“One Ring” Phone Scam | Sierra Leone Complaints | 2019

A viral scam phenomenal known as the “One Ring” phone scam is deceiving thousands of consumers residing within the United States.

Also referred to as the Sierra Leone Phone Scam, the “One Ring” Sierra Leone phone scam is based upon a simple scam tactic that preys upon unsuspecting consumers.

The objective of the “One Ring” scam is to have people call back international numbers with the aim of charging their phone companies high costs for international calls.

To learn more regarding this trending scam actively taking root throughout the United States we invite you to read our unbiased review.

What is the “One Ring” Scam?

The Sierra Leone “One Ring” phone scam is a pretty lame scam to put it nicely.

As the name suggests, the “One Ring” phone scam is just that.

Single telephone rings that are then hung up from international numbers.

Sometimes the numbers appear to be national when used in combination with mobile messaging applications, however, most numbers appear to be international based.

No voicemails are ever left – obviously, since the majority of phone calls are ‘one ring’ and then done.

As previously detailed, the goal behind the “One Ring” scam is to have consumers call back international numbers resulting in phone charges to the consumer.

The whole thing is petty, moronic and just another reminder that despite that safeguards in place we, as consumers, need to be stay on alert for unsuspecting scams going on.
FCC Warns Nation About Sierra Leone

What is the whole deal with Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone is the demographic where the vast majority of the international calls are appearing to be based out of.

Due to the seriousness of the scam, the Federal Communication Commission has started warning the public regarding the authenticity and dangers of the “One Ring”
 phone scam.

Sierra Leone (In The News)

Shared below are some of the most relevant news publications we have found regarding the “One Ring” scam based out of Sierra Leone.

“FCC warns of nationwide Sierra Leone phone scam”

“…phone scam from Sierra Leone hits several people in East Tennessee.”

“The calls all came from country code +232, which is Sierra Leone…”

According to the FCC, this scam has increased over 2,500% over the past couple of weeks while shared below are some of steps you can take to protect yourself or exercise if you have been scammed:

What to do if Scammed

  • Don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers
    • Avoid unfamiliar area codes
  • Ask your provider to block outgoing international calls if you don’t make international calls regularly
  • Monitor your phone bill more closely
  • Report experiences and scams to BBB.com/scamtracker
  • Download mobile apps like Hiya to filter potential scam and fraudulent callers
  • File a complaint with the FFC at www.fcc.gov/complaints
  • Don’t call back unfamiliar phone numbers

“One Ring” Area Codes

  • +222
  • +232
  • +901

We will continue to update the reflected area codes for the Sierra Leone One Ring scam as the scam develops.

Sierra Leone “One Ring” Phone Scam

The “One Ring” scam is an easy-to-fall for scam that is based upon taking advantage of good-natured people who don’t find it rude to call people back.

The whole concept behind the Sierra Leone “One Ring” scam is a testament to the character of the scammers behind this unjust scam and serves as another reminder why we must practice caution as consumers.

With this in mind, make sure to employ the tips and what-to-do steps shared above and make sure to always conduct extra research prior to committing to anything.

We invite you to share any insight, experiences or feedback you may have below!


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