foreclosures.com is as followed:

Name: Dylan Trent

Organization: RequestResults, LLC

Address: 1354 East Ave., Suite R#176, Chico, California 95926

Phone: +1 (530) 521-3552

Email: dylan@requestresults.com

JakHomes.org, on the other hand, was a privately registered domain that was recently created on September 20th, 2018.

Red Flags & Question Marks

As a whole, the interworking of this bait-and-switch URL redirections is very iffy, to say the least.

While JakHomes.org appears to be a reputable domain, it currently serves as nothing more than a URL redirect to the non-secure site NetDirectin.org.

Which requests you to share personal information across a non-secured server.

Where your submitted information goes afterwards is unclear to us or anyone else besides maybe those who are behind this operation.

For all we know your information could be sold across the web, which means your first and last name, telephone number and email address are all at risk.

Then of course we have the shady fee-service operation of Zip-Foreclosures, which states that they can charge a consumers payment method while failing to include a refund policy.

Is JakHomes.org Trustworthy?

All-in-all we do not find JakHomes.org and their connected domains all that trustworthy.

JakHomes.org Review Conclusion

As we mentioned from the beginning, the JakHomes.org operation is not only confusing but composed of a few different elements.

Working with a non-secure website is never a good indication or measure of legitimacy while the credibility of Zip-Foreclosures.com is still under investigation.

While we have no evidence to suggest that Zip-Foreclosures is not legitimate, we don’t necessarily agree with their business model.

When it comes to finding legitimate foreclosures within the real estate niche, we advise to use trusted entities that reflects good consumer feedback.

Outcome: Avoid JakHomes.org

Sites to Evade: JakHomes.org & Zip-Foreclosures.com

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!


  1. Dale Courtney

    I received a text from you saying you had homes for sell for $398 a month, no credit check,fast approvals, see listings on your sitejakHomes.org. How can I see the listings you speak of. My email address: moonpeopletrilogy@gmail.com, you already have my phone number.
    Dale M. Courtney

  2. joseluisramirez

    quisiera en espanol porfabor

  3. joseluisramirez

    quisiera informasion en espanol

    • BeckyD

      I got text from them 2X. I’m grateful for this review AND a poster’s telling what really happened… Or can… When you do the “STOP” response. I have a. App gotten. Free from Google play store, Call Blocker which does just that & keeps list. Also does some caller ID
      I got 3 from JAPAN! That’s how far my personal info got & I got dozens upon dozens of calls ALL liars, saying they heard I was looking for this or that, cway too involved to go into all here but simple list aAll Kinds of insurance, even those that sell Medicare supplement-like that aren’t with Medicare; cruise/vacation ppl wanting U to supposedly do a job for them on n on. They ring pho off the hook if U don’t answer This app will block them which you can choose, if you want, to silence all. I had to in order to sleep. I’m disabled & had insomnia for years that is improving & I want it to continue to. Luckily my son is grown but still hated having to do that. It started in JUNE & I tried ignoring-worst with exception of having the Blocker just shut me down for a period of time. As it slowed down (the onslought of calls) I found it better to answer. Most start with “hi this is Tom on a recorded line can U hear me ok? AN OLD TRICK… THEY GET U TO SAY” YES”, RECORDED IN YOUR VOICE & USE WHEREVER THEY WANT. LIKE “WANT OUR MEMBERDHIP? ‘
      They CAN use that yes for THAT if they’re of a mind to. Anyway my intent was to tell you I found way to enter their 5 digit number they use because I had to do a master reset on my phone & lost that app & list. Usually it’s there on your call list & U can tap it & block(even if not a typical pho#-I don’t really understand those off numbered things. They ARE used legit too
      SIGHHH… but these ppl mess w/their phone numbers badly but can. Still call you! Even making it appear they are in YOUR AREA CODE WHEN NOT., BEWARE.
      BUT APP is VERY USER FRIENDLY. Sorry if too long but felt it important & could be helpful for this text/STOP ISSUE problem, too.
      (AND the way things are, maybe many other things as well)

  4. CLoS

    I just got a text from these guys about rent to own and an additional message after that I could text “STOP” to the number to no longer receive future texts, but when I replied “STOP” and sent the text, I got another popup that said I could possibly be billed to send the text to this number from my cell phone account. I’m now wondering if they have found a way or will somehow find a way of billing my carrier for the reply text, who will in turn add the charge to my bill. And even if the charge is minimal, say .99 cents or something like that, then they can send the text to millions of unsuspecting people who will probably reply text “STOP” to that number in hopes of being removed from their spam list, and result in their reply texts unknowingly being used to bill our carriers. Lest say they charge 4.99 to 1 million people who respond with STOP then they stand to generate 5 million dollars just for getting someone to inadvertently reply to a spam text. This is just too much and should be illegal. I will be contacting my cell carrier to make sure that they cannot do this and that my carrier doesn’t allow this. If you look at the potential earnings possibilities with a scam like this then they can generate billions of dollars from unsuspecting cell phone users just for trying to stop an unsolicited text. Our cell phone carriers and government should guard us against these unwanted texts and prosecute those entities who perpetrate scams like these.

