Review – An Untrustworthy Marketplace?

GreatDeal AZ ( is a peculiar online platform that supports a wide range of consumer goods and products.

Unlike many of the recently incepted retailers that we have exposed as online scams, GreatDeal AZ employs a different approach and appears at first sight as a legitimate online retailer.

During the time of writing this review, we were unable to find any consumer feedback regarding GreatDeal AZ.

With this in mind, the aim of this impartial review would be to shed some light on this rather anonymous online retailer while providing with you the insight needed to make a more educated decision regarding their platform.

About GreatDeal AZ

GreatDeal AZ is structured as an online marketplace the supports select consumer goods and products.

Among the category of consumer goods supported at GreatDeal AZ would be as followed:

  • Jewelry
  • Clothing attire
  • Car and window decals
  • Home and office
  • Carrying bags
  • Electronics

Unlike many of these recently incepted retailers that we have exposed that bait consumer to shop with their platform by reflecting huge online saving margins, GreatDeal AZ does not entice consumer as aggressively through that channel.

While their price points are low to begin with, some select products that are trending tend to reflect lower price points which reflect online savings between 5% to 25% of what they assert is their products retail value.

What we found disturbing when investigating into GreatDeal AZ would be how they essentially copy and pasted the About Us section from

While oftentimes we prefer to give the first established site the benefit of the doubt, also reflects the same pop-up employed at

Could this be a coincidence also by chance?

We don’t believe so but more on that later.

Who is Behind GreatDeal AZ does not disclose any information regarding their ownership or active operators.

After navigating through all the sites pages, we found zero reference to a corporate or overseeing entity.

The only information we found find of relevance, which didn’t help us narrow down who is behind this online retailer, would be that appears to be acting as their own entity.

To add, GreatDeal AZ does not disclose any identifiable contact information apart from their email address of and their contact submission form.

Given this information it appears that GreatDeal AZ does not wish to disclose any identifiable information.

Now the question you should be asking yourself would be, why would you put your trust into an online retailer that is trying so desperately to remain anonymous from the general public?

What else are they hiding?

Or are they simply hiding their ownership information because they are not legitimate and wish to remain free of any liabilities that may unfold their way?

Domain Insight was registered on July 28th, 2018 through the, Inc registrar.

Detailed in the WHOIS report would be the following registrant contact information (the entity who registered the site):

Name: Trang Nguyen

Organization: OmegaTeam

Address: Van Puhc – ha dong – hanoi, Vietnam 159999

Telephone: +84.973155640

Email:, the site we connected in affiliation with GreatDealAZ, was a privately registered domain that was created August 3rd, 2017.

According to SimilarWeb, reflects a global rank of 2,396,215 with a US rank of 1,101,448 as of January 7th, 2018.

Given the sites rather poor web-rankings, we do not believe their site receives much incoming visitor traffic.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Lack of Transparency

GreatDealAZ deliberately fails to provide any ownership information regarding their site.

If a WHOIS report is to be believed, then the entity Trang Nguyen of OmegaTeam is the original registrar behind this site and should be held responsible for any liabilities that may unravel in the future.

Clone Site

GreatDealAZ reflects an uncommon number of similarities between

The similarities between the sites About Us pages along with the same pop-up that occurs on both sites indicate to us that these two sites are likely affiliated and as such both should be avoided.

Limited Shipping Information

GreatDealAZ does not provide the most insight in regards to how they conduct their shipping policy.

In addition, GreatDealAZ does not offer any exchanges or refunds of any items “due to hygiene reasons and the fact that our products are customized.”

This simply implication just helps ensure that the operators behind this site remain free of liability. Reviews

During this time of writing this review, GreatDealAZ did not reflect any community feedback.

Fortunately, we were able to find some feedback regarding WearSaga, which when evaluated, was not positive and reflected troubling experiences.

According to the Better Business Bureau, WearSaga reflects an F ranking and has received multiple complaints throughout the past few years.

To add, WearSaga employs fictitious user testimonials on their site, as seen in the image below.

Is Trustworthy?

Given the information that we discovered when reviewing GreatDeal AZ, we do not feel that their platform is legitimate. Review Conclusion

It is never a sound idea to shop with an online retailer that fails to disclose any ownership information while refusing to accept any refunds.

It is obvious that the creators behind GreatDeal AZ wish to remain anonymous and free of any liabilities that may occur while shopping their platform.

Whether GreatDeal AZ is solely functioning as an online retailer or a drop-shipping site, we are uncertain, but what is certain is that their operation has not earned the privilege to be considered trustworthy.

Outcome: GreatDeal AZ is NOT Trustworthy!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, feedback or experiences you may have below!


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