Pay Each Day Review – Parent Clone Phishing Scam Exposed!

Pay Each Day, hosted at, is a SCAM!

Serving as a forerunner of My Money Hour (which we exposed as a scam), Pay Each Day is the living embodiment of a scam that is too good to be true.

To find out more information regarding the Pay Each Day and how the scam works, we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review.

About Pay Each Day

Pay Each Day claims to offers consumers with an ability to generate income online from home through their various ‘job’ opportunities.

Stating that many of their top earners are generating as much as $200 per day or up to $5,000 per month.

To add, Pay Each Day does not disclose any identifying or ownership information anywhere upon their site.

In essence, Pay Each Day is functioning as an anonymous scam operation with no accepted liabilities.

How the Scam Works

First and foremost it should be made aware that Pay Each Day is functioning as a phishing scam, meaning that the only information they are truly after would be your personal and sensitive information you disclose to them.

There isn’t a real employment opportunity with Pay Each Day but instead an opportunity to have your own and your referrals personal information gathered, stolen and sold.

When it comes down to it, Pay Each Day is a simple scam.

The first step of the scam, which is the most crucial part of the scam, would be for site visitors to create a Pay Each Day account.

This includes the disclosure of personal and sensitive information, which is solely what the scammers behind Pay Each Day are looking to acquire.

However, the con-artists behind Pay Each Day aren’t just interested in your personal information but as many peoples sensitive information that they can get a hold of.

After your account has been approved, which is instantaneously, users have the ability to use referral tracking links to refer people to Pay Each Day.

For each successful referral Pay Each Day will allegedly pay you $10.

Once a minimum balance of $300 has been accrued, users are supposedly able to withdraw their earnings.

Which equates to roughly 30 people you would have to refer to Pay Each Day.

According to their site, Pay Each Day compensates their users through PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram or bank transfer every month.

It should be noted, and somewhat expected from the information already disclosed, that Pay Each Day is not actually compensating their users.

Just like My Money Hour, Pay Each Day is doing nothing more than harvesting and selling submitted personal and sensitive information to undisclosed 3rd parties.

Domain Insight states that their operation has been around for years yet when you conduct a WHOIS report it appears that was registered on September 23rd, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

Unfortunately, Pay Each Day was a privately registered domain so we still have no leads in regards to who the owners behind this scam are.

According to SimilarWeb, reflects a global rank of 248,619 with a Ghana rank of 3,883 as of December 18th, 2018.

Detailed in the market report would be the following demographic breakdowns for incoming site traffic: Ghana (22.64%), Cambodia (20.26%), Haiti (11.82%), United States (7.33%) and India (4.13%).

Given the information disclosed in the market intelligence report, we believe Pay Each Day to be registered out of Ghana.

What Others Are Saying

The community feedback circulating Pay Each Day does not paint a pretty picture.

Take for instance some of the feedback we found at BeerMoneyForum:

“this is scam site brother, don’t promote it because they never pay. I’ve seen similar sites like the one you promote, all they do is grab your email and info to spam your inbox after that and most of the times sell your email too.”

“this is scam site, don’t waste your time.”

“ Review – THIS IS SCAM SITE!”

As more consumer feedback is compiled and shared, we will continue to update this section to provide relevancy for future readers.

Is Legit?

Given the lack of transparency, their affiliation with My Money Hour and the community feedback surrounding Pay Each Day is is obvious that their online earning opportunity is fictitious and not legitimate.

Pay Each Day Scam Review

The creators behind Pay Each Day aren’t interested in offering employment for consumers looking to supplement their income online from home.

Instead Pay Each Day, which paved the way for the My Money Hour scam, is nothing more than phishing scam meant to gather and sell users submitted personal information.

Do not only yourself but others a courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding the Pay Each Day scam!

Outcome: Pay Each Day is a Phishing SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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