OKHomeOnline Scam Warning – Discount COVID-19 Retail Fraud Unmasked

Created less than a week ago, okhomeonline scam is the latest discount retail fraud to populate into existence within the online shopping industry.

It is evident from the get-go that okhomeonline is tailored to take advantage of consumers who are seeking to combat the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Pretending to offer discounted hand sanitizers, wet wipes, personal care suites, latex gloves, toilet paper, and thermometers, the okhomeonline scam was engineered to cover what many are regarding as the “essentials” to arm themselves against contracting the Coronavirus.

It is sickening to see these COVID-19 related scams as if everyone else wasn’t having a difficult enough time already, scammers have taken it upon themselves to prey upon the vulnerable who are living in a heightened state of anxiety and uncertainty.

To get the full scoop regarding the okhomeonline scam please read our honest review.

Why okhomeonline scam is a Fraud

  • OKHOME Online Stores, LLC does not exist
  • The site promotes unrealistic prices on products
  • Identical About Us Template with 4 other shady retail sites
  • No verifiable ownership or identifying information is shared
  • Created with the intentions of taking advantage of concerned shoppers

About OKhomeonline Scam

According to the About Us page of OKHomeOnline, “OKHOMEONLINE is a small but cutting-edge company dedicated to sourcing and offering the coolest gadgets for guys all in one place.We use innovative chemistry with modern design craftsmanship to consistently set the standard for next-generation toys, glass, electronics, materials, batteries, and phone accessories.”

What you should know regarding “OKHomeOnline” however, is that they are not a cutting-edge company like they claim.

Within the footer of their site is a reference to the corporate entity OKHOME Online Stores, LLC.

After conducting background checks across national business registrars we were unable to confirm that OKHOME Online Stores, LLC to be an existing entity.

Additionally, you should be made aware that the About Us template used above is nearly identical to the About Us page templates used on the following sites, all of which are likely scams:

  • NotYourUsualGifts.com
  • TheGadgetMole.com
  • www.giftboxbest.com
  • www.boomera.co.uk

Our research leads us to believe that the About Us template was stripped and copied from the Amazon Seller Profile Brilliant Smart.

We do not, however, believe that the Brilliant Smart Amazon Seller to be a fraudulent entity given their transparent ratings and near couple hundred positive reviews.

The more likely scenario would be that the operators behind all the retail sites above are created by the same entity or network of con-artists who have simply copied-and-pasted the template into their sites as if it was their own.

Little did they know that a simple search query of the About Us template shared above in Google will reveal the majority of sites linked with one another, therefore, better enabling us to grasp the scale upon which these scammers are operating.

Now as we briefly touched upon earlier, the products featured for sale at okhomeonline.com are geared towards those who are looking to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic which has taken the world by storm.

They feature nearly all the essentials that consumers are seeking out in an attempt to protect not only themselves but those loved ones around them.

While discount retail scam sites are bad enough as it is, the fact that people are trying to take advantage of people during these difficult and trying times in this manner is even more despicable.

Contacting OKHomeOnline

Since the alleged corporate entity behind okhomeonline.com cannot be verified that leaves online shoppers with only one contact method.

There are no references to any identifying information such as a physical address or telephone number leaving consumers only with service@okhomeonline.com as the designated contact method.

They say that you can reach them on Facebook but they do not have a Facebook page leaving this site to be anonymously operated, which is what the scammers behind this site had originally intended.

Site Background

A WHOIS report will reveal how okhomeonline.com was created only 4 days ago through the NameCheap, Inc registrar on March 5th, 2020.

Unfortunately, the site was privately registered therefore leaving us with no way of identifying who may be responsible for this discount retail fraud site.

Is OKHomeOnline.com a Fraud Retail Site?

Yes, OKHomeOnline.com is an online fraud retail site.

OKHomeOnline Scam Review

The simple fact of the matter is that OKHomeOnline is an absolute fraud site that is anonymously operated and geared towards taking advantage of consumers who are trying to arm themselves in the fight against COVID-19.

The evidence is there if you know where to look while okhomeonline.com is only one of what we predict to be several thousand discount retail Coronavirus-oriented scam sites in current existence.

Do yourself and others a courtesy by sharing this review so that others may not fall victim to this deceptive fraud site.

What do you think? Is OKHomeOnline a scam? Please share your thoughts with us below!

Outcome: OKHomeOnline is a FRAUD site!

Blacklisted Site: OKHomeOnline.com

Please share your thoughts, insight or experiences below!

19 thoughts on “OKHomeOnline Scam Warning – Discount COVID-19 Retail Fraud Unmasked”

  1. This is a definite scam! I ordered gloves and wipes at the end of March and never received a shipping email or product, which prompted me to research reviews. No charge on my credit card yet, do not order from this “company!”

  2. It is a scam and I knew it. I called my credit card company to dispute the charge since I never received anything and never received a follow-up from my email inquiry. The charge on my account was from Fab Fashion. Fab Fashion is using other store fronts to fraud people and to charge their accounts multiple times. I requested my bank to issue me a new credit card number to prevent any attempts of this company charging my account again .


    It seems to be scam web site. Once you order, they don’t fulfill the order.
    Confronted them on email, and my email was bounced.
    Disputed charge on credit card.
    They say they’re US company and made in America products, shipped domestically ….. but charge was a Fabfashion Ltd company in Hong Kong


  4. Do not order from this “company”. Says they are in Cali but then charges your card internationally to China. SCAM! Call credit card company and dispute charge and request new card!!

    1. 1/2 hour after placing order my bank called me immediately and stopped payment. And my card was changed.
      Thank goodness
      I will be careful from now on.

  5. Spread the word around to everyone you Kno & tell them about these rip off assholes, I hope they fukn die, dirty pieces of shit ripping people off

  6. Thank you for posting this so timely. I was interested yet suspicious, and when that happens I immediately look for reviews / complaints. It took a while (which is also a sign for a company that claims to have been around since 2014), but your post confirms that they are no good and to ignore. I wish you all safety and good health!


    I am scared now because i ordered something from them and then gave my payment info and then i got some kind of message,such as : a transaction status of authorized is required.
    does anybody know what that even means?

    1. I never received any correspondence with them, but once I realized they were a scam, I cancelled my credit card. If you gave them you credit card info. I would cancel card immediately.

  8. The order about page said they were located in CA, but all the reviews (2) that I read came from Jakarta. So, yep…not a trustworthy site.

  9. Unfortunately I was scammed out of $47.00. My credit card company is investigating and will refund my money. I also cancelled my card .

  10. Their about us page is also not great English at times and under their Service and Commitments section they left name of company as Homiepie which is another scam company that uses the same template. Definitely a scam outfit that likely would never send your order of what are excessively priced items.

  11. Camille Hansen

    Placed order on April 10, 2020 and then emailed them to cancel when relative informed me that company did not exist. Sent two subsequent emails to cancel. I contacted the credit card company and filed a dispute. They have started an investigation.

    1. Sorry Tammy but with the global implications of the pandemic your best bet is to keep checking your local stores and known chain retailers.

  12. Before reading this site I considered a purchase with OKhome 11 April, 2020. In the payment methods section, they mentioned Paypal, but when checking out no Paypal option was available and that was enough for me (feeling likely duped in considering buying from them) into being suspicious.

  13. Same scam template as the 4 others I’ve seen. Labels misspelled. Who is it list it as new site. Pathetic fake products

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