TradeUber is a Scam! (Unbiased Review)

TradeUber is the latest FAKE Uber investment scam to swamp the online industry with empty promises of rich rewards.

Found at, TradeUber was launched a little over a month ago and since their inception they have been deceptively stirring unsuspecting investors into their web of falsehoods while draining investors day trading accounts.

To learn more regarding the TradeUber SCAM and the red flags we found throughout our investigation process we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review!

About TradeUber

TradeUber has no affiliation with Uber, what-so-ever.

Let’s get that clear before we dive in any further.

Structured in affiliation with online CFD (contracts-for-difference) brokerages, TradeUber does not offer Uber shares investing.

This means that instead of investing shares of Uber, day traders will be investing through derivative trading with one of TradeUber’s ‘recommended’ brokerages.

It should be noted that during the time of writing this review, all of the brokerages supported by TradeUber are NOT regulated – which means they are unsafe to invest with.

How does TradeUber Work?

TradeUber does not provide any concrete insight regarding how their system functions.

Sure, TradeUber employs an automated trading system but how this system is structured and engineered to deliver winning investment signals is a different story with unknown origins.

According to Trade Uber, day traders can invest as little as $250 and earn upwards to $1,000 a day – all without any prior investment experience or knowledge.

With the hopes of acquiring further knowledge regarding the functionality of TradeUber we watched their brief promotional video but no reference to the origins of TradeUber or the functionality of TradeUber is disclosed.

Registering with TradeUber

  1. Fill in your details to register your account.
  2. Deposit your investment with TradeUber’s assigned brokerage.
  3. You’ll receive a free phone call from a ‘financial expert.’

As with most trading systems that turn out being scams, the sign up and deposit process are quite straightforward and simplistic enough so that even newbies can register without becoming to loss in the process.

Allegedly, TradeUber aims their service towards making it as easy as possible for people to earn from their profits, but with all this talk of generating income TradeUber fails to provide any transparent proof of their systems success.

Who is Behind

TradeUber is an anonymously operated scam, which bears no surprises to us.

As with most scams, the creators behind the systems employ every measure necessary to conceal their identity from potential backlash.

There is no About Us page, no company information or identifying information of the sort shared at

Exposing the Scam

No Identifying Information

In a short clip of the pitch video employed a Trade Uber, the spokesperson goes on to state that you wouldn’t trust your money with strangers – yet that is EXACTLY what you would be doing if you invested with TradeUber.

As we have shown you, there is no ownership or identifying information disclosed at

Employing a privacy package in addition to blatantly concealing their identity, the scammers behind TradeUber employed all the steps required to remain an anonymously operating entity.

Lack of Operational Transparency

In addition to the height of stupidity it would amount to with investing with a completely anonymous operation like TradeUber, it can be taken one step further by considering the fact that TradeUber fails to disclose any functionality information regarding their system apart from that it is automated.

No reference to any technical trading indicators, investment algorithms or trading parameters are disclosed while the assertion that day traders can generate $1,000 per day by using their system is absolute ludicrous.

Community Feedback

The feedback surrounding TradeUber is rather skimpy but it reflects an outlook similar to ours – which would be that TradeUber is NOT trustworthy and is a rip-off!

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on April 3rd, 2019 through the NameCheap, Inc. registrar.

According to the WHOIS report, is set to expire on April 3rd, 2020 while the site fails to secure any web rankings across market intelligence sites such as SimiliarWeb, which indicates that their site does not appear to be reputable.

Is TradeUber a Scam?

Given the information we have shared in our conclusive review above we believe it is quite obvious that is a scam.

TradeUber Scam Exposed

TradeUber is attempting to prey upon unsuspecting day traders by taking advantage of not only of their gullibility but also the sky-rocketing reputability of Uber.

Created a little over a month ago, it is fortunate that many traders have not fallen victim to this scam yet and hopefully our review can help a few people avoid the pitfalls of this scam.

If you have been scammed by TradeUber, or a similar entity, we invite you to share your experiences with us and have your voice be heard!

Outcome: TradeUber is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


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