Personnel Concepts Review | A Masterful Fraud at Work!

Personnel Concepts ( is an industry authority in federal and state labor law poster compliance products.

Throughout the past 20+ years, Personnel Concepts have rendered products to help employers comply with the latest labor laws and safety regulations.

While Personnel Concepts appeared at one time to be a reputable compliance partner, recent evidence has surfaced regarding Personnel Concepts that shows irrefutable evidence of a once trustworthy operation turned rogue.

Maliciously overcharging consumers payment methods, failing to deliver purchased goods while reflecting hundreds of complaints across the web, Personnel Concepts is the latest operation to turn to the dark side.

To find out more regarding Personnel Concepts and what consumers are saying regarding this compliance partner, we invite you to read our unbiased review.

About Personnel Concepts

Personnel Concepts is a company that provides federal and state labor law poster and compliance products.

According to their About Us page, Personnel Concepts has served over 1.2 million business throughout the United States and allegedly takes their compliance seriously.

Their organization supposedly monitors and contacts more than 200 state and federal government agencies throughout the year.

Some these agencies include the DOL, the DHS, the EEOC, the IRS, the OSHA, the USCIS, and more.

They have been in operation for over 20 years and claims on their About page that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee (which according to recent feedback is certainly NOT the case).

Who is Behind Personnel Concepts? is owned and operated by Personnel Concepts Limited.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Personnel Concepts was incorporated on July 1st, 1990 and reflects 28 years in business.

To date, Personnel Concepts reflects over 423 customer complaints and has somehow managed to scrap up a B+ BBB rating.

According to, they can be reached through the following channels:

Mailing Address: Personnel Concepts, 3200 E. Guasti Rd., Suite 300, Ontario, CA 91761-8642.

Telephone: 877 929-0811

BBB Disclosed Telephone: 800 333-3795

Live chat is also featured at Personnel Concepts but only from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST.

Domain Insight was registered on April 4th, 2002 by Brady Worldwide, Inc.

According to SimilarWeb, reflects a global rank of 1,820,989 with a US rank of 382,214 as of January 5th, 2018.

Given their relatively poor web rankings, it is apparent that Personnel Concepts does not receive much incoming visitor traffic.

Personnel Concepts Reviews

The reviews regarding Personnel Concepts over the past couple of years are disturbing and reflect a pattern of negative consumer reviews.

The most recent review we found regarding Personnel Concepts that was positive appears to be a fictitious comment posted at Yelp.

“Great customer service, sent my my products in 3 days…got audited 7 days later…grateful.”

Here is what most of the reviews found at Yelp currently look like:

“DO NOT CONTACT THIS COMPANY OR GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION!! The business practices of Personnel Concepts are aggressive and unethical…This company is the absolute worst! Please save yourself time and money and go elsewhere!”

“This company is nothing but a scam.  You order one thing and they ship you the entire inventory.  When you try to return the items you get nothing but the runaround.  Then just try to get your money back. Horrible customer service!”

More negative reviews can be found at

Personnel Concepts Complaints

Personnel Concepts has amassed 423 complaints at the Better Business Bureau over the past 3 years alone.

Given the excessive complaints filed against Personnel Concepts the BBB has rendered this additional complaint notice on their complaint page:

Here are a couple of the most recent complaints we found at the Better Business Bureau:

“I ordered from a postcard advertising labor posters for $14.95. I purchased 3. My total purchase was $60. My card was charged for 145. When i called they said it was a “hold” and in a few days the real amount would show. Received a bill today from them for over $600!..I feel like this company are scammers…”

“We have repeatedly been harassed on a daily basis. We want the phone calls and posters to stop. We have asked to be removed from their list they still keep calling. Extremely rude every time they call.”

More disturbing complaints regarding Personnel Concepts are filed at TrustPilot, which reflects a 1 out of 5 star rating for Personnel Concepts:

“They are scam artists they lie they send you posters each month of the same thing and still charge you avoid this company at all cost very forceful over the phone to scam you into buying their garbage”


Is Trustworthy?

Given the excessive volume of negative reviews and complaints regarding Personnel Concepts, we obviously do not believe their operation to be trustworthy.

Personnel Concepts Review Conclusion

Personnel Concepts is a downright unethical business operation that should be banned from business practices at once.

While we would like to say that Personnel Concepts is a victim of operational decay, it is clear that this is certainly not the case.

Bullying unsuspecting consumers and employers alike, Personnel Concepts claims to offer a 100% money back guarantee only to later refuse any returns or acknowledge any refund attempts.

Overcharging payment methods and acting downright malicious and vile, the only thing you can expect from Personnel Concepts is an expensive bill, a headache and possible collection notices.

Our advice as a whole would be to be avoid the Personnel Concepts fraud by any means necessary!

Outcome: Personnel Concepts is a FRAUD!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Darla

    I work for a non-profit and ordered two posters, one for each location. They called me the day after the check cleared our account. I hadn’t realized that, and they called to offer me the rest of the posters. I said no, we are a non-profit and cannot afford it. I said cancel the order and send us back our check. Two minutes later, I had a shipment notification. I put a stop payment on the check but it was too late. They obviously did that on purpose.

    I received all of the posters and it’s been a few weeks now. Nothing further in the mail. I have proof in email that they need to cancel the order. Hopefully all will be good.

