is a Scam! – [Real Review]

If you have been considering buying some discounted North Face attire from Norcx ( we must urge you to read this honest review before you get scammed!

Presenting their platform as a ‘rare’ discount outlet for all attire relating to the reputable clothing brand, The North Face, Norcx is nothing more than a scam entity preying upon gullible investors whom are seeking brand-name apparel goods at discounted rates.

Norcx is NOT the first online marketplace to aggressively solicit online consumers into believing that they were scoring good deals on name-brand attire and they certainly won’t be the last.

With this in mind let’s dive in and debunk what we are referring to be the Norcx Scam.

About Norcx

Norcx presents their platform as an online shop that hosts a wide inventory of discounted apparel items for the brand The North Face.

Among the category of inventory allegedly available at Norcx would be as followed:

  • Jackets & Vests
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes & Boots
  • Backpacks

Inventory for both women, men and children are supposedly offered while most of the inventory featured reflect online savings between 70% to 90% off of what Norcx asserts to be the retail value.

To add, pressure-inducing widgets such as the notorious countdown timer are employed at Norcx to pressure consumers into hurrying up and finalizing a purchase.

Hosted at, it should be noted that the Norcx site is NOT secure with encryption protocols so any information submitted, personal and/or financial, may be at risk.

Shipping with Norcx

According to the Shipping & Returns page found at, Norcx ships to over 220 countries while employing 250 employees.

Allegedly, they offer free international shipping on orders valued over €40 while products may take up to 15 days to be received (although Norcx goes on to later state that they offer no guaranteed delivery time and it may take longer to receive).

To add, orders are said to be processed and shipped within 2 days while all return claims must be started within a 48 hour period of receiving your package.

From there, it is said to take up to 10 additional business days to receive a refund – but honestly you’d be lucky to receive one at all with this shady entity.


Norcx does not provide any ownership information on their site.

No reference to a corporate entity, a Founder or any identifying information of the sort can be found at

Detailed in the footer of Norcx would be the following:


However, when you go to visit, you may get a block-up notification on your computer regarding the potential dangers of visiting

Other contact information we found would be as followed:


The FAQ, Contact Us, Privacy Page along with every tab available at Norcx fails to provide any hints as to whom may be behind this site.

In addition, since all contact methods are conducted through relatively anonymous channels and since no physical addresses, telephone numbers or verifiable entity can be confirmed we are urging consumers to AVOID

Popularity was a privately registered domain that was registered by the entity Wang Yongjun on March 16th, 2019.

According to the WHOIS report, the following registrant contact information is as followed:

Name: wang yongjun
Organization: wang yongjun
Street: minxingqulairelu768hao
City: Shanghai
State: Guangdong
Country: CN
Postal Code: 100233
Phone: +86.218 566-2778

According to SimilarWeb, is picking up traction and reflects a global rank of 341,318 and an Australia rank of 11,864 as of May 15th, 2019.

Here are the following demographic breakdowns in regards to traffic by countries: Australia (13.82%), United States (11.16%), Turkey (9.63%), Mexico (8.39%) and Poland (6.72%).

Approximately 7.3% of the sites traffic is referral based while the social outlets Facebook and WhatsUp contribute to an additional 5.80% of the sites total incoming traffic.

Red Flags & Question Marks

  1. Norcx fails to provide ownership or any identifying information
  2. Norcx appears to be affiliated with sites that may be trying to steal your identity
  3. Norcx claims to be a UK company yet they don’t provide a verifiable UK corporate entity to verify while a WHOIS report reveals the site was registered by an entity based out of China
  4. Norcx is unsuccessful in providing the physical addresses of their warehouses that they allegedly have nested in the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain
  5. Norcx reflects a negative consensus amongst online review hubs
  6. Norcx disclosed the email address with “@cpjus.” – which has been a common demonator in 5 retail scams!

The 5 retail scams we are talking about would be the following scams we have already exposed:

  • GoodTop.Shop
  • ZZPlus.Shop
  • HexPress.Shop

As you can see, Norcx is likely created by a network of scammers of scammers and CANNOT be trusted!

Is a Scam?

Without question, is a scam!

Norcx Scam Conclusion

Shopping with with the hopes of saving money will likely prove to be an absolute disaster.

The only thing you are destined with Norxc would be the loss of your hard-earned money, some frustration along with the possible misuse of your submitted information used for purchasing (personal and financial information).

Why trust your money with an online marketplace that blatantly conceals their identity from you while offering you bare-bone transparency?

It’s 2019, the time for fictitious online retailers are at an ALL TIME HIGH, you have to exercise not only caution but also consumer restraint.

Remember the adage, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

The deals offered through Norcx are text-book examples of the ways shady online marketplaces solicit consumers to part with their hard-earned money, learn from this review so you can make more educated online purchases in the future!

Outcome: Norcx is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any feedback or insight you may have below!


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  3. steve b

    ALL sites that have either cpjus or jdonline anywhere on them are SCAMS! AVOID and REPORT!

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    Norcx is a scam! Checkout reviews for which is the contact point for –

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