MindInsole Reviews | DON’T BUY – BBB Warnings

MindInsole (MindInsole) is a footwear product that should be avoided at all costs!

Receiving multiple warnings from the Better Business Bureau while reflecting horrific consumer reviews across the net, as you will soon find out, MindInsole is not a legitimate consumer good that should be considered!

To find out why consumers are fed up with the MindInsole scam, we invite you to read our honest review!

What is MindInsole?

MindInsole is a shoe insert that is said to increase blood flow and oxygen, which helps relieve muscle soreness and stress on your feet.

The MindInsole Reflexology Insoles comes as a one size fits all and can be trimmed to fit any style of shoe including work boots, running shoes, sandals, and heels.

Allegedly they are made with lightweight, breathable material that will keep your feet dry and clean throughout the day.

Relying upon magnets and acupressure to target specific energy zones, MindInsole Reflexology Insoles come with a price tag of $38.99.

MindInsole Products

MindInsome Reflexology Insoles

Price: $38.99

Description: A one-size fits alls insole that is said to alleviate muscle soreness and stress on your feet.

MindInsole Compression Socks

Price: $34.99

Description: Compression socks that are said to improve your circulatory stems, prevent swelling and can help against lower body aches and pains caused by varicose veins, leg ulcers, and leg swelling.

MindInsole ACU-Fidget Reflexology Rings

Price: $24.49

Description: Allegedly this ring offers a simple and effective way to relieve stress and anxiety practically anywhere.

MindInsole ACU-Fidget Reflexology Bracelets

Price: $12.50

Description: Allegedly experience euphoric relaxation by massaging your anxieties away while stimulating your creativity and relieving emotional stress.

MindInsole Reviews

The reviews regarding the legitimacy of MindInsole are NOT good!

Out of 166 reviews at HighYa, MindInsole reflects a 1.5 our of 5 star rating.

Shared below are a couple of the most relevant comments we found:

“This review is about their customer service. It’s awful, and on their website it says something like excellent customer service. I’ve tried numerous times to call and email and have received zero response…Long story short, I am not sure if I’ll get reimbursed or not, or even if they received my return. I’m writing here because I’ve noticed they do respond to these reviews.”

“This is a fraudulent website. Please don’t fall for it. We ordered an insole that never arrived. Unable to contact customer support. I regret not checking the reviews before placing the order. I’m posting this review in the hope this review helps someone save their hard earned money. This is a scam and please don’t fall for it.”

According to Amazon, consumers do not appear pleased with the quality of MindInsole Reflexology Insole either:

“I have done acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, orthopedic insoles. This pair was incredibly painful. They supposedly have a 30 day warranty but the manufacturer will not warranty them if you have cut them to fit your shoes. Well how would you know if they work if you don’t cut them to fit?”

“These have to be fake. They actually hurt to walk on with socks and irritate the feet– The plastic pressure points are hard. No Mindinsole label anywhere–not on the insole, cheap packaging or NY return address. Do not buy!”

MindInsole Complaints

As you are beginning to gather, MindInsole does not appear to satisfy consumers needs while their customer support appears relatively awful.

Provided below are recent reviews we found dating back within the week regarding MindInsole:

“I’d give them less than one star if you had it. They sent my husband a set for Christmas and there were missing magnets. He has tried to call them several times and they do not return your calls.”

“You can’t reach anyone by phone no matter what time you call, POOR QUALITY, THEY DON’T FIT IN YOUR SHOE, I SEND THEM BACK AND NEVER GOT MY MONEY BACK”

These recent reviews were found at Reviewopedia.com.

MindInsole BBB Warnings

As if the endless numbers of negative consumer experiences weren’t enough to deter consumers away from MindInsole, the Better Business Bureau has taken it one step further in the attempt to deter people away from what is appearing to be the MindInsole scam.

According to MindInsole.com, they reflect a physical address of 300 Delaware Avenue, Suite 210-A Wilmington, DE 19801 United States.

Detailed at the Better Business Bureau, however, would be the fact that the disclosed physical address of MindInsole is not legitimate and actually belongs to the location of their registered agent.

The corporation backing MindInsole is known as Swell eComm Enterprises, LLC which currently reflects an F rating at the BBB.

As you can also infer from the image shared above, MindInsole has received several complaints regarding the non-delivery or products, and since November 2018 the BBB has yet to hear back from MindInsole.

