PaidClub dot org Review – Earn by Completing Surveys?

Paid Club ( portrays their platform as an online survey matching service and was created on February 13th, 2017 by an undisclosed entity. Review employs a twist to the traditional online paid survey platform and allegedly operates as the world’s leading online survey aggregator that matches participants with the best paid survey opportunities.

Those who sign up and become a member with Paid Club will have access to vetted paid survey companies where members will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on products and services offered by global brands through questionnaires and surveys.

As a form of compensation for a participants time and effort, they will receive rewards and cash for their work.

A WHOIS domain report will reveal that was a privately registered domain that created on February 13th, 2017 through the NameCheap Inc registry.

Unfortunately, no disclosure regarding compensation or which vetted paid survey companies are disclosed anywhere upon the site.

Furthermore, no reference to an overseeing entity is disclosed on their domain which means that this platform is operating with complete anonymity.

While Paid Club promotes their online survey platform as a membership based opportunity, when consumers click on “Sign Up,” they are redirected to, which functions as a promotional based paid survey site that is overseen by Reward Zone USA LLC.

Paid Club reflects a strong affiliation for Survey Voice Research, such as the same website template, almost identical footer disclaimer along with redirecting all site visitors to their Survey Voice Research.

While we are unable to 100% verify this claim, the correlation between the two domains are undeniable. Scam

We were not at all impressed with the Paid Club domain, while the site may appear sleek and user-friendly, they lack crucial information regarding the functionality of their operation along with crucial ownership information.

After further investigation, we found an incredibly strong correlation between Paid Club and Survey Voice Research, indicating to us that is likely another spawn operation of Reward Zone USA, LLC, which, according to the Better Business Bureau, reflects a 52% negative customer review rating and has over 90 complaints.

According to SimilarWeb, had a global rank of 379,209 with a US rank of 97,282 as of February 2018.

Overall, the site has experienced a significant drop off in visitor traffic while approximately 55.78% of the sites traffic derives from US based visitors.

Paid Club does not operate in a manner that would be expected by a legitimate and credible paid survey operation.

Beating around the bush in regards to their identity while not truly rendering a product or service, PaidClub is nothing more than a conversion medium for an unethical appearing corporation known as Reward Zone USA, LLC.

Our recommendation would be not to trust Paid Club.

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    I would like to get logged in and sign up paidclub. Am glad to be here.

  2. Dia Tidiane

    Je veux y travailler…
    Ou s’inscrire?

  3. Tidiane

    Je veux y participer…
    Comment faire s’inscrire

    • Bappah michael

      I think this is would be great !

  4. Jessie

    I’ve had a few different people send me links to this “” website but when you follow the link he went right into my own private Google account!! I’m kind of worried that they now might have access to it!!! I really hope they don’t since I have all of my private information linked to my account!! Please help!!

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