Opinion City Review – What You Should Know!

Opinion City, located at OpinionCity.com, is an online portal that connects consumers with research companies where they can receive compensation for completing surveys.

During the time of writing this review there was much controversy regarding the legitimacy of Opinion City.

Functioning as a seemingly anonymous online portal, we have discovered the entity behind the registration for their domain and the insight gathered is not pretty.

To find out more information regarding Opinion City, we invite you to read our up-to-date unbiased review.

What is Opinion City?

Opinion City is structured as a simplistic landing page that directs viewers to their various supported market research companies.

While they fail to disclose any information regarding how their platform works, a couple of minutes of navigating the site will render you with the information needed.

In simplicity, Opinion City “works” by informing you which market research companies and survey sites you need to consider joining to start making money from home.

It should be noted that these compensated research surveys do not dish out much cash and that you should not expect to acquire a substantial stream of revenue for your time exerted.

Meaning all-in-all, Opinion City does nothing more than connect consumers with paid survey opportunities, while likely making money off of online referrals in return.

However, it should be noted that many consumers do report receiving respectable sums of compensation for the surveys they have completed.

So if you have time to spare, and if the findings in this review don’t disturb you too much, then you could consider Opinion City as an outlet to find compensating survey opportunities.

Who is Behind Opinion City?

OpinionCity.com does not disclose any ownership or identifying information anywhere upon their site.

We browsed through the sites Terms of Use, Contact Us, and Privacy Page only to discover that no entities apart from Opinion City were disclosed.

With this information in mind we went ahead and conducted a WHOIS domain report on OpinionCity.com.

Among the information disclosed in the report would be how OpinionCity.com was registered on January 15th, 2007 by an organization known as A&A Marketing based out of Illinois, USA.

According to employee outlets like Glassdoor, A&A Marketing did not reflect much positive feedback and is being declared a scam by many of their past workers.


According to SimilarWeb, OpinionCity.com reflected a global rank of 60,864 with a US rank of 11,781 as of December 19th, 2018.

Approximately 92.27% of the sites traffic is derived from viewers who reside within the United States.

Detailed in the market intelligence report would be how OpinionCity receives roughly 57% of their traffic from referral, email and display advertisement sources.

Red Flags & Question Marks

Lack of Transparency

OpinionCity does not disclose any information regarding their owners or current operators.

It wasn’t until we conducted a WHOIS domain report that we unraveled that A&A Marketing is their domain registrar (meaning creators behind the site) and the reviews regarding A&A Marketing are horrible.

Facebook Page Likes

In the past it has been discovered by other review portals that OpinionCity was employing a form of traffic exchange to accrue more likes to their Facebook page.

Not only is this highly unethical but it makes Opinion City appear more reputable and credible than they truly are letting on.

Past Employment of Pressure-Inducing Widgets

Furthermore, Opinion City use to funnel and pressure their site visitors until selecting particular surveys by claiming that there were only an “x” amount of spots available.

Opinion City has no affiliation with these survey entities outside of a partnership so there is no way they would know the available spots open, besides when have you heard of a market research or survey company limiting the capacity of surveyors?

We believe that the past employment of the “Total Spots Available” was a way to funnel consumers to their most lucrative offers, not particularly the ones best fit for the consumer.

Employment of Stock Photos

As you can see in the image shared below, Opinion City also appears to be implementing stock photos into the framework of their city trying to pass them off as legitimate entities.

While this isn’t necessarily an uncommon characteristic amongst online sites it is a characteristic that we have never found appealing nor ethical.

What Others Are Saying

Many review portals are indicating that Opinion City is not a dependable survey matching entity.

The red flags shared above were considerable factors that we believe made these review portals more inclined to declare these verdicts but we also found a common denominator regarding most of these reviews.

If you take the time to browse these other reviews, you will notice how the majority of them are encouraging consumers to sign up with their own recommendations opposed to giving Opinion City a shot.

While this isn’t necessarily frowned upon it does indicate that many of the other review sites have a different agenda in mind for you.

As we previously shared as well, A&A Marketing does NOT reflect much positive feedback as well.

Why put your time, energy and faith with a site that appears to be founded by an untrustworthy entity?

Is Opinion City Trustworthy?

Due to their past employment of questionable marketing tactics along with being created by a corporate entity that reflects excessive complaints, we do not believe Opinion City to be the most trustworthy entity.

Opinion City Review Conclusion

If you are scraped for cash and looking for a quick way to supplement some of your income online, you could consider completing online surveys to help you bridge any financial gaps.

Why we do not feel that Opinion City is the most trustworthy entity, that does not mean that the survey companies they are working are not legitimate.

Given the findings shared above, we advise consumers to pursue Opinion City at their own risk.

Outcome: Opinion City should be used at your OWN risk!

Site: OpinionCity.com

Please feel free to share any insight or experiences you may have below!

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