MindInsole Contact

MindInsole discloses the following contact methods but according to research you’d have better luck finding a needle in a haystack than getting a response.

US Telephone: +1 (609) 256 4523 or (888) 296-2217

Canada Telephone: +1 778 300 0854

Australia & NZ Telephone: +61 2 8607 8316

UK Telephone: +44 8708 200084

Email: support@mindinsole.com

Is MindInsole.com a Scam?

All the evidence that we encountered when investigating into the shady depths of MindInsole indicate that MindInsole is a scam that is not to be trusted!

MindInsole.com Review Conclusion

MindInsole is a fraudulent scam retailer preying upon unsuspecting consumers while failing to employ superior customer service like they claim.

Disclosing a physical address that possesses no relevancy to their actual location is downright deceptive while consumers who have been scammed or inquiring refunds have been unable to reach out or get a reply by MindInsole.

As a result, the Better Business Bureau has stepped in, but how many more innocent people will have to fall victim to the MindInsole scam before they are shutdown for good?

We ask that you do not only yourself but others a great courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding the MindInsole scam!

Perhaps if the word regarding the MindInsole scam can be spread fast enough, then less consumers will have to fall victim to this fraudulent and illicit scam.

Outcome: MindInsole is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: MindInsole.com

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


  1. Ronnette freitas

    I bought these a few years ago for 25.00 they are juck and I got scammed, shame on the company . Someone needs to tell Amazon they shouldn’t sell them. They are priced 10.99 om Amazon don’t do it.

  2. Chris

    As a chronic pain group we ordered 8 pair to get a discount. All 8 arrived promptly and complete and 8 of our group tried them out. Some found them difficult to use due to the prickliness of them. EVERYONE reported some level of improvement in their symptoms. Personally I have had them for 3 years now and they are amazing, for me and my issues. Anyone experienced in the issues these are intended to treat knows that results will vary. Ive never had a problem with them so have never had to deal with customer support so I cannot comment on that aspect.

  3. LIZA


    • Chris

      Ordering and cancelling an order is NOT getting scammed.

  4. Marlene

    HELP!!!!!! Why didn’t I look at reviews before I ordered. OMG!
    They got me down for socks & insoles. Didn’t order socks.
    Website said nothing about being in China till very end.
    Now I have been on hold for half hour. Wrote email to C.S but of course
    Got disconnected…. Why was I so stupid

  5. Bruce Shelley

    I ordered Innersoles about 8 weeks ago, delivery in 1 week.
    Still no delivery. According to DHL delivery tracking, they are on their second trip around the world, have arrived in Sydney 2 weeks ago, and I am still waiting.
    Regular statements from “customer service” apologising for delay, and promising complete satisfaction when they arrive. Ha ha A SCAM

  6. Kat

    I almost hit buy button on these insoles. All the science behind this makes sense. But NOT if one size fits all ! O way . Sll the reviews seemed too good too. It eas not until I added word SCAM to my search engine that I hit on BBB report. Not sure why that happened; it was like my search kept sending me to THEIR Own Opinion And Site repetitively. Need to BlOCK that from happening too.
    Thanks for tips on all scams.

    • Kat

      Sorry for typos/got excited to know I almost had made a huge mistake & wanted to share pdq for others.

  7. Ann Hess

    I was ready to order mindinsole when I read the reviews and decided not to. Thanks for the input.

  8. Debbie

    I have been trying for the past month to get a response to my issues with the WI-FI BOOSTER that is suppose to extend the internet range. I ordered THREE as I was going to put them around my home to get the “boost” I need from my internet especially for our RING doorbell as the internet connection has a problem reaching the garage area. There are NO instruction for troubleshooting problems. I have called…..was on hold for over 20 minutes & finally hung up – it was on MY DOLLAR! No 800 number! Then the insoles I have wore for over 5 months & I am not seeing anything helping with my static nerve problem at all. I am embarrassed to say that this company swindled me TWICE! I want to file a complaint, get my money back too!!!

    • larose shirley

      I ordered the mindinsole inner soles approximately 2-2.5 months ago. I realized right out of the packaging that I could not use these things. I returned them within 2-3 days and no refund has been made to my credit card. I just read in more recent information that a pair of these innersoles were selling for about $40. I paid about $90 for mine, so it would seem that I have just lost that money. If I knew what state these scam artists were located in, I would contact that states attorney’s office and report this scam and tell them to check BBB for further information.

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