Yfguff.com Scam Review | A Wide-Scale Discount Retail Scam (Linked with 50+ Scams)

We’re going to hop right into this unbiased review and reveal the obvious, which would be that Yfguff.com is a scam!

The Yfguff scam is an iteration of a far greater scam network in the works, a network in which we have exposed over 50 of their discount retail scams to date.

Pretending to operate as a discount online retailer, Yfguff.com scam only supports a handful of discounted goods that reside within the Home & Outdoor category.

To get the full scoop regarding the yfguff.com scam along with learning about the other scam sites that we’ve found to share an affiliation with this discount fraud site we invite you to continue reading our honest review!

Why Yfguff is a Scam

  • Undeniable affiliation with trending Geoghost Scam
  • The site operates with intentional anonymity
  • Contact methods lack relevancy with site
  • Ridiculous ‘Discounts’ on their retail goods
  • Reflects an abysmal online trust rating
  • Is affiliated with over 50 discount retail scams we’ve exposed

About Yfguff.com Scam

Yfguff.com is structured as a minimally invasive discount retail site.

When you visit the site, you will notice how there isn’t much to it.

Upon landing on the site you are immediately confronted with all the products that are allegedly available for retail on their site.

Half of the products featured on their site reflect some sort of discount while other goods displayed tend to slightly cheaper than the industry average.

As you can see in the image below, the main category of supported retail goods includes outdoor patio and lawn goods.

The real danger with this site would, of course, be the discounted consumer goods that are meant to draw your eye to an “exceptional online deal.”

The simple truth of the matter, however, is that nothing is truly for sale at Yfguff and the operators behind this site have become so proficient in creating deceptive online retailers that the yfguff.com scam is just one of probably several hundred of their scam sites.

When you stop to think about it, that is not only horrifying but also sickening to think about.

What connected the yfguff scam to over 50 retail scams that we’ve exposed to date would be their identical About Us template and similar site characteristics and page policies.

“At yfguff we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS. And to spread exactly that…”

You can learn about all the other sites that have employed the same About Us template and reflect the same site characteristics further below while here are the reviews where we’ve exposed the other retail scams in:

Contacting Yfguff

There is no reference to a corporate entity or physical address on the site.

The only identifying and contact information we are provided would be:

Email: NUYHIUTGJY767@gmail.com

Phone: (224) 436-3055

Notice how the email address does not reflect an URL with the site, this is not a characteristic that you find amongst legitimate online retailers.

Additionally, the blatant lack of including any identifying information serves as a testament that the operators behind this scam not only likely have something to hide but do not wish to be identified.

Affiliated Scam Sites

Shared below is an image containing a list of all the scams that we’ve exposed in affiliation to the About Us template, site characteristics, and page policies found at the yfguff.com scam.

Site Background

Yfguff.com is was privately registered site created on September 9th, 2019 and is set to expire in under 5 months on September 9th, 2020.

Unfortunately, the site was registered with a privacy package, therefore, leaving no possible means for us to identify who may be responsible for the yfguff scam.

How to Fight Back Against Yfguff Scam

We’ve compiled an actionable Scam Fighting Guide regarding the steps you can employ should you have been scammed by the yfguff scam or if you would like to take the fight against them by reporting them to industry-leading consumer watchdogs.

Yfguff Scam Review

Yfguff is just a minor link in the chain of a far greater scam operation in the works.

It is disturbing to think about how some individuals can sleep at night knowing that they are scamming innocent people out of their hard-earned money.

Even more disturbing would be the scale upon which these scammers are operating.

We started exposing these scams back in May of 2019, so almost a year ago, and these con-artists are still going strong.

Help us take the fight to these criminals and put their scams out of business!

Outcome: Yfguff is a scam!

Blacklisted Site: yfguff.com

Do you believe yfguff to be a scam?

Please share your thoughts, feedback, and experiences below!


  1. Twan

    Yup also tricked, €130 down the drain. In hindsight I should be more thorrow. Hopefully my creditcard company will re-emburse.

  2. Justin

    Yup, I got scammed. $129 I’ll never see again. I’ll do more do diligence next time. Hopefully credit card company can fight it.

    • Laura

      I guess I got scammed as well for $162.00. I will definitely be more cautious next time. Lesson learned

  3. Julia

    Oh! I just order, then I look! Will call bank tomorrow.

  4. Felice

    Who can I contact regarding giving my personal information online to YFGUFF. I cancelled the card I used. And yes, I feel really stupid for not investigating this before giving out my email and CC and address.

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