  2. Jarvis McBumhuffer

    I had paid for an $11.90 poster and they shipped me the whole 9 yards for my small business. A few weeks later I got a collection letter for 270 some odd dollars. Well, I refused to pay and they called me and told me that they had an audio recording of my agreement to pay for the additional services. When I asked to hear the recording that they claimed to have they told me that they couldn’t let me hear it. So it went on for weeks until a debt collector called on their behalf. I told the debt collector the situation and they laughed and said they’d take me off the list. Haven’t received a call since. TL;DR, these jabronies are sus AF and are relentless to the point of spending more in labor to hassle a business than they would have received.

  3. Anonymous

    Same story another customer, Received a order form in the mail ordered a 11.90 poster. Later received a tube delivery with labor posters and no lid, Posters for Texas which is not my state. Next thing we know they have charged us 269.00 for something we did not authorize for another states posters. Called Personnel Concepts to advise and request refund and let them know of the error and to cancel. Disputed the charge through the bank in June, then they charged it again in August. Had to cancel card. Now we have received a collection notice. Contacting an attorney. THIS IS FRAUD AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL NEEDS TO PUT A STOP TO THIS MADNESS!

  4. Gaylon Pemberton

    An absolute ripoff, same as above 25$ order over $200 still due

  5. Devon

    This is an absolute scam. They called to confirm the order, which I thought was weird, but whatever. They lied to me about what my boss ordered and what should have been a $25 order ended up being well over $200. They also lied to me about what we needed. I work for an employment lawyer so my boss knew what we need to have up in the office. We called to cancel the order and they refused saying that it had already been shipped, but the tracking information said that the label had been created and that it had not been shipped yet. They did say that we could refuse the package when it arrived and we could get a full refund. I was annoyed, but decided not to fight it anymore. About an hour ago my unwanted package was delivered in a tube without a top on it. The only way to refuse a package is if it is unopened. Since it arrived unopened we couldn’t refuse it. I went to the post office to see if there was some loophole and they said that since I couldn’t prove it arrived open, there was nothing they could do. Since it arrived open, the posters were damaged. I called Personnel Concepts to get a refund for damaged product, but they said that they were not responsible for any damaged product and refused to give us a refund. They said that if we paid out of pocket to send it back that they would give us a refund. However we’re mad because they lied to us about what we need and what we ordered. It is wrong that they lied and it is wrong that they refused to cancel the shipment and it is wrong that they are expecting us to pay for a damaged product that we didn’t even want to begin with.

  6. Alana

    Same thing happened to me today. Extremely rude and threatening on the phone. Ridiculously transparent that it is a scam.

    • C.H.

      I WORKED THERE FOR ALMOST 3 years they are a scam they know how to word it right so they can’t get sued for lying , for example “you are required to address all these government agencies to one employee or more “ they leave out that NO they don’t have to be on posters , you really only need one poster for business owners , and if an employee ask for the information you can get easily , you don’t need to have everything on site small business are the ones getting fucked , corporate usually like to have everything onsite they have over 500 employees they can’t just easily talk to someone so yea put a poster on the wall they’re is ways of wording it ! And trust me we learn how to do it too ! Fuck that place

  7. Unknown

    Personnel Concepts is not a scammer. They are doing best to sort out the problems of the customers. Even Amazon also gets the same kind of rating(1 out of 5), but it does not mean that Amazon is scammer. Therefore, raise a proper request for your claim and get it done. Hope for the best .
    I am not an agent or personnel concepts people. I am a human being who thinks the best of the solution for a problem.

    • AL


  8. susan

    Said No, continued to call me daily for two weeks several times a day, different people. The last time I told the guy I would call him back the next day, he says why tomorrow do you need authorization, I said no, he says well whats the difference I said 24 hours!! He said well what are you going to do between today and tomorrow, at this point if I could have reached through the phone and pulled his tongue out, trust me it would have happened!! I then told him it would give me the opportunity to do some research. They have not called again. Another good way to get them to stop calling is to start talking to them about random stuff, it doesnt have to be true, use your imagination… They will stop calling.


    my State Dept. government office header is not on this Notice, no other official documents were sent to explain outlined the required services,your business must complete and continue to PAY or risk being fine monetary penalty . This deceptive business is located in SAN DIMAS CALIFORNIA
    Our USA State office claim they don’t know or affiliate with this outdated close out con artist organization. Many other Consumers has post NUMEROUS Complaints story on Rip Report and BBB too.Personnel Concepts Compliance services Notice you IGNORE don’t answer it TAKE action BEFORE COLLECTION,…
    File a Legal Complaint Report to 3 Credit Bureaus, Equifax,Personal-Business Identity Fraud, TV News Journalist FOX Criminal Justice IRS,Congressman,,Governor,General Attorney offices,Financial Commission Commissioner others.Internet Social Media Networks,..
    Notice form look for ERRORS in it your / biz name spelled wrong, contact customer services supervisor is ignorant has a very rude disrespectful team unable to communicate in professional way, no integrity biz principals violations of people biz-civil rights laws This business is a SCAM 4 $$$$$ unlimited money.Made-Up-Mind’s Club

  10. Roni

    Just hung up on them this morning, answered my phone, guy said who he was with, I said you have a nice day and hung up, he called back and said we got disconnected, I said no we didn’t, I told you to have a nice day, and I’m going to tell you again, have a nice day and I hung up then blocked the number. I purchased one poster in August for $14.95 and they have been calling and harassing me ever since, trying to tell me what posters I HAVE to have or I could face serious fines. DO NOT do business with this company.

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