Home and Mart Scam Exposed | Affiliated with Multiple Online Discount Retail Scams!

Home and Mart Scam (HomeandMart.com) is an online discount retail scam site!

While the site may appear as a credible discount online retailer, our investigation into the murky depths of the home and mart scam revealed a much more sinister scam operation in the works.

The only products available for retail at the Home and Mart scam site would be face masks, evidently, the operators behind this illicit online site are trying to swindle consumers who are seeking protection against COVID-19.

To get the full scoop regarding the home and mart scam along with learning the other scam sites affiliated with this ridiculous discount retail scam please feel free to continue reading our honest review.

Why Home and Mart is a Scam

  • Home and Mart operates with blatant anonymity
  • Incomplete Shipping, Return, and Refund Policies
  • No identifying or consumer-friendly contact methods
  • Site steals the About Us template from DudeGadgets.com
  • Affiliated with Multiple Deceptive Discount Retail Scam Sites

About Home and Mart Scam

The About Us template featured at Home and Mart is, “Homeandmart.com is the world’s leading expert for procuring the coolest gadgets for guys all in one place. We work around the clock to find, create, manufacture, and ship you the most innovative products.  This way you know you are guaranteed to have the coolest things money can buy without spending days researching on your own.”

While, in theory, this may sound like the type of ideal site that you could foresee yourself doing business with, it is simply not the truth.

When you copy and paste the About Us featured above into a Google Search you will quickly deduce how the site has copied and pasted the About Us template of a legitimate online retailer known as Dude Gadgets.

Additionally, you will notice a few other shady sites that are also employing the same About Us template and they reflect the general scam characteristics of that of Home and Mart.

  • ShopToKeep.com
  • FunPinPin.Store
  • NewCasual.co

As we mentioned a few moments earlier, Home and Mart only retail face masks on their site.

While they feature it as motorcycle masks the underlying truth of the matter is that they are pretending to retail face masks when in actuality they do not – and likely as a ploy due to the excessively high demand for face masks.

Contacting Home and Mart

Home and Mart operates with intentional anonymity.

No reference to a corporate entity or something as simple as a physical address or telephone can be found on their site.

The only contact method that online shoppers are given would be the email address service@homeandmart.com.

We also navigated the site’s Terms & Conditions but were unable to find a reference to an overseeing entity, therefore, making Home and Mart an anonymously operated discount retail site.

Site Background

HomeandMart.com was a privately registered site created on April 1st, 2020.

Unfortunately, the operators used a privacy package to register their domain so we are unable to discover who is truly responsible for the creation and continued operation of HomeandMart.com.

What You Should Do If You Were Scammed

If you have been scammed we encourage you to visit our Scam Fighting Guide where we help provide you with the insight you need to take the fight against scams!

Home and Mart Scam Review

Home and Mart is a typical discount retail scam site.

The site tries to appear legitimate by integrating a catchy About Us template while reflecting a clean site template but the further you dig down into the depths of Home and Mart the more you begin to realize that the site is not only untrustworthy but operates with intentional anonymity.

Now, why would an online retailer operate with anonymity unless they had something to hide?

Transparency is a must when it comes to online shopping and more importantly, online investing.

Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to deceptive retailers and if you are unable to verify any the contact information or notice the site fails to include any identifying information then it is best you just avoid the site as a whole.

Outcome: Home and Mart is a scam!

Blacklisted Site: HomeandMart.com

Do you believe Home and Mart is a scam?

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