  5. Joan

    Stop sending scam text to my phone you freakin jerks. Jarkata sounds like its from india some where. if its not here in the america, i will not even look at it. you can’t block it off your phone to stop the stupid texts. someone needs to find out where this scamming criminal organization is. misrepresenting themselves as a legit business, stealing money from niave or trusting people.

  6. Michele Fritchie

    I got a text on my cellphone, and I knew it was a scam because it offered 3+2 homes for $385 a month. In my area that wouldn’t pay the utilities! Also, years ago, I was looking for cheap housing on the internet, and found a site–don’t remember what the name was–but they had you select the area you wanted to live in, then they listed rooms, apartments, townhouses, condos, and houses that started renting at $200 a month. Then they would list the amenities–whether it was furnished or not, smoking permitted, pets allowed, utilities provided, number of rooms/baths, etc., until you got to a link you had to click to show more details. You click that, and it would take you to a page where if you paid a $35 “membership fee” you would get the rest of the details, like the address, who to contact, etc.. I looked up the site, like I did here for JakHomes, and someone wrote that the owner of the site was unknown, operated in the shadows–no contact information–and if you wanted your fee back, they would tell you where the nearest place was. The place was described as having bullet-proof windows, and if you ask for your $35 back, they would only give you $25, saying the rest was for “processing” and was non-refundable. If asked who ran the outfit, they knew nothing. Turns out the properties–if you paid the $35– either didn’t exist, were not what they were advertised as being, were not for rent or sale, had once been rented but were now off the market, etc., etc.. You get the idea. Jakarta, huh? Hmmm, yep, sounds about right.

  7. Trish Greathouse

    I was contacted by someone from Jakhomes.org who transferred my to a law firm who insisted that this was a legitimate offer, She wanted my social security number and all this personal information. She insisted that it was the only way to secure the steps to start the rent to own process. She insisted that I needed to be enrolled in a credit repair program that would cost 60.00 a month and it shows the seller that you are indeed working to improve your credit to purchase their home. It sounded extremely fishy to me. She would not give me any company names or phone numbers to contract someone back. I did not give her anything. They still have not stopped texting me eventhough I have sent AT&T Spam Text their number multiple times.

  8. Sinead Centers

    Thank you for this review! I have been trying to find a home (rent-to-own/rent) online, since no one seems to use the newspaper anymore (lol), So, my Mother introduced me to this “Jakhomes.” I was trying to explain to her what Click-Bait was & she was sure this JH was a real site so LUCKILY I stumbled upon your review which completely explained EVERYTHING i was trying to say to her & it worked!! It completely deterred her! So thank you!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  9. Greg

    This is total scam and won’t stop bothering your cell phone. I’m from West Virginia…people who are pests like this are feed for alligators.

  10. Steve Phillios

    Jakhomes.org gets it”s info from renttoown.com. they are a bate and switch site as a previous review stated!

  11. Steve Phillios

    I was clicking on rent-to-own homes and came across the rent to own, or or. Org and this is a huge scam, they sell your info, they sell your email they sell your phone number you will b,e bombarded with scam spam and foreign rip off companies. Do not submit any information and please report this to the FTC Federal Trade Commission or leave a review on every site you can people need to be warned!

  12. Leah

    As a favor to a friend, I did some searching for rentals. A site came up regarding homes to rent/own, but on clicking I saw the prices looked inflated to me. It was necessary to enter my name and phone #. I have since been contacted by a Credit repair outfit who claimed to have gotten my info from the site to help fix my credit score to buy a home. I explained that I was looking for a home for a customer, was a licensed agent and asked what the brokerage name was. She couldn’t tell me that, but mentioned a law firm that was nationwide and that these were foreclosures. And back to the credit fix—until I told her my score was in the 800’s. She said originally she worked with a mortgage co but then said she was with Credit.com. This morning I got a text from 63400 from Jakhomes.org. Jakhomes.COM sells homes in Jakarta. The text was from Jakhomes.org. After googling it I saw this site (Thank you). What a nest of sketchy outfits/companies!

  13. Deanne Fleming

    I want to thank you for your honest review & insight into Jakhomes.org. What bothers me even more about this co, is the fact I heard of them by receiving a text from them on my cell!! I don’t know how they got my info but it adds to my reserve about them along with your thorough review. Thanks again!

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