Review – Fake UGG Retailer Exposed

Uggmr ( is a fake online retailer that allegedly supports a vast quantity of discounted Ugg attire.

Ugg, a popularized high-ticket apparel brand, is mostly know for their footwear that are accompanied with high price points.

It should be noted from the get go that has no affiliation with

To find out more regarding this fraudulent online retailer, we invite you to read our unbiased review to gather the facts!

What is

Uggmr is structured as an online retailer that supports a wide range of Ugg footwear, clothing items and accessories.

Every product allegedly supported at Uggmr reflects drastic price reductions that reflect online savings between 40% to 95% of the retail price of Ugg goods and products.

For those of you who are avid subscribers of ours, you may have noticed lately how a tireless chain of fake online retailers appears to be popping up on an everyday basis. is no different in this case.

Uggmr is nothing more than a fake online retailer claiming to support discounted Ugg brand goods and products with the deliberate attempt to swindle unsuspecting consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Taking advantage of the gullibility of inexperienced online shoppers who are looking to snag good deals, Uggmr essentially poses as a discounted Ugg marketplace.

As we have previously mentioned just moments ago, does not have ANY affiliation with

Who is Behind

Uggmr does not provide any information relating to their owners or current operators.

We navigated through all the sites pages only to find the conclusion we thought we would encounter, which would be that Uggmr appears to be operating as an anonymous online retailer.

As you will learn below, Uggmr appears to be setup as an overseas retailer but the fact of the matter still stands that Uggmr does not appear interested in sharing their identity with their consumers.

In fact, given the blatant lack of identifying information on their site, we believe Uggmr wishes to remain an anonymous operated site to avoid any potential liabilities.

To add, does not disclose a telephone number, email address or any identifiable communication channels outside an anonymous contact submission form.

Domain Insight was registered on December 14th, 2018 by Xiamen Technology Co., Ltd.

According to a Bloomberg report, Xiamen Technology Co., Ltd. provides enterprise solutions in China.

Among the services this company offers would be enterprise Internet, enterprise promotion, corporate communication, and mobile office solutions. does not appear to be a popular website given the fact that the site fails to accrue any web rankings across market intelligence sites.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Lack of Transparency does not provide any verifiable ownership information on their site.

Furthermore, Uggmr does not provide any viable communication methods outside an anonymous contact submission form on their site.

Nonsecure Site

As you can see in the image we shared above, does not appear to be a secure site during the time of writing this review.

Due to their site lacking proper SSL certificates, we do not advise submitting any personal or sensitive information anywhere upon their site.

Vague Shipping Information does not provide any information in regards to shipping durations while all potential refunds are said to come with a 30 day policy.

Any refunds attempted to be redeemed after 30 days are not eligible, which means that if you purchased a good from Uggmr and you didn’t receive it within 30 days (if you receive anything at all) then you’d be hard-pressed to still be eligible within the 30 day period since most China based retailers takes weeks as it is to have items delivered.

Also, claims that if you have any issues on their Shipping & Returns page that you can email them yet they fail to disclose an email address. Reviews

During the time of writing this review, did not reflect any feedback across the net.

ScamAdvisor, a site known to gauging the trustability of online sites, has given the poorest rank possible, indicating that Uggmr is not at all trustworthy.

Is Legit?

Uggmr does not appear to be a legitimate online retailer, or a drop-shipping site, whichever they may be.

Given their lack of transparency and their numerous red flags above we do not believe Uggmr to be a legitimate online shopping destination. Review Conclusion

Uggmr is not a secure nor safe online retailer to consider.

While the vast majority of us shop online with the intentions of snagging good deals, it is never worth the possible exposure of your personal and financial information along with the possible theft of your hard-earned money.

Why consider shopping with a site that fails to disclose any ownership information?

As we have made apparent, is operating anonymously and with a firm beat-around-the-bush tactic in employment.

Don’t put your trust and faith with untrustworthy online retailers such as Uggmr, more likely than not they are scams meant to fleece consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Outcome: is NOT Safe to Shop!

Blacklisted Site:

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    In my personal expirience I shop on that site but newer recivede goods Ipaid.They dont answer
    on contact mail and after reklamation my bank gave me my money back after one month. So dear friends dont shopp on if you dont want to loose your money.

  2. Ivana

    Since you don’t have any kind of feed about this web site, how so you don’t provide a budget for make test and verify in firs person what is happening indeed to ask potential clients to refer they experience?

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